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Stop Selling Start Closing

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Grant Cardone speaks at a seminar at Cross Channel Mojo about the importance of dominating a market and the problems with obscurity. He continues to talk about the importance of creating time, not managing it. Use free tools like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help you communicate with your market. Save your money and control the space.How many people do you know that think that there's a shortage of money? If a client complains about the price of your product and you consider lowering your prices then you mine as well close your doors. You can't grow your business if you don't sell and close. What happens when you lower your price and you still don't sell your products? The first thing you have to do is you have to be COMPLETELY sold on your product. If you're asking a certain amount for your product or service then you have to believe that it's worth more than that. When somebody offers you $1,100 for a product that you're asking $1,500 for then what did they just tell you what your product is worth? Did they tell you it was worth $1,000? No. To Learn more about growing your finances, get your FREE Millionaire Booklet here: https://millionairebooklet.com/free?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=funnel&utm_term=millionaire%20booklet Also be sure to check out the 10XGrowth Conference: https://10xgrowthcon.com/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=youtube-stopselling&utm_content=june42012 ---- ►Where to follow and listen to Uncle G: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grantcardone Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grantcardonefan SnapChat:  https://www.snapchat.com/add/grantcardone. Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrantCardone Website: http://www.grantcardonetv.com Products: http://www.grantcardone.com Medium: https://medium.com/@grantcardone LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/grantcardone/ iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/cardone-zone/id825614458 ---- Thank you for watching this video—Please Share it. I like to read comments so please leave a comment and… ► Subscribe to My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/GrantCardone -- Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author, the #1 sales trainer in the world, and an internationally renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media, and finance.  His 5 privately held companies have annual revenues exceeding $100 million. Forbes named Mr. Cardone #1 of the "25 Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2017". Grant’s straight-shooting viewpoints on the economy, the middle class, and business have made him a valuable resource for media seeking commentary and insights on real topics that matter. He regularly appears on Fox News, Fox Business, CNBC, and MSNBC, and writes for Forbes, Success Magazine, Business Insider, Entrepreneur.com, and the Huffington Post. He urges his followers and clients to make success their duty, responsibility, and obligation. He currently resides in South Florida with his wife and two daughters. Learn more at www.grantcardone.com Listen to Grant Cardone featured in G-Easy and DJ Carnage’s latest music video (at 4:05) HERE:  https://youtu.be/A-sS_Ts2Bjc Ready to Create Wealth in your Life? Go here http://grantcardoneplaybook.com/ Ready to increase your sales? Go here http://cardoneu.com Ready to Master Objections? Go here: http://masteringobjections.com/ Ready to Master Cold Calling? Go here: http://masterthecoldcall.com/ Get the Ultimate Hustler Package! Go here: http://cardoneuniversity.com/hustler/ ---- ►Get Grant’s best-selling books: The 10X Rule: https://grantcardone.com/collections/all-products/products/the-10x-rule-book Sell or Be Sold: https://grantcardone.com/collections/all-products/products/sell-or-be-sold-book The Closer’s Survival Guide: https://grantcardone.com/collections/all-products/products/the-closers-survival-guide-book Be Obsessed or Be Average: https://grantcardone.com/collections/all-products/products/be-obsessed-or-be-average
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Charlie Mitchell (1 day ago)
HEYYYYYY!!!!! Grant Cardone products and services are being bought at wholesale prices, compared to what the true value is! Grant is all about HELPING people! Believe that!--CMjr
Interested In (10 days ago)
very impressed with this guy. I just discovered him. Right away, tons of personal honesty and authenticity. Compelling speaker. You want to listen to him.
Yahya Saeed (11 days ago)
Closer Survival Guide is worth 100 times its price tag.
Brandyn Shepherd (12 days ago)
Thank you for your time, Grant. After 20 years... I am finally now starting to seek out mentorship. Guys like you have really been a good refresher... have taught me some new things... and have made me realize how much I am truly worth. I hope to send you one of those emails you get all the time - one day. Thank you.
ben richards (13 days ago)
21:15 profound
Haha! Saturdee Mondee Wednesdee never heard somebody that pronounce day of the week that way!
Kaleb Billig (29 days ago)
Grant, why was it so easy for me to sell drugs but hard for me to sell marketing services?
Money Man Ace (17 days ago)
Kaleb Billig drugs sell themselves
Daniel Manzano (29 days ago)
YOU ARE GREAT! You make me Pee on myself with laughter.
