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The battle for Minnesota’s $1 trillion mining jackpot
Minnesota’s Arrowhead region sits atop a trove of precious metals: mining companies say the area holds four billion tons of raw material like copper and nickel, a haul worth $1 trillion. But local residents and activists are taking a stand against encroaching mining operations, citing the potentially disastrous environmental consequences. Josh Buettner of Iowa Public Television reports.
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What is "Sulfide Mining"?
The mining industry hates the term, but Paula Maccabee explains why "sulfide mine" is a much more appropriate way to describe PolyMet's proposed project than "copper-nickel mine".
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Fool Us Twice? Sulfide Mining's Track Record of Pollution
Learn about the history of the new type of mining proposed in northern MN. Sign a petition to Governor Dayton asking him to use four simple questions when evaluating sulfide mine proposals like PolyMet and Twin Metals: http://www.miningtruth.org/4-questions
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How Minnesota Rejected Sulfide Mining
Call Governor Mark Dayton and tell him why you oppose sulfide mining in Minnesota 1-800-657-3717 #StopPolyMet #Minnesotaforcleanwater #PolyMet #GoPolyMet
The Sulfide Mining Snowplow: What Is Proposed in Northern Minnesota
Sign a petition to Governor Dayton asking him to use four simple questions when evaluating sulfide mine proposals like PolyMet and Twin Metals: http://www.miningtruth.org/4-questions
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Watershed: Protecting the Boundary Waters from Sulfide Mining
Help keep the Boundary Waters wild, please donate here: http://bit.ly/BWCAW-donate
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Sulfide Mining In Minnesota? !
WaterLegacy Advocacy Director and Counsel Paula Maccabee talks about Minnesota's waters and communities at risk from proposed sulfide mining projects. #KeepItInTheGroung #Extreme Extraction
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Protecting Minnesota’s Waters from PolyMet Copper-Nickel Mine Pollution
Want to see for yourself what’s at stake if the proposed PolyMet open pit copper-nickel mine is permitted in Northern Minnesota? Watch this new documentary, “Journey to Protect Minnesota’s Waters: Revealing the Contested PolyMet Mine Site,” shot on the proposed PolyMet mine location on Minnesota’s Partridge River in the Lake Superior Basin. Featured in this 14-minute video filmed by Robin Heil are interviews with Fond du Lac elder, Ricky W. DeFoe, WaterLegacy advocacy director Paula Maccabee and forester Matt Tyler; and original music by Twin Cities guitarist Timothy ”Brother Timothy” Frantzich and Powwow Singer Algin Garyt Goodsky as well as the breathtaking scenery of the Partridge River in the Lake Superior watershed. For more information on how you protect the Lake Superior and Boundary Waters watersheds from toxic mining pollution that would lead to an environmental catastrophe, visit waterlegacy.org
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Minnesota Digs Into New Mining Prospects
In the search for more minerals to power industry and fulfill consumer demand for electronic products, Minnesota mining companies are looking for new ways to pull profits out of the earth.
