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Leaving the Big Show

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This has been the choice ever since the days of Justin Martyr in the mid second century A. D., when "The Church" broke off as a schism away from the Assembly of the early believers: Will you choose the Big Show or the Real Deal? Justin learned about Messiah and his teachings from the Nazareans, but he didn't want to take up the life of a Nazarean. It was too simple, too humble, for him. After all, he was a Roman who had been educated in all of the Greek philosophical schools of his day. To live as a Nazarean was beneath him, or so he thought. At the same time, he saw the power that was latent in the Messianic gospel. He realized that if he adopted the Nazarean message, got rid of the Jews it came from, and added some bells and whistles from Greek philosophy - THEN he would have something! THEN he would have his ticket to fame and fortune! That's exactly how it turned out. Justin took his newly re-worked Christian philosophy to the Romans, set up his own school, and gained money and fame on the back of his gospel - a newly amalgamated gospel that made the Gentiles feel like they were saved from their abundant sins, without needing to keep the commandments or any of that other distasteful Nazarean stuff. The Gentiles loved it and came flooding in. Other Greek and Roman sophisticates realized that this new teaching could be harnessed to promote themselves as it had Justin, so they got on the bandwagon too. Soon, with a small army of Gentile promoters behind it, Gentile "Christianity" swept the Empire from one end to the other. The Christian Church had become The Big Show! The Big Show has never stopped. It just kept getting bigger and more phony. Today we see it in America, in America's Mega Churches. As Christianity declines Mega Churches are taking over. People prefer the glitz and glamour of The Big Show! This is all "optics" and no reality. The Church building is amazing to look at. The show of wealth is staggering. The salaries of the preachers are staggering as well. Many people say attending a mega church makes them feel like they are part of something special. It is impressive to see the massive crowds of thousands, all singing "feel good" Christian songs, often along with famous Christian Music Stars - performing right on the Church stage! The Mega Church offers all manner of entertainments for the entire family - even a real Starbucks right in the Church! What the Mega Church can never deliver, though, is the Gate to the Narrow Way. They don't want the Narrow Way. The day they actually start living and preaching the Narrow Way is the day the Big Show is over. Those people who are drawn to the Mega Church don't want the Narrow Way. Like Justin of old, the Way of the Nazareans is too plain, too demanding, requiring way too much self-sacrifice. And besides, didn't "Jesus suffer for me so I don't have to"? In the Mega Church you are saved, which means that you can be exactly like the world in every way, and Jesus is going to love you! Isn't that appealing - or nauseating - depending on who you are? Today, even while the Mega Church is growing, Christianity is declining, even dying. The young people are seeing through all of this and they are leaving the Church in droves. What does all this mean for the Church? What does it mean for you and I?
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Jblue Null (1 year ago)
Awesome video! Come out of her! No one seems to understand what this means. Jeremiah 18:15 “But My people have forgotten Me, they have burned incense to what is false, and they have stumbled from their ways, from the ancient paths, to walk in bypaths and not on a highway,... I pray you watch the entire thing. Do not start it and say to yourself "I have heard this before" and then quit watching. Eliyahu always teaches us by leading us precept upon precept into the fullness of truth.
shane stewart (2 years ago)
I can tell you for certain, as a young person that came into faith in the son of God at a young age, and thru study and a constant desire to learn and increase my knowledge in the ways of God, having been ejected and shunned from many modern day churches, that the number 1 reason I despised the modern day christian church, and many other forms of the religion, IS THE ABSOLUTE DISINGENUOUS NATURE of the teachers and their members, who pretend to be holy, and VIRTUE SIGNAL with the supposed right words, and don't say any of the wrong words dear Lord, that might be offensive. I find little difference to none at all, between the social justice warrior (supposed) liberal democrats, and the christian church leaders (and many others) and their members. Don't pull that BS on me or my generation, its fake, and I can see thru it, and most of the rest of the young people can see thru it too. Where do you think the rise of the ALT RIGHT came from? Young people are sick of the BS. Here's a secret, a lot of the newer generation just want to hear the straight goods. No mind games, no social PC policing (FAKE TORAH), don't tell me what I can say and what I can't as to follow some pretend holiness, this fake old school social holiness nonsense needs to end, and I mean soon, or nobody's going to take the christian message seriously. People Are looking for Genuinity, not religious political correctness. We just want the truth. The gritty, rough, dirty straight TRUTH. PERIOD. Only when people are equipped with that, can they be prepared to stand against the GIANT TAX PAYER SUPPORTED Darwinian indoctrination centers and their priests, also known as public schools and Colleges/University, and teachers and Professors, And for those who remove the Torah, the commandments of YHWH, and fill the vacuum with all this religious PC garbage, pretend holiness, your fall will be spectacular. As the Intellectually honest people will leave in droves, or more likely never even join, and the membership will consist of fake people, pretending to be holy, putting on a fake smile, throwing Gods commandments out the window, and filling the void with commandments of men. I am thankful, that this Eliyahu Ben David is willing to speak the straight truth, often to his own detriment, to actually provide the tools to help young people, many who were lost, and are lost, to understand who the Son of God is, and his commandments and ways of the father who sent him. May many more like Eliyahu rise, and spread this work thru as far as the creator will allow. And who knows.......... If we keep his commandments, his covenant, and have faith in Yashua, YHWH's people might just get their land back.................. Prophesy anyone ?

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