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How To Bulk Edit WooCommerce Product Prices in Excel

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This tutorial video will show you how to bulk edit WooCommerce product prices in Excel using WP All Export and WP All Import. You can read more about WP All Export here: http://wpallimport.com/export/ You can bulk edit simple and variable products in minutes, with complete control over your data using tools you already know like Excel. This video focuses on editing WooCommerce product prices, but really there are no limits - with WP All Export and WP All Import you can mass update any WooCommerce product data. First you choose which products you want to export. Then, you select which data you want to edit and run the export. Next, open the export file in Excel and do whatever you need to do with your pricing. WP All Import will import your modified export file, automatically matching to existing WooCommerce products, adding the new prices. WP All Export makes it really easy to bulk update WooCommerce prices using Excel. We'd love for you to try the free version here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-all-export/
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Text Comments (16)
Michele Toscan (8 days ago)
When I export the file Excel tells me the extension does not match, and then gives a "SYLK" error. When it opens it, all data is scattered around and not in columns. Ideas?
marengo 151 (1 month ago)
Hi is possible to change bulk price like this, from 0 to 20 up 50% from 20 to 100 up to 30% and so on, let me know thanks
latest tv (4 months ago)
please sir how can I get the CSV file of another website
Alessandro Giacani (6 months ago)
Sorry but free version works with updates? i tried and something was wrong ...
TJ McCann (6 months ago)
hi are you using the paid version for this task?
Flip Back (7 months ago)
Based on what I have read you should Never Open a CSV file in Excel.
Brandon R (11 days ago)
It's normal to open CSV in Excel. They probably meant USE CAUTION because if you have a string of large numbers, they can replace them with 0's unless you format each time you open the file.
Soflyy (7 months ago)
That is completely false. Excel is built to open CSV files.
Ivan Gerasymchuk (7 months ago)
Is it possible to use woocommerce import in the free version?
Step Up Point (7 months ago)
products in csv file is 14 but after your uploading csv file you show only two items hahhahaha
Soflyy (7 months ago)
They are WooCommerce variable products. There are 2 products, each with 6 variations. 2 + 6 + 6 = 14.
Step Up Point (7 months ago)
and other twelve items where ???????????????
Kjaer6792 (1 year ago)
Is it possible to do the exact same thing but only with cost prices?
selimunver20 (11 months ago)
Yes, it is.
chandan nasta (1 year ago)
If i want to upload large amount of data I have to do like that only what. Is there any way I can get in touch with you or email you or chat with you?
Soflyy (1 year ago)
We have a dedicated support staff for WP All Import that you can reach by e-mailing [email protected] They are happy to help you!

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