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Sulfide mining exploration in northeastern Minnesota
A helicopter with a magnetometer hanging below it--used for identifying possible sulfide mineral deposits--flies a grid pattern over a lake in northeastern Minnesota during the summer of 2010. Learn more at www.friends-bwca.org
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7 Generations Kickstarter
What started out as a smaller passion project to showcase all of the incredible outdoor activities at our fingertips in Northern Minnesota has evolved as we learned more about the proposed mining projects in this region and how they might threaten these outdoor activities and freshwater quality for the region/nation. Conversations with Minnesotans across the state began by discussing their favorite outdoor places, but almost inevitably would lead to a discussion of the threats these mines pose to those places. It was these conversations that made it clear that we needed to tell this story about how the sulfide-ore copper mining is threatening these irreplaceable resources. The name of our film comes from the “7th Generation Principle” taught by the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa that states that in making every decision, be it personal, governmental or corporate, we must evaluate how it will affect our descendants seven generations into the future. In this way, we all must consider the impact these mines will have in Northern Minnesota seven generations from now. 7 Generations is an informative documentary about two proposed sulfide-ore copper mining projects in Northern Minnesota. This film's goal is to inform the public about the dangers of sulfide-ore copper mining in Northern Minnesota. The metal mining industry was named by the EPA as the single largest contributor of toxic pollution in America. Sulfide-ore copper mining has never been done before in Minnesota. While some believe that Minnesota’s long-standing mining history prepares us for this leap, 7 Generations makes clear that the differences between historic mining in Minnesota and modern sulfide-ore mining are vast and insurmountable. Northern Minnesota has a rich history of taconite, or iron ore mining. Many of these mines have operated for decades with little impact to the surrounding waters. This is largely due to the simple process of extracting the iron ore from the surrounding rock. However, the process in sulfide-ore copper mining is more complicated. It involves extracting sulfide-ore from the surrounding rock, which requires washing the sulfide off with water. When this sulfur mixes with water and air, it creates sulphuric acid, which can have devastating effects to human and environmental health if it were to leach into the surrounding groundwater, streams, and lakes. While some see sulfide-ore copper mining as a replacement for the now declining iron mining industry, others see it as a greater threat than it is worth. Because the effects of sulfide-ore copper mining are far-reaching, we've spoken with dozens of people from a wide variety of backgrounds about the risks these mines pose. This includes environmental activists, Native Tribal leaders, medical doctors, biologists, chemists, mining industry professionals, and community leaders. Their stories demonstrate that the multi-faceted threat posted by sulfide-ore copper mining in Minnesota endangers the way of life of an entire region. In order to address this issue with the respect and the thought it deserves, we need to continue holding conversations like these. We intend to interview environmental lawyers, lawmakers, and botanists, in addition to extended interviews with those we've already met with. We intend to use the funding from this Kickstarter to help finance these interviews. We intend to present their stories alongside compelling visuals of Northern Minnesota, as well as archival footage of past mines, in order to present a broad picture of the risks sulfide-ore mining poses for Northern Minnesota and the Great Lakes Region.
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No to Sulfide Mining in Northeastern Minnesota
After 30 days and 360 miles following the Mississippi from the proposed Polymet mine site next to the boundary waters canoe area wilderness, the Precious Waters Flotilla arrives in St. Paul at Harriet Island. Greeted by supporters the paddlers pick up their canoes and portage through downtown St. Paul to the capital, in protest of opening up northern Minnesota to copper sulfide mining. Several speakers voiced their concerns at the steps of Minnesota's capital.
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Our Most Precious Resource - Risks to clean water from sulfide mining
Hazardous new mines proposed for northern Minnesota pose threats to the region's clean water and wilderness. Sign a petition to Governor Dayton asking him to use four simple questions when evaluating sulfide mine proposals like PolyMet and Twin Metals: http://www.miningtruth.org/4-questions
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When the People Lead: What Minnesotans can do about sulfide mining
Sign a petition to Governor Dayton asking him to use four simple questions when evaluating sulfide mine proposals like PolyMet and Twin Metals: http://www.miningtruth.org/4-questions
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Why did MN DFL reject anti sulfide mining resolution?
Perhaps the biggest problem in general with modern politics and in the particular case of sulfide mining in Minnesota, is the lack of a visionary approach to politics and governing. Instead of seeing the role of the politician as a steward with a solemn responsibility to govern in a manner that brings peace, prosperity and a flourishing natural ecosystem, mainstream politics tends to see the constituents as merely potential customers that are the subjects of market analysis. Twincities.com article quoted and discussed in the video: https://www.twincities.com/2016/12/10/minnesota-dfl-rejects-anti-sulfide-mining-move/
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Expanded Mining Prospects Dig Up Controversy in Minnesota
Last fall, demonstrators pressured Minnesota’s St. Louis County Board to publicly acknowledge a proposed copper-nickel sulfide mine would threaten the health of their local watershed.
