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How to Install Google Analytics on Wordpress 2016

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In this Video i'll show you How to Install Google Analytics on Wordpress using a WordPress Plugin Google Analyticaor, step-by-step. Hostgator 60% Off --- http://bloggdude.com/hostgator ★Join me on Telegram ► t.me/nayyarshaikh Thank you so much for watching. I hope this video is helpful to you! LET'S STAY CONNECTED http://facebook.com/bloggdude http://twitter.com/realnayyar http://bloggdude.com Tags:- how to install google analytics on wordpress 2016, how to install google analytics tracking code in wordpress, google analytics, google analytics tutorial for beginners, google analytics wordpress, wordpress google analyticator, wordpress google analytics plugin, wordpress google analytics 2016, wordpress,google analytics tutorial in hindi, google analytics tutorial 2016, google analytics wordpress, google analytics wordpress header and footer, google analytics wordpress yoast, google analyticator wordpress, google analyticator plugin
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Kofi Tatum (1 year ago)
@NayrShaikh Do I need to add the code I receive at Google Analytics on each of my website pages to get detailed info on each individual page? Is the google analyticator giving me info on all my pages on my website, or just on one page, for example? The landing page, perhaps. Can you tell me if I even need to use the Google Analytics ID code when I first add my domain to my Google Analytics account? Or do I just use the copy and paste code when I add the Analyticator plug in to my website?
Ricardo Pereira (2 years ago)
so, i got a question, im using Wordpress free plan, but i want to buy a domain and add my Wordpress blog to the one im buying, and take the .wordpress.com from my link, its possible if i buy a domain right? and after i buy the domain and associate to my Wordpress blog, can i use google analytics on Wordpress platform like you did on the video? without paying that business plan on word press thats like 24€ per month or something like that... ty, and really nice video!
Manu Gowda (2 years ago)
can we monetise our social networking website?
Manu Gowda (2 years ago)
How to monetise?
Nayyar Shaikh (2 years ago)
+sarvotham gowda Yes absolutely :)
Abdullah Irfan (2 years ago)
I really appreciate your work Nayyar, it was really very informative! 😃
IslamicAudios.net (2 years ago)
thanks again bro. for this short and simple video, good thing about this was you did not wasted the time and directly went to the point...

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