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Bengalla Mining Company Corporate Video 2017
Bengalla Mining Company operates an open cut mine located south west of Muswellbrook in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, Australia.
Whitehaven Coal Corporate Video 2016 (full version)
Whitehaven is Australia’s largest independent coal producer and the leading coal producer in North West New South Wales. We operate five mines in North West NSW; four open cut mines at Maules Creek, Werris Creek, Tarrawonga and Rocglen, and one underground mine at Narrabri. Here is our story.
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Welcome to Whitehaven Coal
Employee induction video for Whitehaven Coal based in Gunnedah NSW, Australia
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Whitehaven Coal Company Video 2016 (abridged version)
Whitehaven is Australia’s largest independent coal producer and the leading coal producer in North West New South Wales. We operate five mines in North West NSW; four open cut mines at Maules Creek, Werris Creek, Tarrawonga and Rocglen, and one underground mine at Narrabri. Here is our story.
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Whitehaven Coal
Coal mining and exploration
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whitehaven cannons mines and disasters
(uploaded again as only half uploaded for some reason) a random ride out to give the bike a run ended up in Whitehaven and looking at cannons and remaining mining buildings and memorials.
Marlin Gold Mining Ltd. – Commonwealth Video 2017
A video describing the history, current drilling program and production potential for Marlin Gold’s wholly owned Commonwealth Project in Cochise County, AZ. Learn more at www.marlingold.com.
Coal is always in the news - for no-one seems to have enough of it. In New South Wales, part of Australia's supply comes from open cut mines, which produce first-class quality. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/c91c4b8b084041bc86688613447ec955 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Australia: Addicted to Coal - ARTE Documentary
Australia is split between supporting renewable energies and defending its position as the world’s largest coal exporter. The controversial construction of a major new coal mine comes as the Great Barrier Reef is at grave risk from climate change. Subscribe to our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVogAsASqbceBmQMi1WA39g You can also find us on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ARTE.tv Twitter: https://twitter.com/ARTEen
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They're Un Australian
In Australia we are seeing big mining companies and corporation forcing their greed based agendas on the traditional Australian battlers, our farmers. Mining and CSG Fracking are destroying our natural resources. This is a protest song highlighting this travesty and calling them out as "Un-Australian!" A song with some Frockin Frickin Frackin attitude! lol
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Community Excellence - Whitehaven Coal Maules Creek (Aboriginal Employment)
Whitehaven Coal’s vision is to be Australia’s leading independent coal company. Within the next five years our workforce will grow to over 1,000 people. We take great pride that we started in the Gunnedah Basin and we focus on employing our workforce from the local communities. We believe that the best way we can assist to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is by offering the opportunity of stable, long-term employment. Whitehaven has made a commitment that our Maules Creek workforce will contain at least 10% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. During early recruitment at Maules Creek we are already exceeding our aspirational target, with 12% of the Maules Creek workforce being Indigenous. View the other Award Winners here http://ow.ly/v30G303XSwj
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Destination WA - Evolution Mining
Mining is a huge part of life out here in the Goldfields… every day hundreds of people go underground in the goldfields but no longer is that tourists. The last underground tourist mine closed a couple of years ago.
