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Farm Investigation

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Our investigation at a farm where a family has had many encounters with the "Furry Ones:"
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Leon Mohan (2 months ago)
RIP JC, you and your research are truly missed.
Larry Hardy (6 months ago)
eventually they're gonna run low on food. I believe they follow the deer we used 2 have a deer trail now nothing for years i also believe alot could b on tx lots o pigs for food
Joe Guzman (7 months ago)
My wife is one of them
Darcy Ryan (5 months ago)
Tony Davidson (10 months ago)
Female fox make a loud scream like a woman at certain times of the year
Arch Angel (1 year ago)
Wow... these open land people need really good recharged spotlights and groups of people ready to chase the creature banging pans with spoons through the countryside to push this bast away from there area.
Mohammed Bedsapour (1 year ago)
It is cruel for the people to not know what is happening. They are hungry. They look for seats, roots, berries, nuts, meat. To leave dogs out alone is not right. The sheep should be brought in in the evenings as well as goats. I do not know why the Americans do not do this. This has been done for thousands of years. But Americans leave them to fend for themselves. This is not right.
KNaledge Will (7 months ago)
Exactly dumb selfish people
Junglistic Soulja (1 year ago)
They don't like eating "seats" it tastes like foam.. ; )
msmeg (2 years ago)
You are asking them if they have dog or cat food there, but the fact is that they have a garden!!! The Sasquatch do like to eat fruit and vegies, don't they???
Lillee Sayet (3 years ago)
Yadelaah! Be careful.
Martin Howato (3 years ago)
is there Anny real evidence that 4 couners has of there own pictures bones hair outher then just what the people are saying Anny thing at all I am asking Becouse can you show us some something good story teller but with out evndence of your own it's just a story I find the story's good entertainment I want to see someone with real evidence that this is real
Sin Vero (11 months ago)
Martin Howato why would they lie? These people have been dealing with these creatures more now, due to all the homes everywhere going up. The climate changing, and natural food sources being gone now. So they're hungry and come close to homes now when they were Forest dwellers only. I believe many things exist out there. It's Native land...
JC Johnson (3 years ago)
+Martin Howato --https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3bOBi1-Zes
WTF??? 24.5 inches??? Jesus... that's the BIGGEST 2 feet I ever did see
David Phillips (2 years ago)
That was 24 feet from(launching)jumping to impact where landed,it must have been running then jumped as far as it could,thats a long jump.
Hoggish Greedly (4 years ago)
bag the sucker
baggypantstoo (5 years ago)
there is nothing paranormal about Bigfoot , simply put They are there .
nikkirunningbear1 (6 years ago)
that area looks like Upper Fruitland.
Drinking Water (12 days ago)
nikkirunningbear1 is
mrartwatcher (6 years ago)
so did you leave when it became dark ?
Beverly VanBuren (6 years ago)
this was great
JC Johnson (6 years ago)
Many of us have seen our fair share of the furry people. Giant snakes, thunderbirds, pterodactyls, possible dyer wolves----etc.
Chris Kavanagh (6 years ago)
Man, I'd love to go on these expeditions with you. Especially the Bigfoot investigations. I've been fascinated with the paranormal since the 70's when I was a child. . .Have you personally seen any of these creatures? I mean ANY creature or 'Skinwalker' ect.?

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