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🚜 John Deere Tractor 3038E & Grapple - Clearing out trees

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Busy at work on the property again clearing out smaller trees and brush before winter hits.
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ski house (2 months ago)
I know this is a late comment but couldn’t you tip the grapple (bucket) all the way forward and with it full open use the top tines as a rake while going backwards vs the bottom of the attach points?
Thanks for watching and the question +ski house! Yes, we have opened the grapple up and used the top jaw to rake although it is not as wide as the bottom jaw and also requires more clearance or length. But because the top jaw is narrower, there have been times that we have been able to fit it into a space where the width of the bottom jaw would not have. Both work well it just depends on what we are trying to accomplish and how tight the space is that we are working in or with. Thanks again for the comment!
BigJim57 (9 months ago)
could you of have installed a divert-er on ur 3 series to use with ur grapple? i just think it would be way more comfortable than having to reach back beside u-every time u wanted to work the clamp. not judging ya u-just observing -ok.
Thanks for watching and the question +BigJim57! I think there is currently a diverter on the tractor already but the dealership had the rear hydraulics installed with the hoses running back to the rear when we purchased it. I agree at first is was a little cumbersome looking for which lever would open or close the grapple and then reaching for the loader controls while trying to keep an eye on everything. After a few hours of work though it seems more natural now although I agree that it would be a lot easier if everything was in the same place. In the future if there are other implements such as a rear hydraulic ram for the top link or wood splitter then having the levers in there current location will be perfect. Thanks again!
Sidney Mathious (9 months ago)
You have the right tools to get the clearing process completed, and I hope you are getting great service out of your tractor, and attachments.
Thanks for watching and the comment +Sidney Mathious! So far so good. This fall, has been perfect for getting out and clearing out some of our smaller trees while the ground is still soft. The only issue I have had so far is that one of the fittings on the grapple came loose after I bumped it against a tree limb. Back to the shop, unscrewed the fitting put some pipe thread sealant tape (plumbers tape) on it and then put it back together and tightened everything up and we were good to go again!
M 6706 (9 months ago)

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