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Whitehaven Coal begins clearing forest for coal mining developments
As Whitehaven Coal's bulldozers begins felling trees adjacent to Leard State Forest, the community has leapt into action in a final bid to protect the ancient woodland. Protesters have launched a blockade at the site of Whitehaven's controversial Maules Creek coal project in North West NSW, turning back vehicles seeking to clear the forest for construction of rail infrastructure. Help protect the Leard State Forest by visiting: leardstateforest.tumblr.com or www.maulescreek.org. Photos: ©Abram Powell/Greenpeace Video: Anonymous
Mining offsets explained - United Wambo super pit
You'll never believe how coal mining companies are tricking the NSW government into letting them clear critically endangered bushland in the Hunter Valley. The latest big new mine is a super pit called United Wambo. Will the Government smarten up, or are they going to get away with driving this bushland to the brink of extinction? http://www.lockthegate.org.au/protectthehunter
DSI Australia – A strong partner for underground solutions
With strong technical expertise and in alignment with our customers‘ core values, we strive to deliver highest quality ground control solutions. As single supply source of all primary and secondary support systems, DSI stands for safe working environments, technical expertise as well as the best understanding for our costumers and their demands. We deliver the ground support systems you need, while constantly ensuring to create value to your business. For further information visit: https://www.dsiunderground.com.au(
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Commercial Video: Underground Mining
Underground Mining in Kentucky and Tennessee
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Asia is the 'center of the universe' for coal growth: Whitehaven Coal CEO | Capital Connection
Paul Flynn discusses his company's expansion of coal mining in Asia in 2019. Subscribe to CNBC Life: http://cnb.cx/2wAkfMv Subscribe to CNBC International: http://cnb.cx/2gft82z Like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cnbcinternational Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cnbcinternational/ Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/cnbci
Whitehaven Coal CEO Paul Flynn interview on ABC's The Business
3 June 2015 - Whitehaven CEO Paul Flynn appeared on ABC The Business to discuss the company's successful recent refinancing, expansion plans and the future of coal more generally.
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Mine Rehabilitation
In Queensland 220,000 hectares have been disturbed by coal mining yet only 506 hectares have been certified rehabilitated. That's just 0.23%. ABC TV's Lateline investigated mine rehabilitation and found it can be done properly, but it's only happening at a handful of mines. A senate enquiry will examine how to force mining companies rehabilitate the land properly.
Have Australian Mining Services Companies Hit Rock-Bottom
Join Minh Hoang, a credit analyst in the Corporate Ratings group, as he discusses the debt-refinancing task and ratings outlook for players operating in the mining services sector in Australia.
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Whitehaven positioning for coal price recovery
23 Feb 2015 - Whitehaven Coal Limited (ASX:WHC) Managing Director, Paul Flynn outlines how the company is positioning itself for a recovery in the coal price.
Songs from WhiteHaven Coal AGM Protest - Australian Stock Exchange Sydney - 4th November 2013
It's time Whitehaven coal shareholders understood that degrading ecosystems, dividing communities and damaging the climate is a risky business. Together with our friends at Quit Coal, on Monday the 4th of November, we'll gather outside Whitehaven's AGM, to explain exactly why. Right now, Whitehaven is progressing plans for its Maules Creek mine - a 2000 hectare open-cut coal mine in NSW's beautiful Leard State Forest. The mine will see 1600 hectares of unique bushland and farmland cleared, 700 hectares of which is classified as critically endangered. When fully operational, Maules Creek and its neighbouring Boggabri coal mine will destroy habitat for 396 native species, drain the local water table by up to 6-7 metres, pump 18,000 tonnes of coal dust onto surrounding communities and release 60 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year - more than the emissions of 165 countries, including Sweden, Hungary and Finland. The annual emissions from Maules Creek alone will be almost equivalent to that of New Zealand. By progressing Maules Creek, Whitehaven is locking us in to a future of angry summers, degraded ecosystems and divided communities.
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TrakMats helps Coal Mining Exploration, Singleton Australia
Here is another happy customer using TrakMats.
