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The best craft beer bars in San Francisco | The Craft Beer Channel

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The best craft beer bars in San Francisco Join the Brad and Jonny on a whirlwind trip around the best craft beer pubs in San Francisco. They had one night and one day to do their research and boy did they make the most of it, taking in Toronado, Monk's Kettle, City Beer Store, Almanac, Cellarmaker and Magnolia. They consumed Pliny, east coast IPAs, barley wines, cherry sours and lots more...as well as nebulous potato things. Buy our new book, Beer School, today: USA (Amazon): http://tinyurl.com/zbjx4sn UK (Amazon): http://tinyurl.com/zksjmdf UK with beer (Beer Merchants): http://tinyurl.com/j4vmps6 Europe (Beer Merchants): http://tinyurl.com/jy6fr2y Check out our partners at http://www.beermerchants.com Twitter – @beerchannel Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thecraftbeerchannel Instagram – @jonnygarrett @mrbradevans Remember to drink responsibly(ish) and not be that guy...
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Text Comments (77)
Joe ENGLAND (1 month ago)
man u guys have some sweet videos. thnx for making em cheers!
Jose Florian (3 months ago)
Best cheap bar where I dont have to pay $15 for a beer and 3% fee for sf mandate? Shit is ridiculous out here
Jose Florian (3 months ago)
The Craft Beer Channel cool thanks for the video.
The Craft Beer Channel (3 months ago)
We found it VERY well priced compared to the UK!
The Girl With Beer (4 months ago)
This was such a fun video to watch!
The Craft Beer Channel (4 months ago)
Thanks! It was fun to film!
Adam Coppola (6 months ago)
Love Trumer Pilsner based in Berkeley and last summer I flew up to S.F. for work, tried this nice Kolsch by Sonoma Springs...I believe they called it 'Uncle Jack's Kolsch'. I recommend it to anyone who can find it, probably only out here in California I'm assuming. But the Marriott at SFO had it.
The Craft Beer Channel (6 months ago)
Thanks for the tip!
Matthew Carroll (9 months ago)
Hop Grenade no mention 🙄
The Craft Beer Channel (9 months ago)
like we said in the vid, we stuck to the City - didn't get beyond that as we were only there a few days!
Davidsbeenhere (1 year ago)
Awesome video!
Ricardo Becker (1 year ago)
I went to San Francisco last year and visited the City beer store, Mikkeller bar and the Anchor Brewery, awesome trip. Pity I didn't get to visit Russian River and couldn't find Pliny the elder
Tutto Bene (11 months ago)
The Monks kettle in the Mission district  always has Pliny on tape
Ah dayum that's a shame! Toronado is the spot where they have it permanently, just incase you go back!
2TEN90 Brewing (1 year ago)
Heading to San Francisco in a few months...this video sure helps! Just subscribed and love your vids! We just started the whole YouTube brewing vid thing so hopefully we can keep it up and improve our brewing! Cheers!
+2TEN90 Brewing thanks for subbing and all the best with the vids! We'll check them out.
Joe O'Brien (1 year ago)
City Beer Store! Did you see them on 'A Hopumentary' [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETnlrYq7btE] Have to head across the pond and check it out soon!
Ricardo Becker (1 year ago)
I saw it, and that's why I visited them when I went to SF last year, cool place
fat420cracker (1 year ago)
Im going to be in NorCal in about a month. Plan on hitting up Almanac, Cellarmaker, Rare Barrel, S.A.R.A and Russian River.
fat420cracker (1 year ago)
Thx I'll try and get there too. CHEERS!!
+fat420cracker damn lucky you man. Go to fieldwork if you can too!
Brian Hunt (1 year ago)
Makes me want to go back to San Fran! I loved Toronado and Monk's Kettle. I also ventured out to Russian River. Pliny bites with some Elder to wash it down. Great video!
ST-Audio (1 year ago)
did you make to Russian River when they were pouring Pliny the Younger?
Tony Ball (1 year ago)
I live here in San Francisco and Cellarmaker is the BEST!!! Cheers!
lucky man!
Scott Josling (1 year ago)
Golden Gate Tap Room. Wife and I were there last August
Damn we missed that one.
76phat (1 year ago)
Another cool clip lads love your work 🍻🍻
Cristian Serrano (1 year ago)
Come down to Monkish!!!