"Precious Waters" trailer
Coming Nov. 11 - a short film that takes a hard look at the sulfide mining industry's track record of failed predictions and toxic pollutions and what this could mean for northeastern Minnesota. More info at www.preciouswaters.org
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Stop Proposed Sulfide Mining in Minnesota
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Clean Water, Healthy Communities: Sulfide mining threatens northern Minnesota's economy
Sign a petition to Governor Dayton asking him to use four simple questions when evaluating sulfide mine proposals like PolyMet and Twin Metals: http://www.miningtruth.org/4-questions
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Your Water May Not Be Safe From Sulfide Mining
Video by Kristen Larsen Polymet Mining is trying to get the state of Minnesota to allow it to dig for copper nickel in northern Minnesota. The plan has been given the worst rating ever from the Environmental Protection Agency because what is being mined contains sulfur. Why does sulfur matter so much? When exposed to air, water and bacteria, sulfur forms sulfuric acid. Not only can it drastically change the pH of a water system, it tends to liberate heavy metals out of the rock and into the water such as mercury. This runoff, is known as AMD/ARD or Acid Mine Drainage/Acid Rock Drainage. That threat to the waters of the St. Louis River, Lake Superior and beyond motivated protesters to show up at a mining convention in Duluth. In this video they outline what the problem is, how it can impact people beyond Duluth and express outrage that the legislature appears to be willing to let Polymet go ahead with the mining. More about the protest group at www.northernmnnews.com
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Minnesota Psychiatrist: Costs of Sulfide Mining Pollution are "Dangerously High"
Dr. Margaret Saracino, a child psychiatrist from Duluth, gives testimony to the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board on October 19, 2016. Dr. Saracino details the many dangers that mercury pollution from proposed sulfide mining projects like PolyMet would pose to the developing brains of children and infants.
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Sulfide Mining in WI
This video is about Sulfide Mining in WI
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Frank Moe of Grand Marais MN Speaking on the Danger of Sulfide Mining in Northern Minnesota
* Sorry about the video quality but it was hand held and I was being shoved out of the way by the Big City Film crews lol! Its the message! Frank Moe speaks at the capital in St Paul. Frank speaks after completing a grueling 360 miles sled dog journey to deliver over 12,000 signatures to the state capital supporting a stop to harmful mining near americas largest wilderness area. This mining could possibly destroy the vibrant tourism economy in the area!
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How Sulfide Mining Creates Sulfuric Acid
Cynthia Pryor explains how sulfide mining creates sulfuric acid, which has been linked to human health problems such as cancer as well as devastates wildlife. To learn more, visit http://www.miwater.org
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Protect Minnesota's Clean Water from Sulfide Mining
Sulfide mining extracts copper, nickel, and other metals from sulfide ores. The environmental risks are much different from Minnesota's traditional iron ore mining. Here's just one reason why: when rain falls on the waste from iron mining, it makes rust; when rain falls on sulfide ore waste, sulfuric acid is produced. Sulfuric acid leaches out metals and chemicals from the waste and creates acid mine drainage which:Contaminates lakes, rivers, and groundwater; harms human health, fish, wildlife, and damages entire ecosystems
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Minnesota Doctors Think Sulfide Mining Health Effects Need Closer Investigation
Dr. Kris Wegerson with the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians gives testimony before the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board on October 19, 2016. Dr. Wegerson addresses the great shortcomings in the assessment of the proposed PolyMet Copper Nickel Sulfide mine's human health effects and the dangers the mining project poses to Minnesota communities.
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PolyMet to Wildrice.wmv
An open letter to PolyMet Singer/Songwriter: Jim Hall, Duluth, Minnesota PolyMet is the first of many proposed copper/nickel sulfide mine in Minnesota. The Arrowhead Region is facing unprecedented threats from proposed multinational sulfide mining projects, a toxic type of mining never before allowed in our state.
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Copper-Nickel (Sulfide) Mining:  Rep. Jason Metsa vs Clean Water
Rep. Jason Metsa makes vague claims that clean water advocates spread "misinformation" but he cannot offer a single example. Nathan Ness and members of Occupy Minnesota traveled to Aurora, MN to confront Metsa during his pro-sulfide mining grassroots campaign kickoff.