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What a bloody joke.... The Mining Bosses know how bad Mining is for our land, water, animals, crops and us HUMANS.... remember us ??? Companies like Whitehaven - Santos etc - etc -etc.... can FRACK OFF...... We have ALL been tricked by the flashy GOVT PAID FOR tv /. radio /. paper / net PROPAGANDA ads........ Companies like SANTOS now weaselled their way into SPONSORING PRIMARY SCHOOLS in the area..... giving money to the same people they are KILLING.... how sweet of Santos to do that ... huh !?!?!? and mining companies sponsoring FIRE-WORKS .. to DISTRACT you from looking down under the ground.. in that dirty great HOLE that they take out about 85% of DIRT to get to only 15 %... THEN use ALL the town's water to wash it.. and spray PRECIOUS drinking /. crop water on the dirty great 85 % pile of DUST, that THEY have just dumped there themselves.. GET FRACKED !!!!! This is total bullshit.. FIREWORKS..... look up people .. keep looking up SHEEPLE.... yes.. good SHEEPLE.... keep looking up.. fuck that !!!!!!! I know the real score and seeing it first hand... while walking or riding through one of OUR - once PROTECTED State Forests - is HALF OF EACH OF THEM now CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC... restricted.. fenced.. and being blasted - smashed - dug up..... for NO REAL HELP BACK TO THE AUSSIE PEOPLE....... splashing around cash to dodgy workers... most I've seen.. FULLY looked SIMPLE... like INBRED simple..... something is definitely up...when you know the Government is trying SOOOOoooo hard to make a piece of DOG SHIT look like Chocolate Cake.... JOIN THE FIGHT ONLINE 1. Twit #BentleyBlockade 2. Twit #LeardBlockade 3. FB @LockTheGate 4. FB @ProtectingThePilliga 5. FB @FrontLineActionOnCoal Get to networking mates.... GAME IS OURS TO WIN.. for our grand kids' sake.. and every farmer.... every farm animal.... EVERY WHEAT GRAIN HARVESTED..... we need to reclaim OUR LAND !! from this FAKE overseas owned FAKE GOVERNMENT !!!! This corporation has run its course.... and if only EVERY issue fighting something. from.. Geo-Engineering - Monsanto and GMOs- No Fluoride - Anti-Mining.- anti FAKE biker laws.... WE NEED TO UNITE and march in Canberra and KICK OUT THE GOVERNMENT as many countries have just done in a GLOBAL REVOLUTION .. but YOU MISSED IT.. cause talking shit about masterchef or dancing with a pounce.... TIME TO TURN YOUR BRAIN BACK ON.. that everyday you are being lied to on a massive scale .. from soapies to ads to the news to most shit on LAMEstream media... MOST my mates / fans all well awake and PROUD OF IT !!!! continue the fight and JOIN IN FOR REAL !!!!! MAULES CREEK - TARA - GREAT BARRIER REEF - BENTLEY - PILLIGA... get cracking mates.... RdY
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Antiene to Wilpinjong timelapse
recorded at 2 frames per second goproH2, played back at 25 fps.
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Bulga turns out for coal mine protest
Residents in the NSW Upper Hunter Valley are fighting a proposed coal mine expansion that would see the open pit operation extend to almost two kilometres from the town.
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Whitehaven Coal opening ceremony of Maules Creek mine - video 1
Video 1 - the opening ceremony of Whitehaven Coal's Maules Creek mine. Maules Creek is already delivering and will continue to deliver substantial economic and social dividends to the surrounding area: • It has created 250 locally based jobs, and when fully ramped it will create another 200 jobs for locals, or workers prepared to move to the area. • It will inject an additional $68 million in wages into the regional economy every single year, supporting retailers and small business owners. • It will contribute over $90 million per year in royalty payments to the New South Wales State Government when the mine is operating ate 13Mtpa ROM coal. • It will contribute $13 million towards local infrastructure upgrades, improving amenity and liveability. • It will contribute an annual payment of approximately $900,000 to the Narrabri Shire Council as part of the Voluntary Planning Agreement with the Council. • It will provide around $150,000 in grants to local education and other charitable initiatives. • It will provide more than 50 indigenous Australians with skills, training and long term employment.
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Whitehaven Hoax media release
On 7 January 2013, environmental activist Jonathan Moylan distributed a hoax press release to Australian media, temporally wiping A$314 million from the company's share value. Sydney Partner Philip Podzebenko discusses the legal ramifications of this case.
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Whitehaven Coal 'Safehaven' video - Come Home Safe
Come Home Safe. Video to highlight Whitehaven Coal's Safehaven health and safety program. Starring: Whitehaven employees and families. Production: Engine Room Productions.