Abdoulie Jallow (1 month ago)
let your business dominate not compete i never heard of that.
Karl Hungus (1 month ago)
This guy is amazing. Brilliant and Hilarious. I'd watch it again, solely for the comedy.
Karl Hungus (1 month ago)
17:41 - "If you're going to take an ass-whipping, take one quick!" hahahahaha
Raymond Macaya (1 month ago)
Hello Grant, been reviewing this video of yours as part of my mentoring here in Cebu and so many things I've learned about the tips and very important for me. thanks
diego name (1 month ago)
Best i've heard, "Obscurity is the biggest problem your business has"
Sylvester McNutt III (1 month ago)
Let’s go for a ride... “I don’t want to ride it dude, I want to buy it.” — mindset
Sylenia Dunn (1 month ago)
Love it!!! People will walk all over you, if you allow them. Control your business.
Mustafa Dayan (1 month ago)
Grant, you are the man. You are awakening genius in people mind. Love all your contents. Please keep posting them until I keep watching and rewatching to make my mind for my destiny! Thanks a bunch
RPrevolution25 (1 month ago)
Don't sell, generate value.
BboyMortrex (2 months ago)
Sanjay Banerjee (2 months ago)
this video has created immense value for me.Thanks a lot for sharing your paid session on You Tube.Thanks Grant Cardone
Trent Rodriguez (2 months ago)
15:48. 21:32. 24:03
Brian Warner (2 months ago)
Man I hate this dudes seminars and videos. All he says is the same weak hype as always. Sure it can apply to some and maybe others but it is not teaching you anything a single bit. It is silly hype tripe. Yo Grant I do agree with you for real but dang man this record seems to be labled "Standard, Standard" then is skipps all the time like it's broken. But yo anyone watching this should check out his monday show videos. They actually teach how to do stuff.
truegenius themexxkid (3 months ago)
estas bien pesado grant
Artur Mrozowski (3 months ago)
welcome in London, Grant!
Ross Monroe (3 months ago)
-1st rule of selling : Always agree first. -When value exceeds price, people buy things. -"I dont have any money left to give you." -Whatever offer you recieve, that person believes its worth more. Success Steps : 1. Must get attention (If youre gonna lose a deal, lose it in your terms.) 2. You must get criticism 3. Haters. You need haters. 4. Admiration. Rules of closing : 1. Selling is not closing. 2. Close is for them not you. (If you dont close, you didnt give any value.) 3. No value until the close takes place. 4. Objections are not objections. (Objections are complaints) (Price too high? Im with you, sign right there) 5. Price is a myth. (Stay logical and unreasonable) Decision Phenomenon : -The Buyer decides to take action before you are asking them to close. "Ask have you made a decision yet?" Dont slow the close down by interrupting the process. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to close your customer? Without closing your price?
Antonio Villanueva (3 months ago)
Can always count on GC to inspire me. 😁
EBIZ தமிழன் (3 months ago)
Aggression at its peak thank you grant you rockzz this is really awesome man
Dadan Mulyana (4 months ago)
Royston Dsouza (4 months ago)
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Nyking Jackson (4 months ago)
Thanks for all the great info. I want to work with you. I'm changing yhe world in the bay area. I can see your info if you put it in the sites search bar. Company name is same as youtube name. I look forward to hearing from you. Don't let Jarrod say Kapernicker anymore!! Lol
photoveg (4 months ago)
Uncle G!!
Grant Keller (5 months ago)
Beginning: "Price is a myth.....I have no more money to give you" End:.......$1100 dollar value... and for today only $397 ...lol alright bud
Commando Master (5 months ago)
This is like stand-up comedy.
Louie The Producer (24 days ago)
i honestly dont know if i can take this video serious now
Louie The Producer (24 days ago)
8:06 Mark Zuckenburger LoL
cherishbee (5 months ago)
I really need help selling I hope this is it #newbie
triplep999 (5 months ago)
The basic is this is Attitude and the fact that people buy people
G NewStuff (6 months ago)
*_#RealTalk_* *_#RealDeal_* *_#OnPoint_* *_#10X_*
Brayan Delgado (6 months ago)
Spend ( invest the money) control the space
Ozhan akcakaya (6 months ago)
example of closing anyone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3a_Esw-Il0#action=share
Osvaldo Guzman (6 months ago)
I’ve watched multiple entrepreneur videos but I have to say that Grand is the realest of them all, thanks Grand 👍
Rich Brown (6 months ago)
Man do his comments about attention, criticism and haters not describe Trump, Lavar Ball, Kim Kardashian, etc.? Perfect.