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Minnesota Doctors Urge Assessment of Health Impacts of Sulfide Mining
Dr. Emily Onello from the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians gives testimony at the October 19, 2016 meeting of the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board urging them to include human Health Impact Assessments in the state's environmental review process for proposed sulfide mining projects.
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TruthToTell Community Connections: A Deeper Look at Sulfide Mining
Originally broadcast live on KFAI Radio from from the lecture hall of the Labovitz School of Business and Economics Center at the University of Minnesota at Duluth, this fifth TruthToTell: Community Connections forum seeks to meet head-on the persistent issue of pending permits to open up the huge lode of copper and nickel underneath part of what's called the Laurentian Divide, including much of the Mesabi Range and tribal areas of Northern Minnesota. This is about whether or not PolyMet Mining and Twin Metals companies should be allowed to scrape open at least two massive sulfide mine pits so to extract from the so-called Duluth Complex, the third-richest lodes of copper and nickel in the world, while the lakes, rivers and water tables and air quality suffer the nasty side effects -- sulfide-derived acids -- of those projects, perhaps destroying forevermore the pristine waters and their unique crop of manoomin -- or wild rice held sacred by Ojibwe. Watch this exciting and informative coversation unfold just days before the impending release of the preliminary supplement to the draft environmental impact statement required by the federal EPA for mine projects such as these. Panelists: Paula Maccabee: Attorney, and Policy Director for WaterLegacy Aaron Klemz: Policy and Communications Director for the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness Tamara Jones: Carlton County Central Labor Body President and Union Rep for Local 1189 of the United Food and Commercial Workers Nancy Schuldt: Water Resource Policy Director for the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa
MN Rep. Rick Nolan Blasted Over Sulfide Mining
During forum at the University of Minnesota (Duluth), US Rep. Rick Nolan was blasted for his support of copper-nickel (sulfide) mining and tar-sands oil pipelines. The forum was held on November 16th, 2013.
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100% Failure: Sulfide Mining Not Worth the Risk
WaterLegacy Advocacy Director and Counsel, Paula Maccabee, talks about the abysmal record of sulfide mining in water-rich environments to the crowd at a June 2016 event about Extreme Extraction in Minnesota.
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Stop Proposed Sulfide Mining in Minnesota
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The Economics of Sulfide Mining: Benefits & Costs, Dr. Tom Power
Dr. Thomas Power, Prof Emeritus at the University of Montana, delivers an address on the economics of sulfide mining and projections about the impact that mining might have in St. Louis County, MN. Recorded June 18th, 2013 The forum was moderated by Duke Skorich and was presented by The Friends of the Boundary Waters at the Clyde Ironworks Event Center. (Edit: Although the Friends of the Boundary Waters are members of the Duluth Chamber of Commerce and a number of Duluth Chamber affiliates were at this event, the presentation was not a sponsor of the presentation.) His talk was recorded by JP Rennquist for WGZS-FM. This recording is Creative Commons Copyright 2013, WGZS-FM, Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. This recording may be re-used or shared with attribution to the source.
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Minnesota Sulfide Mining Resistance: Start of Internet-of-Things Water Map
Iron Range water vs. Lake Superior bulk water.
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PolyMet Mining: Inspiring Minnesota Prosperity
http://www.GoPolyMet.com: The PolyMet project will create well-paying jobs that offer benefits to a wide variety of people, from hotel managers to truck drivers, says Kevin Pylka, PolyMet Mining manager of environmental permitting and compliance. He explains how the City of Hoyt Lakes is eager for the mine to begin and how, as an engineer who has looked at the plans, he is confident the copper-nickel mining, also called sulfide mining, project will protect the environment.