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Whitehaven Coal (ASX:WHC): Ian McAleese, General Manager Investor Relations
Ian McAleese, General Manager Investor Relations at Whitehaven Coal, presented to the Morgans network.
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EXCLUSIVE: CCTV footage from Soma mining disaster - BBC News
This is some of the video evidence that will be used in the trial of 45 people accused over Turkey's worst mining disaster, obtained exclusively by BBC Turkish. The CCTV footage shows how some of the victims were preparing for work that day, and it also shows how the rescue operation took place. The BBC's Rengin Arslan was the first reporter on the site a year ago when the accident took place and describes the footage. Subscribe to BBC News HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Check out our website: http://www.bbc.com/news Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcworldnews Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcworld Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcnews
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Leard State Forest
The Leard State Forest will be flattened if the Maules Creek coal mine is allowed to go ahead. This mine, and the expansion of adjacent existing mines, will devastate local communities. It would dump 18,000 tonnes of dangerous dust per year on local farms and drain the water table by five to seven metres -- not to mention the social problems associated with a fly-in-fly-out population. Who are the people set to profit from the destruction of this forest and the nearby farmlands? None other than the infamous Whitehaven Coal. Some of Australia's most eminent ecologists claim that the company used false and misleading information in order to satisfy environmental assessments, prompting the Federal Court to start an investigation. Now, they are only days away from bringing in the bulldozers to flatten the forest.
Tinkler makes Whitehaven proposal
Shares in Whitehaven Coal surged after confirmation of an offer from mining magnate Nathan Tinkler.
Maules Creek Mine Blockade: Stop the Mine, Save Leard Forest.
Right now in North West NSW, history is being made. Hundreds of concerned Australians - including farmers, Traditional Owners, doctors, local community members and religious leaders - have been regularly making their way from all corners of the country to blockade the construction of Whitehaven's massive new coal mine. Together they have managed to slow Whitehaven's attempts to destroy some of Australia's rarest woodlands and create one of the largest new coal mines in the country. Find out more at www.maulesblockade.com.au
Vangold Mining - Corporate Introduction
VANGOLD MINING CORP (TSX.V: VAN) (OTC: VGLDF) is a Mexico-focused silver and gold mining company. The company is led by a proven and experienced management team with mine development and exploration experience worldwide. Vangold Mining holds 100% interest in the historic high grade El Pinguico mine, along with eight development properties within the Mexican Silver Belt. Currently, Vangold is working towards reactivating production at the El Pinguico mine, improving assurance through active geological programs including assaying and drilling. Future expansion opportunities exist within the El Pinguico claims showing evidence of multiple parallel and perpendicular vein structures. Management is dedicated to building Vangold Mining Corp. into a producing silver and gold company.
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Cinemagin Vfx Commercial | Coal Mines Corporate Video
Cinemagin Commercial | Coal Mines Corporate Video Shoot By : Manish Edit : Pawan Piprode LIKE AND FOLLOW https://www.facebook.com/cinemaginvfx/ https://www.facebook.com/PawanPiprode/
NSW Mining HSEC Conference 2018 - Winner - Health Excellence
Winner - Health Excellence Mt Owen Positively Healthy - Site Health Score - Thiess Mount Owen The Mount Owen mine is based in Hebden in the Hunter Valley coal fields and is operated by Thiess. The mine employs around 380 staff and is owned by Glencore. For the past five years, Thiess Mt Owen has been running an annual Positively Healthy program with around 20 percent of the workforce participating each year. With the support of Ethos Health, the company aimed to increase employee participation in the 2016 program and achieve real weight loss and positive overall health outcomes across the mine’s workforce. 188 employees participated in either the six week challenge or a similar six week personal action plan, with the total combined weight lost 237kg - the equivalent of almost three average sized men. The annual result of the Positively Healthy program from November 2016 to November 2017 was a total combined weight loss of 139kg. 146 participants of the program were able to maintain an average weight loss of 1kg of bodyweight.
