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Bali Traditional Salt Making - Kusamba Beach
Bali Star Island (http://www.balistarisland.com) provides simple and unique video of salt making traditionally done at Kusamba Beach, east part of Bali. It is really traditionally made from the seawater sprinkling on the sand and then put on the screening box which is mixed by the seawater. The result of screening water then put on the simple place under sunshine. Finally, the salt water change/crystallize and the salt is ready to eat
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Best Things To Do in Klungkung, Indonesia
Klungkung Travel Guide. MUST WATCH. Top 10 things you have to do in Klungkung. We have sorted Tourist Attractions in Klungkung for You. Discover Klungkung as per the Traveler Resources given by our Travel Specialists. You will not miss any fun thing to do in Klungkung. This Video has covered top 10 Best Things to do in Klungkung. Don't forget to Subscribe our channel to view more travel videos. Click on Bell ICON to get the notification of updates Immediately. List of Best Things to do in Klungkung, Indonesia Green Kitchen Taman Nusa Klungkung Temple Sidemen Tour and Trekking Taman Wisata Kertha Gosa Taman Gili and Museum Daerah Semarapura Puputan Klungkung Monument Bali Countryside Puri Semarapura Kusamba Traditional Salt Mining Best places to visit in Klungkung Best things to do in Klungkung Klungkung with Kids Klungkung Attractions Tourist attraction in Klungkung Traveller Resources Klungkung Fun things to do in Klungkung Must see place in Klungkung Must visit places in Klungkung Travel Klungkung Discover Klungkung Klungkung Travel Guide Klungkung Activities for Tourists Fun in Klungkung Shopping in Klungkung Nightlife in Klungkung
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Production of a gourmet salt
J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works takes us step-by-step through the production of their gourmet salt.
Lebanon’s salt producers fear craft is drying up
Traditional coastal salt production was once popular in Lebanon, but the fully artisanal practice now survives in just a single seaside town, Anfeh Subscribe Now For Latest Updates- https://tinyurl.com/lbw8nze
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Salt Production Relics Dating Back to Koguryo Found in North Korea
Pyongyang, July 2 (KCNA) -- Teachers, researchers and students of the History Faculty and the Institute of the History of Human Evolution of Kim Il Sung University and Wonup Senior Secondary School in Onchon County, South Phyongan Province succeeded in unearthing the relics of salt production dating back to the period of Koguryo in the county, the first of its kind in archeological research. The group surveyed the area several times from early in Juche 101 (2012). The relics mainly consist of two parts. The findings include stone and brick structures. The structures comprise a fireplace, a combustion room and a smoke duct. Found in the fireplace are a fuel hole flanked by two ash pools. The floor of the combustion room whose four walls were built with stones was reinforced with stone and lime. Found below it was reddish earth that seemed to have been exposed to high heat. The smoke duct was found in the rear part of the room in the middle of which is an alcove for putting a round plate on. A pool filled with thick black ash was also found. This is connected with a ditch for drawing sea water and in the center is a stone structure of a certain height. Other relics include various kinds of earthenware, bricks, piece of a flat iron pot, melted iron clot, animal bones and horn pieces. The new findings have been confirmed to be sea salt production relics belonging to the period of Koguryo. Earthenware and bricks were confirmed to belong to the mid 4th century. The salinity is high in the stratum around the relics and a thick layer of ash was found, a clear proof of the above-said relics. -0-
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Vacation Bali Trips & Gili Islands
I have made this video for my family to surprise them at the end of this video. Enjoy. Photopresentation video skip to: 9:11 Places in order: 0:22 Schiphol AMS 0:47 Arrival 0:57 Sanur (Mercure Resort) 1:18 Monkey Forest & Ubud 1:37 Ubud Waterfall 1:43 Snorkling South Bali 2:01 Luwak Coffee Plantage 2:12 Dreamland Beach 2:30 Uluwatu Temple (Fire Dance) 3:38 Blue Lagoon Beach 3:53 Kusamba Salt Mining 4:04 Orchid Plantage 4:07 Resort Mercure Sanur 4:12 Rice Fields 4:21 Mountainbike trip (Downhill) 5:28 Kintamani (mountain Batur) 6:22 Start Gili Trawangan trip 9:11 Photo presentation Thank you for watching!
