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Sync Office 365 GAL to Outlook, iPhone and Android (Single User)

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Sync the Office 365 Global Address List to Outlook, iPhones, iPads Android and windows phones in about a minute. CiraSync works exclusively with Microsoft Exchange users on Office 365. Because is Software as a Service (SaaS), you wont need any servers, desktop, or smartphone software. https://www.cirasync.com Narrator: Ives Brant Screen Mouser: Vern Weitzman
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rzracer69 (1 year ago)
Looks nice, but when I tried to sync our GAL of 30,000 addresses, I only got 1,469 into Outlook.  I have asked for assistance, so we'll see what they say. :)
jairtzinio (1 year ago)
this actually doesnt work
Vern Weitzman (1 year ago)
Feel free to contact our support team. We would be very happy to assist you. https://www.cirasync.com/customer-support/

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