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WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing ( Free Version - WordPress.org )

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A WooCommerce extention that gives an ability to your store to better success with wholesale pricing. You can easily manage your existing store with wholesale pricing. Just you need to add a wholesaler customer by selecting their role “Wholesaler”, wholesale prices only visible for Wholesaler Customers not for public customers. Free Version - https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-wholesale-pricing/ Pro Version - https://goo.gl/fMV97w
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Text Comments (5)
Kim Gaskins (3 months ago)
Too fast ; wish there was talking to explain things.
WP Experts (1 month ago)
we will take care of this kind of mistakes in upcoming videos or if you've any question, please feel free to contact us at *[email protected]**wpexperts.io*
Flip Back (7 months ago)
Can you just add a Percentage off an item Category?
WP Experts (1 month ago)
we don't have this feature in our plugin, you can contact our technical team at *[email protected]**wpexperts.io* to fulfill this requirement.

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