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J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works: A Short Film
Discover the heritage and legacy behind J.Q.Dickinson Salt-Works. Seventh generation salt-makers, Lewis Payne and Nancy Bruns, produce a hand harvested, solar dried salt from a trapped ancient sea in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia.
1,300-year-old salt production returns to "China's Dead Sea"
These lamps and sculptures are made from special salt and ore found in Yuncheng Salt Lake, known as "China's Dead Sea". People in Yuncheng, north China's Shanxi Province, have been collecting raw salt from the lake for over 4,000 years. But the salt extracting technique still used today was invented more than 1,300 years ago. It greatly improves the quality and production capacity, and was listed as an intangible cultural heritage in Shanxi in 2007.
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Production de sel a Kusamba
production très artisanale. http://indonesiedejcetjo.blogspot.com
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Sea Salt - SaltGuru  No. 1 HD
What is sea salt, how is it made and how does it differ from other types of salt? Consumers have a right to know the truth about any differences in sodium content between food grade sea salt and regular table salt.
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The Ermine Street Guard Inspect salt making at the Lion Salt Works 2003
The Ermine Street Guard inspected salt making at the Lion Salt Works as part of the Salt 2003 demonstration day. Joining in with the salt making demonstration was Danish archaeologist Jens Vellev who excavated medieval salt making sites on the island of Laesoe, Denmark and helped create a working replica of a medieval salt house there, which now makes salt commercially at a working museum. Salt 2003 at the Lion Salt Works has been published as a paperback book by the Lion Salt Works Trust - Salt Works and Salinas, edited by Andrew and Annelise Fielding which includes descriptions of historic salt making sites in Colorado and Oregon, USA; Salin les Bains, France; Salinas de Annana, Spain; Germany and the ALAS project. The book features a free dvd containing a reconstruction of a Roman salt making site excavated at Nantwich, Cheshire created by Julian Baum of Take 27 a cgi company from Chester.
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Traditional process of salt farming Yeh Malet, Karangasem - Bali
The process goes as follows: the natural sea salt is harvested by the salt farmer from the top surface of crystallized, unspoiled sea water. Then, the salt water is processed using the conventional method of salt harvesting which can give the salt a very distinctive texture and flavor.
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Kesennuma Salt (Japanese)
Япон хэл дээр: Кэсэннума хотод залсан Монголын жамц давс байгалийн гамшгаас хамгаалж, сэргээн босгох ажлыг ариусган, аялал жуулчлалыг дахин хөгжүүлэхэд хувь нэмэр оруулна гэж хотын иргэд үзэж байна.
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Salt Production - Non Song Phi Nong, Khorat, Thailand
From an Anthropological study of traditional salt production in Non Song Phi Nong, Thailand. Film by Andrea Yankowski presented by AngiyokDesigns.
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Dibocor's Salt
Dibocor Sall is a small-scale salt harvester in the village of Farabougou in the Kaolack region of Senegal. The salt he harvests is sold in markets throughout Senegal, at prices lower than the salt from large companies. But there´s something missing in Dibocor´s salt an adequate amount of iodine, essential to a child´s brain development. Dibocor needs a new way to iodize his salt and the Micronutrient Initiative, harnessing the strength of its partners, including the World Food Programme, UNICEF and Senegal´s Cellule de lutte contre la malnutrition, may have the solution a sustainable solution for all of Senegal´s small producers. Follow Dibocor across the salt flats of Kaolack as he learns how to give children a brighter future through an innovative method of iodization. Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc8DYy-o8GE
MY NAME IS SALT Trailer | 2014 LA Film Fest
Buy tickets here: http://filmguide.lafilmfest.com/tixSYS/2014/xslguide/eventnote.php?notepg=1&EventNumber=2686 See the full festival line-up here: http://filmguide.lafilmfest.com/tixSYS/2014/filmguide/Title/detail Directed By: Farida Pacha Screenwriter: Farida Pacha Producers: Lutz Konermann, Farida Pacha Cinematographer: Lutz Konermann Editor: Katharina Fiedler Music: Marcel Vaid Featuring: Sanabhai Pagi, Devuben Pagi For an endless eight months every year, Sanabhai and his family labor in the desert of Little Raan, India, drawing salt from the barren land. They are part of a tradition of salt farming that stretches back generations and has barely changed over the years. It is demanding work, coaxing the delicate salt crystals out of the briny earth, and for Sanabhai, everything is riding on this year's harvest. Director Farida Pacha and cinematographer Lutz Konermann witness the entire process in this lyrical, visually stunning film. Working in a strict verité style, Pacha and Konermann capture Sanabhai's efforts in a series of stark, striking tableaus. Their observational style allows the undertaking to reveal itself in surprising ways, ultimately leaving us with a remarkable record of the efforts necessary to obtain the most simple of seasonings.
