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Ripplegroove - Major Tom
these guys are amazing and just blow my mind every time I hear them, I'd count "under the microscope" as one of my desert island disk's as well as anything by Sheila Sondergard! RIPPLEGROOVE will blow your mind. Another video shot by the amazing KING REY FILMS, @ Canes in Mission Beach, CA. via BARFLY PROMOTIONS!
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Live RippleGroove "No Cuddle"
RippleGroove Live from Winstons in Ocean Beach CA. This one picks up some steam @ 2:40 or so.... www.ripplegroove.com Guitar - Tom Burda Keys - Joe Hanley Drums - Jed Devine
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song of the day #5 (4-17-08)
i was lookin down at my toe and under my skin i saw a fungus glow so i busted out my microscope to get close and i saw a civilization a toe nail fungus nation and they were so advanced they had aero planes and national pastimes of jai alai and they were so peaceful that i couldn't buy antifungal i felt really bad that i initially wanted them dead i'd rather talk to them but i don't know if they understood what i said cause they're so tiny it probably sounded like an earthquake my voice coming from what seems like light years away probably really deep it would make their world shake maybe thought it was a dream thought it was fake but they're really smart so maybe they're plotting cause they want to invade the rest of my body yeah and it's natural for something to want to repeat itself it's natural for something to want to breed itself natural for something to want to expand pretty soon they're gonna be living under the nails in my hands gonna have black nails like i'm really gothic my heart is beating but i wanna stop it but thats not the case it's not true i went outside today and life i swear i love you..i do i so don't let the fungus fool you i'm a happy fella and if you're doing bad i wish you well uh and i hope you have a good day and you can make some friends and get some nail fungus with which to play.
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Binger - "P.i.E." & "Abstraction" (Live) @ The Spot Underground
Binger perform "P.i.E." and "Abstraction" live at The Spot Underground in Providence, RI on Jan. 9th, 2015 Video by In-Tents Media (https://www.facebook.com/intelligentnetoworkofthoroughelitenewtalent?ref=br_tf) For more Binger, visit: binger1.bandcamp.com soundcloud.com/Binger01 facebook.com/Binger01
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