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What is steam beer? | The Craft Beer Channel

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Ever wondered what steam beer actually means? Despite being invented in America is actually has some interesting history! Oh, and those lovely raisin and spice notes make it a really unusual lager style. We went to Redwell Brewery, who make a cracking version, to find out more...
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Speckled Pig (2 months ago)
How good does that beer look, solid head retention!
Daemiex (10 months ago)
dont sip it like wine ffs
OneTwentyOver80 (9 months ago)
Daemiex they're both in work man
Bumpy Road Brewery (1 year ago)
Drinking an anchor steam beer right now........yep it was planned
sam111880 (1 year ago)
Ok so it seems all the beers are regulated by either the malt mixer , type of yeast , type of hops, amount of sugar and water. Though i am curious on how much sugar and water mixture affect. As it seems that would have only affects of proof not taste. But i could be wrong just learning on brewing and now at least i understand why they call the different beers and beer terminology the way they do.
Hi there. Those are the main ingredient variations, but timing and temperature are HUGE parts of flavour too. Water chemistry is the final variable, and can have a big effect on flavour presentation - some brewers talk about it as seasoning the beer. Most sugar has no impact on flavour so long as it is fermented out, but Belgian candi sugar can leave a caramel kind of flavour.
sam111880 (1 year ago)
O ok so there is to many types of ale and lager classifications which depend on high temperatures or low temperatures /slow fermentation. O and this is determined by different types of yeast used so there are different yeast of significants in beer,wine making ... As there is for the different hops
jazzman (7 months ago)
As far as I know, in the English language the type of yeast and the temperature at which the beer is brewed is used interchangeably, with the temperature dominating. Normally this works out, because bottom fermenting yeasts and top fermenting yeasts only are brewed at their according temperature, so there's no problem with the interchangeable use. Only here the problem appears. So there is nothing wrong here, or a problem with the classification of beers, it's just the use of language, which might shift with rising popularity of this or similar styles. In German for example we don't usually use the temperature at which it is brewed, or the yeast normally is used, but clarify whether it's obergärig (top fermenting) or untergärig (bottom fermenting).
Beer Avenue (1 year ago)
Do you know if i can buy a Steam beer from Redwell online out of the US? Thanks
Beer Avenue afraid not. The company is going through some issues and is changing owners so bard to find anywhere - and sadly the quality has really suffered too. Best stick to Anchor Steam!
A good video, nice seeing a English microbrewery.
themeatnpotatoes (2 years ago)
Wonderful video ! I'm a malt head so I would love to see the trend balance out more with wonderful beers like these that don't use a metric ton of hops. Keep up the great work.
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
This baby is yeast driven too!
leoleomatade (2 years ago)
Hola, me gustaria le puedan agregar subtitulos en español, saludos desde argentina.
Briggs on Beer (2 years ago)
Thanks for such an enlightening and educational insight into steam lager. Have to hunt them down.
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
Sadly not many being made in the UK but they are a great style!
Diogo Abreu (2 years ago)
It's at 1:53 that the loves starts. Brewer gently fondling his glass.
Josh Amore (3 years ago)
Love steam beer, it's one of my top choices. Great video - I gained a few facts to use in pub trivia.
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
+Josh Amore haha. Enjoy boring your friends like we do!
Cameron Russell (4 years ago)
Put a jumper on mate!
Brewery Show (4 years ago)
Great explanation!
tomber220 (4 years ago)
Seems like a grand one hope to get a try of it some day
Donal Skehan (4 years ago)
'Ill informed waffle'...Love it! 
sofakingdrunk66 (4 years ago)
Looks and sounds a cracking pint...
Marion Catlin (4 years ago)
I've tried the Steam lager from Redwell, it's gorgeous
Epic Strategy Gamer (1 year ago)
meh, its okay but whilst I don't drink many steam beers lol You have to give credit to Anchor for being the original and better.
CML (2 years ago)
My favourite beer!

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