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JD Z540R mower tractor - at dealership - overview - review

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Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more. Thanks for watching!!! John Deere ZTrak Z540R Zero Turn Mower The John Deere ZTrak Z540R Zero Turn Mower is a brand new mower, new to 2016! Similar to the EZTrak Z645, the Z540R improves upon many aspects of last year's model. Just a few of the upgrades include: added comfort features such as dual cup holders and extra storage space, intuitive, easy to use control panel, heavy-duty, welded steel frame, and a powerful 24 HP engine. The Z540R Zero Turn Mower comes with a high capacity mower deck, made out of 9 Gauge, stamped steel, in order to handle higher volumes of grass. This deeper deck design allows for maximum air flow, resulting in decreased blowouts and clumping. Not only does this mower come with a hand lever deck lift, it also comes standard with a foot assist lift, to make lifting the deck up even easier! The Z540R mowing deck is capable of side discharge, mulching and bagging options, for even more versatility! Choose from a 48", 54" or a 60" High Capacity Mower Deck 4 Year Residential Warranty John Deere offers a full line-up of commercial lawn mowers for every task you face. Explore models, specs and features and find your dealer: https://www.deere.com/en_US/products/equipment/z_trak_mowers/z_trak_mowers.page A zero-turn riding lawn mower (colloquially, a z-turn) is a standard riding lawn mower with a turning radius that is effectively zero. Different brands and models achieve this in different ways, but hydraulic speed control of each drive wheel is the most common method. Both commercial duty and homeowner models exist, with varying engine power options, size of cutting decks, fuel type (gasoline or diesel), and prices. A z-turn mower typically drives faster and costs more than a similarly sized conventional riding mower that has steerable front wheels. Most current models have four wheels: two small swiveling front tires and two large drive tires in the back. Bush Hog mowers sometimes come with a small, pivoting fifth wheel mounted in the center behind the driver. Instead of controlling the swiveling tires to steer the machine, the large drive tires rotate independently of each other based on the driver's input. They may rotate in opposite directions. The mower can pivot around a point midway between the drive wheels (the classic z-turn), or it can pivot around either one of the drive wheels if one is stationary, or it can turn in a circle of any radius. Reversal of the direction of travel can be accomplished by causing both wheels to rotate in reverse. Steering controls differ on z-turn mowers. Instead of a steering wheel, most z-turns have two throttles that control the rotational speed and direction of each drive wheel. The throttles are typically moved by a seated driver who operates levers mounted waist to shoulder high. The mower's engine throttle is controlled separately, if at all. Some zero turn mowers are steered by a joystick or a steering wheel, the advantage of either one being the location of the hands may permit less fatigue during prolonged mowing and the use of a single hand for steering.
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mi2tn (1 year ago)
Good luck with your purchase. Always thought a z-turn would be nice but on my hills there is no way. I mow 90% of our place in 4WD.
Thanks for watching +mi2tn! The z-turn will hopefully cut our mowing time almost in half and make it much easier to get around all the landscaping and trees. Thankfully most of our lot is level. I can imagine that you have a little bit of a challenge with the hills and slope on your property. Have a good day!
Robert Anderson (1 month ago)
i cant decide? john deere z540r vs Hustler Raptor SD? can you please give me 3 pros and cons of each one...I love your review very informative :) Cheers
Hey +Robert Anderson, thanks for watching! We have enjoyed our John Deere Z540R. I don't know much about the Hustler Raptor SD but here would be a couple of pros/cons for our unit: Pros 1. Ease of use - we had a typical riding lawn mower before this and making the switch to this zero-turn has been pretty easy. 2. Speed - I'm amazed at how good of cut this mower produces at the higher speeds. 3. Size - I spent a lot of time debating what size deck to get, reviewing how long and wide the unit would be and weather or not it would fit on our 5'x8' utility trailer. Overall it has worked/fit perfectly for our property and the other lawns we take care of. Cons 1. A lot of debris collects on the top of the deck after each use. 2. Getting to the blades for removal - I ended up buying a mower lift/jack to get the front end up off the ground so I could more easily remove the blades for maintenance and sharpening. 3. Sometimes I wish I would have gone with a unit where the deck sits out in from of you instead of underneath you so it would be easier to get under trees/shrubs. (I knew this when I bought it.)
Danny Snodgrass (2 months ago)
*_Perhaps the.I have ever made Unique product and cutting that I don't have to do. Looks great works great.>>>_**_t.co/UJPFmLvG6g_**_    SUPERB product_*
Corey Russell (2 months ago)
Great it would buy again!

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