Anita Burke (6 months ago)
Dude, you're speaking to my soul even deeper than Tony Robbins and Brendan Burchard. Don't let that go to your head 😉
Anita Burke (6 months ago)
If someone wants to hate me, I want it to be for a good reason. "that money hungry bitch, she's so selfish" whoa not good. If someone hates me, I pray that their anger drives them to examine themselves and why they hate someone who buys people goats for Xmas in Africa through Compassion International. Come on y'all, it's a two way street! I live to help those 7.5 billion people and so should all of us. If I can be introspective and get over myself then so can others. No excuses!
Anita Burke (6 months ago)
Ima make Monday mah bitch
RahulSam (7 months ago)
Fuck! I just watched this and got hyped up. Sold my house & my car. Now I am homeless & my girlfriend left me. Gotta love uncle GC.
Cris Torres (7 months ago)
awesome video
Gaurav Shrimali (7 months ago)
You know geeks what i really like about Grant, it is his personality and never give a fuck attitude. It somewhere relates me with him. You are a goddamn supernatural man...
Gaurav Shrimali (7 months ago)
Grant this is what i everyday tells to my mother, whenever she tells me to stop investing money.
cr8ive (7 months ago)
"Good for you man....get some teeth" LMAO: ))))))
Kaitlin DesRoches (7 months ago)
Thank you for always providing such invaluable information Grant! Here are My Notes from this video: • Value to the customer must exceed price. Nobody purchases something for the price, but what that product or service will provide them beyond that. I don’t buy a book because it was a great price of $30, but for the $10 million ideas within it. The purchase demonstrates that I believe the investment of $30 will provide more value to my future than the upfront price. The lowest price is not always the best deal. If a client fights the price, give them examples of the product or service’s value until the value exceeds the price tag and they can’t leave without it. Are we going to do this deal or not? I don’t have any more money left to give you. • Target the customers who are willing to invest in their future- don’t lower your prices and haggle for their business. You know what you and your product are worth. You want them to hire you, not just buy from you • You don’t scale a business by saving money and keeping it locked away. You invest it in sure things and multiply it. Money in mattress doesn’t earn you more money. It actually depreciates. Like the Biblical parable: One man hid his entrusted money away and never multiplied it, and therefore was not given more responsibility. However, the man who multiplied his share five times received new stakes in the kingdom. • Build on your assets. Don’t complain you don’t have enough to start. Start with what you have. • What’s your playbook for success? How do you plan on growing your business? How can you adapt successful people’s strategies and avoid their mistakes? • Master your day. Don’t just manage it, tell your day what you will achieve in it and go do it. • Dominate your sector. Who is competition “good” for? Own your space. Dominate it. • Obscurity is the biggest problem for your business- if people don’t know who you are, how are they going to buy from you? • Everything every day is about sales- you are selling yourself and your brand through every action you take, what you wear, how you talk, what you feed yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. No matter what business you are in, you are a salesperson, constantly trying to get others to do what you want or buy. Sell or be sold. • If you scoff at $20 to invest in your future, you’ll never be a millionaire. Invest in your future. If something will make you better or help you, do it. • Stop complaining about your current job. It’s income. Build on that with other streams of revenue. Be someone who brings in more money for the company you currently work in and you will always have a job.
daniel woloszyn (7 months ago)
Awesome..incredible value
Daniels barnkanal (7 months ago)
U are the best!