+Cristian Serrano HOT DAMN we'd love to. one day
Brettanomyces 707 (1 year ago)
Cellarmaker is for sure #1 in the area. I'm spoiled to be able to drink their beers regularly.
+Brett Anomyces yeah they were epic. The fieldwork stuff was amazing too
unepommeverte17 (1 year ago)
so glad you guys happened to be here during the break between rain-maggedons!
+unepommeverte17 haha yeah we nailed the timing right in between!
Brennan MacDonald (1 year ago)
7:29 - breakfast beers? lol...
A Sunny Disposition (1 year ago)
This was really cool to see. I've heard Cellarmaker has some killer beers! I need to get out to California so bad haha. Maybe one of these days! Cheers guys!
+Crafty Beer Reviews cmon man you're closer than us! Get there for rate beer next year. Totally worth it.
Beer Tuben (1 year ago)
You smashed it! Congratulations on having good weather in sf! I'm planning on hitting all these places once I have my new camera setup. Cheers guys look forward to the next adventure
+Beer Tuben cheers!
greenClansman48 (1 year ago)
Great video. On Monday we arrive in S.F for the first time, from Cyprus, so it is very helpful for our beer hunting program.
+greenClansman48 haha nailed the timing!
Mirek (1 year ago)
I'm enjoying your adventures guys. Let me know if you're ever in Melbourne, Australia! I'll show you around my brewery.
+Mirek we absolutely will!
Michael Stephens (1 year ago)
This is great! My wife and I are going on our honeymoon to San Francisco so we definitely want to check out some of these places!
+Michael Stephens hope she likes beer!
Ryan Walker (1 year ago)
I feel like I missed so much last time I was there.. honorable mentions for Church Key and Mikkeller Bar
Ryan Walker (1 year ago)
I enjoyed it quite a bit. Pretty much all local beers and metal music. Hash tag: cozy.
+Ryan Walker we missed church key! was it good?
Jacob Jiron (1 year ago)
Just got back from San Fran! Stoked to see that I hit all the same spots and was equally as impressed. Keep up the good shit guys!
thanks man - we are both people of taste it seems!
HopZine (1 year ago)
I watched this while drinking a bad cask pale ale, it made me sad.
Yeesh, sorry Rob!
Thomas Hoogendam (1 year ago)
Awesome video guys, it looks like the place to be!
Cheers man, it's one of many in California!
Michele Berto (1 year ago)
great tour guys! what do you think about these new hype on New England IPAs?
erm.... we may be part of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As9c5lpB0Ng We love them, but with every style that gets lots of hype we need to remember all the other beers and not get fixated. And we're a bit concerned all the bitterness is going from beer and it's important to have at least some. Hopefully things will balance out.
Victoria Johnson (1 year ago)
Awesome - we went to Toronado when we visited in September - it was our favourite bar. We drank our way across Cali for two weeks and are planning a 2018 trip.
Once you've been once all you want to do is go back!
oscarBot9000 (1 year ago)
Damn I need to go back... Maybe an obvious destination, but Mikkeller in Tenderloin is excellent too
very true! We went for the ones unique to San Fran but Mikkeller, 21st Amendment and Rogue have cool bars too.
Beer By The Numbers (1 year ago)
I need to get to San Fran pronto!
yes. Yes you do. And Santa Rosa, where we head next for a video.
That City Beer Store to Cellarmaker combo is killer.
+Guillaume Couture Levesque If I just did that for the rest of my life I'd be happy
Tim Blaster (1 year ago)
It will be useful for my california trip in May, thanks guys !
+Timothé Duquenne you're very welcome!
Allthingsbeer 510 (1 year ago)
Glad to see you guys had fun in the Bay Area
+Allthingsbeer 510 oh boy did we! Lots more content to come.
Lara D (1 year ago)
Literally living the dream! goddamit, you guys should open up an internship programme for beer-nerds to learn from you. Hint hint ;)
Robert Levine (1 year ago)
Volunteer interns? Paid in beer?
+Lara D haha! We'd have to find a way to pay ourselves before we started paying interns!
Joël Edelmann (1 year ago)
Nice ! One of your best videos up until now in my opinion. Hope you had fun in SF
+Joël Edelmann thanks chap! Except the sound In Cellarmaker...
Kristian Schepelern (1 year ago)
"... that's content!" #adorable
+Kristian Schepelern we calls it as we sees it.
Review&Brew (1 year ago)

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