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All of my RACE PARTS you see in my videos are purchased from VTcycles. He has two places to buy parts. His EBAY store is VT CYCLES HAWAII, OR "fast2wheels" EBAY stores. ANY OTHER PARTS other than ebay, you need to contact Steve, the owner, at "[email protected]" . Please only contact ebay about ebay shown parts and [email protected] on all other parts. I have ordered from Steve for the last ten years and virtually ALL THE PARTS IN MY VIDEOS, were purchased from him. He has Gold Plated SERVICE and Excellent Parts. Check his EBAY stores or Contact him Directly at "[email protected]" for all other bike makes and parts. Thanks Steve, for all the GREAT RACE PARTS !!! RH. DSD. FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE , THIS IS THE BEST, EASIEST UNDERSTOOD TECHNIQUE. Slow jets or air jets are very simple and have been around for decades and never changed.
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VW Audi ecu programing security immobilizer key programing after ecu swap
this video will show you how to clone copy the immobilizer info from original ECU to another used ECU, how to program key on vw audi after ecu swap, how to program security on Volkswagen Audi,sorry for the small video had to do it on my phone on the fly -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Vehix411 APP for all your genatic, manufacturer spacific trouble codes and oil reset" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saDnsQynlU4 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Airbag Crash Data Reset
Here's how to reset the airbag computer after a collision. The airbag computer acts as a black box to a vehicle. After a major collision when the airbags are deployed, the airbag computer stores a hard code. The code stores information that can be used by investigators to tell vehicle speed, RPM, seat belt, pre-tensioner and accelerometer information. If the vehicle is rebuilt, the airbag computer's crash data must then be replaced in order for the SRS system to function. The airbag light will stay solid and diagnostic software won't be able to read codes from the crashed computer. This video describes an easier way to copy clean, non-crashed data to a crashed airbag computer, so it can be reused. The airbag computer is typically located on the floor, in the middle of the dashboard. Removing it requires removing the lower half of the dash and console, and disconnecting the battery. The EEPROM chip was programmed in circuit. 32 Gauge hookup wire was soldered to the SMD L56 EEPROM chip. The crystal has to be shorted out to be able to read and write in circuit. A home made EEPROM reader was connected to the serial port of the computer, and PonyProg was used to dump the HEX contents of the chip to the computer for analysis. Virgin data from an SRS computer that has not had airbag deployment was copied onto the crashed computer chip. Once replaced in the vehicle, the airbag light will go out after 6 seconds as normal. Toyota's techstream software was used to ensure there were no active faults with the SRS system after clearing the EEPROM data.
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Peugeot 406 MAF Sensor Problem
I had a problem on the 406 where it felt short of power, but it was not in limp mode. In first gear it felt fine, but between 2nd and 5th the turbo was late in kicking in, it took until 3000 rpm until it kicked in, which in real world driving conditions meant an awfully long lag period then a sudden burst of power making it not safe for pulling out of junctions/roundabouts or overtaking. Ive read on the internet in the past the symptoms of a bad MAF sensor, i couldn't see any faults come up on the PP2000 machine and unplugging the MAF sensor quickly cured the problem and highlighted that the sensor was indeed the issue. Thankfully it wasn't anything mechanical. At first i attempted to clean the MAF sensor with a cleaner specifically designed for these sensors but it did not work, i didn't want to spend any more money after spending £9 for the cleaner. Conveniently i am stripping another 406 for parts, although its a HDi 90 and mine is a HDi 110 a quick check on servicebox shows that the part numbers for the MAF sensor on both cars are exactly the same, i swapped them over and the car runs fine. Although this wont solve all performance related issues on the HDi engines its very easy to determine if the MAF sensor is faulty by unplugging it, as a matter of fact i drove my car around for 2 months with it disconnected without any problems. As for the reason for the sensor going bad, i keep my car well serviced but i do spray EGR cleaner in it every year when changing the air filter, i usually spray it through the air filter lid which means it passes through the MAF sensor, its possible that the spray has affected the sensor, but this is only speculation, the sensor is 10 years old and could possibly have just broke. However as a future precaution i will use the EGR cleaner but spray it in the intake pipe behind the MAF sensor.
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Cars on Installments In Pakistan 2018 Lowest Markup Car Financing By Banks
Cars on Installments In Pakistan 2018 Lowest Markup Car Financing By Banks : Many Pakistani people do not know if car on installment in islam is haram or halal, there are many banks in Pakistan, who provide cars on installments without interest or down payment for their customers. You can also easily find the lowest markup car financing banks in Pakistan during 2018. In this video i am going to talk about the services of these banks Alfalah Auto Loan, MCB Car4U, HBL CarLoan, UBL Drive, Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Auto Finance, Bank of Punjab CarGar, Askari Ask4Car, Soneri Car Finance, Faysal Bank Auto Finance, Bank Al Habib Apni Car and JS Bank CarAamad. Many banks are also offering car financing services in Pakistan for overseas Pakistanis at very cheap prices. If you are looking for auto loan calculator in Pakistan, then every bank website has this feature. Many Pakistanis are looking for the answer to the question that car financing halal or haram in Pakistan, and the simplest answer is that you can find many car financing Islamic way banks in the country for sure. Subscribe to my channel https://goo.gl/7aOetz Subscribe to my 2nd Pashto Channel JZEEK https://bit.ly/2Ilchd8
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DIY - How to replace / swap an immobilizer RFID Chip in a VW Key FOB
VW Key Programming Guide and Secrets, Trouble Shooting and Repair http://www.fixmyvw.com/vw-key-programming/ http://www.fixmyvw.com/keys-for-vw-audi-cars/ Want to swap out the RFID chip in your VW key FOB? This DIY video I made will show you how to do it easily, saving you a lot of money and a trip to the dealer. You'll also see how to take the key apart and where the battery is located. This video was made by AARodriguez Corp. in Dallas, GA
How to reset brake warning light. Toyota Corolla. VVT-i engine. Years 2000 to 2007.
How to reset brake warning light. Toyota Corolla. VVT-i engine. Years 2000 to 2007.
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Immobilizer Bypass / Integration Modules for Remote Starters Explained
I this video I go over the function of vehicle immobilizer bypass modules, why they are necessary to perform the job and why you should have a professional perform the work for you.
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Формула любви (так и больному легче, коли доктор сыт).avi
http://axnata24.ru/glavnaya/ - мой сайт "Женщина - праздник". Приглашаю в гости, Организую и проведу потрясающий праздник! Диагностика вещь невероятно трудная, но, доктор, в роли которого Леонид Броневой, справляется с этим мастерскИ. Его назначение - БЕСЕДА и я полностью согласна с этим.
How to Reset your ECU and get better Fuel Economy
Please leave a comment Below with any questions Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SqueakyClutchYT Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/squeakyclutch/?hl=en Camera Used: Go Pro Hero 4 Silver
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Mass Effect Andromeda - Romance avec Suvi Anwar
Retrouvez l'actualité de Mass Effect Andromeda sur http://masseffectuniverse.fr/
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