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A huge bunch of Great Aussies have got together on a small property in MAULES CREEK, after the Narrabri Council Un-lawfully kicked the Protestors out of LEARD State Forest. The NSW Police are now being used as personal body guards and security contractors - even to the point that these " PUBLIC SERVANTS" have been blocking Public Roads, restricting the movements of even the locals, farmers and working trucks. PLEASE SHARE THIS ONE... as this camp needs people to go live there and join the daily fun of fighting against the mining companies FULL THROTTLE and full HANDS ON !!!! MAULES CREEK .. and surrounding town Boggabri and Narrabri are about to wiped off the face of the Earth.... I just returned from a few month stint living in a little metal box trailer.. to help fight against this DODGY.. lying.. CRIMINALLY CHARGED companies... that the media STILL isn't telling the full truth.... well stay tuned FOR MY NEXT VIDEO..... where I take you inside a LIVE ACTION /. LOCK ON !!!! You have nothing to lose nor nothing to prove by arriving.. and the team in Camp WANDO will welcome you like you have been there forever....... PLEASE JOIN OUR FIGHT !!! and if you cant please look out for a fundraising page coming up to help with Food for the freedom fighters, and Diesel for the deadly army vehicles / people movers we have to get people into the bush and to cause chaos for the mining companies..... THIS IS REAL LIVING !!!!! FUCKING IN -TENTS !!!! RdY
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Whitehaven Coal opening ceremony of Maules Creek mine - video 2
Video 2 - the opening ceremony of Whitehaven Coal's Maules Creek mine. Maules Creek is already delivering and will continue to deliver substantial economic and social dividends to the surrounding area: • It has created 250 locally based jobs, and when fully ramped it will create another 200 jobs for locals, or workers prepared to move to the area. • It will inject an additional $68 million in wages into the regional economy every single year, supporting retailers and small business owners. • It will contribute over $90 million per year in royalty payments to the New South Wales State Government when the mine is operating ate 13Mtpa ROM coal. • It will contribute $13 million towards local infrastructure upgrades, improving amenity and liveability. • It will contribute an annual payment of approximately $900,000 to the Narrabri Shire Council as part of the Voluntary Planning Agreement with the Council. • It will provide around $150,000 in grants to local education and other charitable initiatives. • It will provide more than 50 indigenous Australians with skills, training and long term employment.
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Australia's resource sector: The CEO perspective
Fortescue Metals CEO Neville Power discusses the Australian resources sector post the mining investment boom, how automation is changing the industry and the opportunities presented by Asia’s rising middle class.
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CITIC Pacific Mining - Sino Iron project - Corporate Video
Corporate Video - CITIC Pacific Mining is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong listed company CITIC Limited. Headquartered in Perth, the company was established to manage the construction and operation of the Sino Iron project, an integrated mining, processing and port operation that will secure a long term stable source of quality materials for the Chinese special steel mills owned and operated by the group.
Protecting water at Leard State Forest
30th March 2014, Leard State Forest.Sydney mother and former DPP solicitor, Marion Rose, chained herself to a water pump in order to slow the ongoing work of Whitehaven Coal Company at Maules Creek, next to the Leard State Forest. As a former officer of the Court, Ms Rose took the action only after a great deal of study and reflection, saying: "Now that I no longer work full-time I have had the time to read and think and to ask myself the same question most mums and grand-mothers ask themselves; are my kids and grandkids going to have a better life than me?" "The heart breaking answer to that is, no. As a result of climate change and the terrible way we are consuming our environment, their lives will be harder and my little one year old grand-daughter's life will be very much harder." "The police may charge me with interfering with mine equipment, but what kind of nation do we live in when mining equipment gets better protection than our kids and grand-kids -- who is protecting them and their future," concluded Ms Rose.