Anthony Turcios (7 months ago)
*Thesis: 1)How to Grow your business, 2)How to get infront of more people, 3)How to get those people to want to do business with me now ~ When Value exceeds price people give money, buy things ~ How to push into a space I've never been in & Dominate? -I don't want to compete, I want to dominate ex: Apple, Google, Coca Cola, Exxon,etc - 1 way to own a sector is by tweeting, facebooking, youtubing Linkedin, they're free mediums to communicate witht he world ~OBSCURITY is the biggest problem my business has, in other words my sales,OBSCURITY IS THE WORST PROBLEM -Use mediums to get out of obscurity ~Master Monday, Master the Day Own time not manage it, I'm not interested in managing time I'm interested in creating time ~What I'm trying to accomplish: 1)Get out of Obscurity with people 2)dominate their thinking ~Build Value, Sell & Close ~Now are we going to do this deal or not? cuz I don't have anymore money to give you -Use this in every transaction I'm involved in ^-Somewhere in the transaction, when weve entered the negotiations, I've sold the product, built the value, solve the problem, somewhere we start negotiating use the line I Don't have any money left to give you ~1st thing I must do is I must be completely sold on my product or service, Completely! I have to know that my price is actually very low ~Every offer I get made, that is made towards me represents what ever the offer was ex:$3Mill offer for the property, this means he thinks the property is worth more than $3mill ~Nobody offers what they think something is worth ex: I paid $X for the watch, I wanted the watch more than I wanted the money ~PRESS!!!! Fill my Pipeline up ex: guy who was complaining about price being to high because he's to small, then Grant Presses him & tells him Hey that fact that you're small is your problem, I'm trying to get you to 40 people, Grant pushes the Pitch on him - I Must use the terminals & gifts such as twitter, facebook they're gifts, I must Push Communication Information ~ Find out Quick, if they like you or not, if I'm going to take a butt whipping do it quick then move on to the next! I need Attention, otherwise I'm done ~Success 4 steps I must & have to do: 1) Attention, how?: Door to Door, Cold Approach, Radio, TV, Social Media (Remember they're gifts), NET Working!, Etc ^If Im going to lose the deal, Lose it on my terms not theirs, ^ I'f Im Completely Sold & know to believe that my offering is of value I can be Aggresive, I'f I'm not sold I'm not going to be Aggresive 2) Criticism: I must get Criticism, Must go through this door not avoid it like the majority of people, In otherwords Polarization! 3) Haters: I need to get haters, The most successful people & companies all have haters and they're all expanding, If nobody hates me then no knows me 4)Admiration: how do people admire me? they buy my products ~Rules of Closing: 1)Selling is not closing 2)Close is for them not me 3)No Value until the close takes place 4)Objections are not objections: The're complaints, handle them 5)Price is a myth -Stay logical & unreasonable in the close -I Do Not I Repeat Do Not want to get Emotional in the negoti ations ~Decision Phenemenon The buyer decides to take action before I am asking them to close - Ask "have you made a decision yet?" - go for the close, don't add time -ex: On the verge of buying a sweater off the rack at Macy's, b4 anybody was involved, infact when a worker got involved they slowed down the process, instead they could've asked have you made a decision yet? and the customer Yeah I'd like to take this home with me ~Am I willing to do whatever it takes to close my client? ~Become a Professional at selling & closing
Nigel (7 months ago)
Is he as short in real life? Estimated at 5 feet 3"?
Claude Diamond (8 months ago)
Love Uncle G. As my Mentor always said "It takes GUTS to rule the world"  Grant is right , Sales is the million dollar skill. You have to learn it and practice it everyday. Claude Diamond author of G.U.T.S.Sales
Folie A Deux (8 months ago)
I have a good story on this. I followed your advice and tried to get attention; I was out yesterday, and met this girl i met once before and she was really sexually agrressive so I thought i'd go for an attentive opener because I didnt get her attention. So I smacked her ass pretty gently, and she screamed, grabbed my coat whilst someone else tried to grab her as they saw the fire lit in her eyes, and she pulled with all her might and smacked me right in the face. Then i Realized the police was about 1 feet away from us and they were like HEY HEYHEYE! And made the situation into this cray sexual assault scenario xD. When she calmed down I was able to befriend her again within 10 minutes and ended up having sex with her hahahaha! And as I said to her, I was trying to just get your attention? It works ;)
Omar Carreto (8 months ago)
@Grant Cardone is that package available on GC TV or GC University?
Who the hell downvote this video?
Grant How FCKNG GREAT you are that I’m broke but saving money to buy your stuff... I fucking listen to you instead of music while working in my shitty salary job.. I can’t buy a fckng 1000usd car but saving to buy your almost 9000usd course you’re the man
Don Jones (8 months ago)
Great speach my brother! Take it to the limit and keep moving
baneen87 (8 months ago)
Kris Jerzak (8 months ago)
I was so wrong all my life? Thanks for show me right direction 😎😎😎
trenton ryder (8 months ago)
Just watched the first 5 minutes 💯💯💯💯I like that different mind set about thungs
david .t (9 months ago)
Should also make a millennials program get in there culture and small group I could work with you you are super smart and love your program but there a big group you could tackle but with there own language and stuff big market kids from 15-35
david .t (9 months ago)
Should make a Spanish version
Whidi Syaputra (9 months ago)
Ali Daham (9 months ago)
good videos
Top 5 Auto Repairs (9 months ago)
Better to listen to Grant than Tai Lopez
ZEN30 (9 months ago)
Mind blown. 💯❌Value from this. Some people do drugs I inject GC everyday.