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Sulfur Mining in Minnesota
Few people are really aware of the sulfur mining taking place outside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) which is in north eastern Minnesota. Sulfur mining can be very dangerous due to the sulfuric acid it creates. It can destroy ecosystems and contaminate water sources. Sulfur mining also creates pollution that lasts for generations. This video explains some of the risks that could directly involve the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, a beautiful wilderness with tons of active wildlife and outdoor recreation. This video is mostly meant to bring awareness to the issue, if you would like to learn more about sulfur mining, or the BWCAW here are a few websites: -http://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2006/05/15/rangesulfidemining -http://www.friends-bwca.org/issues/sulfide-mining/ -http://www.wilderness.net/NWPS/wildView?WID=70 Thanks for watching The music for the video is called Peponi, by the Piano Guys
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Boundary Waters mining battle
Northern Minnesota has long been known for its mining history. Videographer Charlie Siddons recaps the federal government’s decision to reopen mineral exploration around the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and reactions to the decision.
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Lakeland Currents 610 - The Impact of Copper-Nickel Mining in Minnesota
On this episode of Lakeland Currents, our guests will be George Hudak and Don Fosnacht from the Natural Resources Research Institute at the U of M Duluth, and Kathryn Hoffman, staff attorney with the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy. Discussion will center on the science of mining -including the geology, the deposits, and basic research based on other projects, along with the economic and environmental impacts that could be seen here in Minnesota. Comments will be accepted until 4:30 PM CT on Thursday, March 13, 2014. Email: Submit comments to: [email protected] E-mail submissions should include a full name and legal mailing address. Aired February 6, 2014 Season 6, Episode 610
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Support Mining In Minnesota
Expanded mining in Minnesota will add billions to the state's economy, create 8,500 jobs, and won't harm the environment. What are we waiting for?
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BWCA Sulfide Mining
This video is about the Boundary waters and the affect of Sulfide Mining
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PolyMet: Why Hoyt Lakes Residents Support Minnesota Mining
http://www.GoPolyMet.com: Residents of Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota, talk about the hope PolyMet Mining's proposed copper-nickel mine brings. Mining is part of the community, and they are excited for PolyMet Mining to begin operations and bring young blood back to the region.
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Frank Ongaro 2008 VCC Sulfide Mining Panel - Right the First Time
Frank Ongaro, Executive Director of Minnesota Mining, talking about Copper Mining in Minnesota boldly states in 2008 that "We have the reputation of getting it right the first time." He doesn't make that statement publicly anymore. They didn't get it right the first time. And, they are having a very difficult time getting it right the second time.
Massive New Mining Project In Minnesota Moving Forward
DULUTH, MN (RJBroadcasting.com) It appears a massive new mining project in Minnesota is moving forward.
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Sulfide Mining in Wisconsin
In the last 20 years, no company has been able to prove that sulfide mining can occur without contaminating our waterways. Now, the Wisconsin State Legislator is removing important protections designed to protect our land, air and water from sulfuric acid rain and runoff that results from Sulfide mining. The existing protections should remain in place so any sulfide mining is done in a responsible way and with safeguards in place once any potential mines cease operations.
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Morning Minute: Assembly Approves Bill Ending Ban on Sulfide Mining
"Sulfide mining is the most toxic industry in America. That's why there are special permitting requirements that you all, unfortunately, have decided to gut." Representative Chris Taylor (D-Madison) expressed her opposition to the legislation that eliminates the ban on sulfide mining in Wisconsin. "And what happens when these companies bust, or when they go bankrupt, or when they reorganize, is the taxpayers are on the hook." "While some members are just delighted that the mine up north, the (Gogebic) Taconite mine, didn't come into fruition, never happened, it breaks my heart that it didn't." Representative John Jagler (R-Waterown) told his colleagues on the Assembly floor last week. "I remember going up to that area and talking to the locals as we explored this bill, who were just begging for some kind of economic development." On November 2, 2017, the state Assembly met for a regular floor session at the state Capitol. Among the bills discussed was Assembly Bill 499: regulation of nonferrous metallic mining, prospecting, exploration, and bulk sampling. Watch the full floor debate: https://shar.es/1Pz6kV
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