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Traditional extraction of rock salt in the Carpathian piedmont of Romania
An exceptional anthropological document: locals extract rock-salt boulders from a salt mountain, in a resilient area of Romania (Țipău mountain, Palin village, Vrancea County). Filmed by Andrei Asandulesei and Felix-Adrian Tencariu. Work carried out in the framework of the EthnosalRo project -- http://ethnosalro.uaic.ro
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Environment Matters - June 2015, Part 1
Making salt with the power of the power of the sun - J.Q. Dickinson Salt Works in Malden, WV is producing sea salt from an ancient underground ocean. Also, the Fairmont Community Garden begins a second season of growth.
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Récolte du sel à Kusamba (Indonésie) - www.itinerairesdumonde.com
Située à l'Est de Bali (Indonésie), Kusamba est une petite enclave idyllique en bord de mer, rythmée par la pêche et la récolte de sel. Les magnifiques plages de sable noir sont jonchées des prahus (barques à balancier traditionnelles) destinées à la récolte du sel et à la pêche. La fleur de sel récoltée est d'excellente qualité, parmi les meilleures au monde. ITINERAIRES DU MONDE - Créateurs de Voyages Circuits organisés, voyages à la carte et sur mesure sur les 5 continents www.itinerairesdumonde.com
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Native Chamorro Salt Making Process
We learned how Chamorros in the past made salt. This was demonstrated in the tour of the Gef Pago Cultural Village in Guam.
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UyahUku - Balinese Traditional Sea Salt Maker 2
the salty water moves to flat, open drying beds, where, with the help of the scorching sun and the sea breeze, salt crystals ultimately form. The salt crystals will be ground, to create a fine salt, or left as larger crystals, known as Balinese sea salt. The crystal seems to be specific to salt from Bali, with the unique shape and texture attributed to the chemistry of the water along the east coast where the warm water from the Lombok Straight meets the cooler water from the north
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Sel solaire à Ouidah
Fabrication de sel solaire par les femmes de la lagune, près de Ouidah au Bénin. Un projet soutenu par l'AFEL. Extrait du documentaire "En quête d'équité" de l'UICN, sur l'équité dans les aires protégées. Réalisé par Jean-Claude Frisque pour Manivelle Productions
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Salt production
Salt production
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Traditional Saltmaking in Hawaii
Salt crystals are raked from drying ponds near Salt Pond Beach Park in Kauai, supervised by Hui Hana Pa'akai. Hawaiian salt (Alaea Sea Salt) still gathered using traditional methods This traditional method of making salt has been practiced here for many years and has changed little since precontact times.
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Sea Salt Harvest  Jan 2007 VN
How to make sea salt - sea water, evaporation ponds, multiple flooding, concentration ponds, lowest wage employment - hard work, heavy loads, thousands of years traditional sea salt manufacture process - wet salt baskets weigh as much as the transporter
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Production of Table Salt
laura, jamia, gabby, teghan
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L'extraction de sel à Bandung en Thaïlande du Nord...Visite avec Jean Luc, retraité français dans cette région...// Salt extraction near Bandung North Thailand...Visit with Jean Luc, a French national in retirement.// Le combustible utilisé pour chauffer l'eau est l'écorce de riz et les cendres sont conservées comme engrais pour les champs// Rice hulls are used as fuel for boiling water and the ashes are kept left for the fields...
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Sea Salt Production
Sea salt production live in the Gulf of Thailand. It is directly on the highway south of Bangkok. Recorded on a trip to the Rotary International Convention in Bangkok, Thailand.
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over seas jr bali tolak reklamasi
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How to make salt (traditionally) 
Pembuatan garam secara tradisional terletak di salah satu daerah di Bali.
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machine de sel
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