Atom Gullo (9 months ago)
#10X #RealDeal #MillionDollarGiveAway “Success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.” @grantcardone https://youtu.be/Cs2wGwRhb7M <--------
UNI (9 months ago)
For those that watched this video two years ago!!! Are you Financially Literate? Are you Financially Free? If not Stop Selling- Start Closing! https://youtu.be/Hx6JhfKxHaA
H.LEET (9 months ago)
It was so funny and very interesting ! Yup watched it all the way to the end :)
CRS Acoustics (9 months ago)
Get ready to deal with my business being a household name. Thank you, Grant. Ain't nobody wanting to go into the sales training business now. #completeownership #10x #realdeal #dynasty #internetmafia
Kevin Colt (9 months ago)
should I watch this video or kim kardashian video?
Guillermo Moreno Marquez (9 months ago)
Heard this on my way to work today, sold 3 cars. Hat trick!!
Uschi Lynn (9 months ago)
Get rich here e-commerce training from #1 expert Fred Lam here... http://tinyurl.com/ydyx7zbl
kim welsh (9 months ago)
Atom Gullo (9 months ago)
A lot of buzz going on around on the internet! People asking themselves... “Who's @GRANTCARDONE ?” https://youtu.be/KhtU3O0D0y8 <<<<SHOCKING VIDEO
Reggie Epps Redclova227 (9 months ago)
Respect more and more getting closer to my dream with your words.6"10 tall I see much more with your words 💯
Crypto Satto (9 months ago)
Hi.. i just started a new youtube channel explaining about passive income opportunities on crypto currency world with a very small investment :D.
Tammy Carter (9 months ago)
Grant Cardone until yesterday I didn't know who you were ! Now I know so much in less than 24 hours. I had a hair appt. I cancelled it said I look pretty enough, I want to know more about Grant Cardone. Your the man !
Grant is the man, I love how he discussed the value versus price, and not to cave on price. i love how he discussed altitude and close the door, being sold on your product and or service and sell with conviction. Just teel the prospect no if he asked for a discount.
Lawanda Turner (9 months ago)
8:06 what does Mark Zuck-en-burger say over at Facebook??? Spend your money
Thomas Harrison (9 months ago)
That fact this information is free is amazing. Grant is a freaking genuis
Michael Gessinger (9 months ago)
You guys definitely need to get Grant Cardones 10x Rule on audible. I listen to it everyday and I'm starting to achieve results. Audible literally gives you 2 months free! Invest in yourself! Listen to his book and you will achieve success. Here is the link to Audibles free 2 months then just search 10x by Grant Cardone :https://goo.gl/BfoioZ   Keep up the good work Grant!!!
Helicopter Hat Hacker (10 months ago)
13:35 logic fail. If someone pays 11 then they value the product at *equal to or greater than 11* .
Sonnythedog SegMc (10 months ago)
I like it!
Men Of Style (10 months ago)
Grant, I have been a salesman myself for 4 years. You have helped me so much just by watching your videos. Keep rolling! #1
Emmett Ferguson (10 months ago)
You rock Uncle GC!
Morten Kvam (10 months ago)
Honest, no BS ✌️
Eunice Muturi (10 months ago)
Valuable education.
S.t Patrick (10 months ago)
Good vid but too agressive? Send him to penas castle lool
Adam Macias (10 months ago)
When he said "houses are not selling in America.." I immediately had to check when this was uploaded. Because I live in Denver, I almost had a heart attack thinking I was listening to the wrong guy.
Tai Lopez Jr (10 months ago)
SOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!
eric maurer (10 months ago)
This guy blows.
Monica Beal (11 months ago)
This is great!
Julian Giovinetti (11 months ago)
http://smallbizcuits.com "Get Them While They're Hot"
PoppaDuck (11 months ago)
No substance
Aim4Millions (11 months ago)
Now that is work ethic at it's finest!!
RawHairStudio 86 (11 months ago)
I love grant such an inspiration
simon khuu (11 months ago)
Shivaay Thakur (11 months ago)
the best than tai or gary.. you showed me how to sell not be sold.

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