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brown coal mining in australia
More Details : http://wwa.stonecrushersolution.org/solutions/solutions.html we will provide a professional answer and quality of services. If this video does not meet your needs I apologize here. Visit Website: http://www.gospellightbaptistschool.com Contact Us For Help: http://www.gospellightbaptistschool.com/chat.html Coal gasification kbr: a global engineering Some 60 percent of the world's fossil energy reserves are in coal, located in areas where the energy demand is greatest. KBR is at the center of initiatives to expand Coal Mining in Europe, Overview, MBendi.com A profile of Coal Mining in Europe Australia and India. Europe remains heavily dependent upon utilisation of indigenous lignite and brown coal for a COAL MINING PROCESS , COAL LATERAL Land reclamation is the process of protecting, restoring, and possibly even improving the land before, during, and after surface mining. As coal is removed from one Ministers face down party faithful over coal mines, The “We can mine coal in Queensland, where we have the highest mine safety record in the world, we mine coal with environmental rigour, and we mine coal that’s very australian coal mining machinery indices australian mining machinery. australian coal mining machinery indices, coal mining wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. mountaintop coal mining is a surface mining Adani coal mining case in Australia leaves the climate change The Australian Federal Court has overturned federal environmental approval of the A$16.5 billion Adani’s coal mine project in central Queensland. COAL MINING IN NEWCASTLE 1801, 1900, City of Newcastle COAL MINING IN NEWCASTLE, other libraries in Australia and the United Kingdom who Shipping coal at Newcastle, 1973 97 J. and A. Brown's Minmi Colliery in 1885 98 coal mining australia, Newest Crusher, Grinding Mill, Mobile Peabody Energy : Australia Mining. Australia. Peabody Energy considers Australia to be a premier location for coal mine development and investment. Peabody has 11 environmental effects of coal mining in australia, Grinding Gulin Least News. buy marble powder in washington ? The More ? cascade grinding wheel 220 grit ? environmental effects of coal mining in australia The Sustainability of Mining in Australia (Research Report 5) Landmark Research Report on Australia's Mining issues for almost all sectors of the Australian mining industry, namely black and brown coal, uranium The latest coal news headlines about Coal and Mining from The latest coal news and events from World Coal magazine. The leading source for the coal industry with today's coal news updates. Coal Mining in Australia to 2020, RnR Market Research Coal Mining in Australia to 2020 is a market research report available at US $1495 for a Single User PDF License from RnR Market Research Reports Library. Two Australian reptiles kick up a skink over coal mining The two endangered reptiles blocking construction of a giant coal mine are not the first Australian animals to cause developers grief. List of coal mines UK 1880., Ancestry.com NORTHUMBERLAND, NORTHERN DIVISION OF DURHAM, AND CUMBERLAND. 1 Acomb, C, Hexham, Messrs. Morrison. 2 Ashington, Morpeth, Ashington Coal Co. 3 Axwell, Gateshead, R. S Coal Mining Jobs, GetaJobintheMines Coal Mining Jobs. Australia is a and industrial boilers to other Australian states. Brown Coal produces higher amount of ash and met by three open cut brown Coal Mining in Australia [image], EurekAlert! Science News Coal being mined in Australia 2015 AACR Annual Meeting April 18, 22, 2015. Philadelphia Convention Center sa.gov.au, Coal mining in South Australia Coal exploration and mining in South Australia are regulated by the state government. These activities are regulated by minerals regulation. Leigh Creek coal mine Coal Mining Jobs, Indeed.com 328 Coal Mining Vacancies available on Indeed.com is Australia's largest coal producer with currently Knowledge of coal seam gas & coal mining highly About Coal Seam Gas, New Site, Lock the Gate Alliance Download this fact sheet as a PDF. What is coal seam gas mining? Coal seam gas (CSG) mining is an invasive form of unconventional gas mining. It usually involves tens Black Coal Mining in Australia, Industry Market Research Black Coal Mining in Australia B### Contract Mining Services in Australia B### Brown Coal Mining in Australia B### Iron Ore Mining in Australia IBISWorld Greens' plan to shut down coal industry to cost Australia THE Greens' push to shut down the coal industry could severely undermine the nation's economy and sacrifice 200,000 jobs, new economic modelling warns. As Australia coa
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Should you invest in one industry mining towns?
