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Setup Email on a Microsoft Surface Tablet

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- Business Management https://hernandezmastermind.com/business Alain Hernandez, President at Hernandez MasterMind; shares with you a Video about How to Setup Outlook Email Account on a Microsoft Surface Tablet. - Consultation Get a Free Phone Consultation, plus Proven Plan; to help with Business Management. https://hernandezmastermind.com/book-a-phone-consultation. If you have a microsoft surface tablet, and want to know how to Setup the Email Applications using windows 10; my video shows you how using your own outlook account. Configuring your Surface Laptop with a Microsoft Account would help you manage mail and calendar on the go. - Recommendation Give your Computer the Ultimate Protection, Performance and Privacy, with AVG Ultimate; the best Antivirus and TuneUp. https://hernandezmastermind.com/AVG There is no need to create a Local Windows Account for your Microsoft Surface, once you have connected your outlook account; you will then be able to use the mail and calendar plus people applications to sync data into your windows 10 surface.
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