You might have seen in the early 2000’s in Australia we had a massive mining boom. I'm going to give you a tip on what happens with mining towns when it comes to properties and property investing. I steer so far away from those types of investments I actually run. I don't walk, I actually run to stay away from them. Here's what happens. You get the big mining boom going on in Western Australia. The other big mining boom went on in Queensland. Basically, out come the property marketers and out come the spruikers, "Go and invest in these towns, because you're going to get a thousand bucks a week rent. There's workers coming in from all over the countryside. They've got nowhere to stay. The values will go through the roof." Et cetera, et cetera. Tony Harrington is the founder of Tradies Property Planners. Tony has helped hundreds of Australian working class men and women create investment strategies and safely invest in property which leads them to a retirement they will actually want to look forward to. Get more of Tony’s FREE training by texting your first name and email address to: 0439 541 704 Visit http://tradiespropertyplanners.com.au
Yancoal-managed mine to shut down in NSW Hunter Valley
Yancoal-managed mine to shut down in NSW Hunter Valley: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-09/austar-coal-mine-in-doubt-after-coal-bursts/9957646. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPLbW-HoiBuA8yepLypwA6g?sub_confirmation=1 Hunter Valley Austar coal mine to shut down with 200 jobs in doubt ABC Newcastle By Annabelle Regan  The future of a Hunter Valley underground coal mine is in doubt after Yancoal announced more than 200 employees are to be stood down or re-deployed. The Austar-run mine at Paxton, west of Cessnock, will retain skeleton crews to maintain the mine in accordance with compliance requirements.  Known as the Austar mine, it is one of the state's oldest coal mines and celebrated its centenary in 2016.  It is the same underground mine where two men, Philip Grant, 35, of Metford and 49-year-old Jamie Mitchell of Aberdare, were killed in 2014.    They were working with five others about 500 metres below the surface and 10 kilometres from the mine's entry point when a wall collapsed. The Resources Regulator has prohibited all underground longwall production activities at the operation, which is managed by Yancoal on behalf of the Watagan Mining Company.Coal bursts shut mine The operation's shutdown comes after two prohibition notices were issued by the regulator following significant coal burst events. Coal bursts involve the sudden, violent ejection of coal into the mine and typically happen without warning.  The first notice came on February 2, 2018, when, according to the Resources Regulator, approximately 50 tonnes of coal was ejected from the face of the mine.  One worker was taken to hospital and treated for a cut to his hand. The Resources Regulator issued a Section 195 notice to the mine, which prohibits cutting coal at the affected longwall.  The second notice came on May 17, 2018, after another significant coal burst event. While no workers were injured, the coal burst reportedly caused significant damage to equipment.  An estimated 60 tonnes of coal were ejected from the longwall face, approximately two tonnes landing in the walkway. The mine recently gained permission to undertake controlled cutting under strict conditions to test additional ways to mitigate a coal burst risk, which included maintaining a 50-metre exclusion zone for workers. The Resources Regulator said the notice would remain in place until a detailed geotechnical assessment was carried out and the mine operator could satisfy it that comprehensive risk controls could be implemented to protect workers.Uncertain future for workers  Yancoal is currently seeking an external merits review in the Industrial Relations Commission.  Yancoal Australia chief executive officer Reinhold Schmidt said the company was working to move employees to its other mines in the region.  "We have worked to redeploy the majority of the Austar workforce to the Ashton, Abel and Moolarben underground mines in the interests of providing continued employment for our people." "Until all legal avenues have been exhausted and we can re-enter the mine to move the longwall, we are unable to continue proposed longwall activity." #Yancoal, #managed, #mine, #shut, #down, #NSWHunterValley #mine, #jobs, #resources, #environment, #economy, #coal
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