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Motorola MOTO G: How to Wipe Cache Partition

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Learn how you can wipe cache partition on Motorola MOTO G. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: http://bit.ly/10Glst1 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/ZKP4nU FOLLOW US ON G+: http://bit.ly/WfMmZN http://www.itjungles.com Visit Android Forum for Discussions: http://www.androidsnap.com
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Text Comments (77)
pewdiepie news (23 days ago)
Alyssa Granger (3 months ago)
I have that phone
iTiagoG2 (6 months ago)
caiike Euqiac (10 months ago)
Na parte de apertar para cima e dá um click no desligar/ligar não consigo...
Rodrigo de Faria (8 months ago)
É pq deve apertar o de desligar primeiro e depois o volume+
MARLON OLIVEIRA (2 years ago)
my name is Marlon oliveira I AM from Piaui/Brasil
Schmorskie (2 years ago)
i keep trying to do it and a message appears at the bottom saying "failed to validate recovery image."
Watching TrainsgoBy (2 years ago)
you do make one mistake in"nocommand" with the green android thing, you hold the power button then click the volume up button to bring up the wipe cache partition menu.
dejeros (7 months ago)
Rodrigo de Faria (8 months ago)
Daniel Picklesimer (2 years ago)
You are awesome! Thank you! :)
Tauseef Ahmad (2 years ago)
thanks ....my cache formatting life become simple
Erik Mujica (2 years ago)
This is really helped me. Thanks!
Erik Mujica (2 years ago)
this really*
Eric Snider (2 years ago)
My phone is screwed I can't get out of the command screen
Savitri Dworkin (2 years ago)
Is this really any different than doing it in the settings menu? edit: At least with my phone, this didn't do anything beyond clearing the cache from the Settings > Storage menu.
Alexia Astudillo (2 years ago)
Y si ya no prendio que le hago?
bombos (2 years ago)
valiste riataa
Sagar Bhatt (3 years ago)
Hi , After selecting Wipe cache partition , my phone is stuck . the screen shows the message qe 0/1 -- Wiping cache.... Formatting / cache ... Kindly assist
José Dominguez (1 year ago)
Same problem in moto x
pratik patel (1 year ago)
Hey, I have the same problem with my moto G, How did you fixed it?
Kiran Reddie (2 years ago)
hey m stuck at the same point as you, how did u get out n solved this?
kiran ch (3 years ago)
i got stuck at the step with android symbol with exclamation mark....what to do now
Rahul Martin (3 years ago)
On moto x style and x play.. its changed .Firstly hold power button and press volume up button on RECOVERY MODE
Izatul Solehah (3 years ago)
Hi.. After I chose the recovery mode, it said boot up failed, and no photo of android in distress. I've tried several times already.. What should I do.. Please help me....
Jessica K Smith (3 years ago)
Thanks!!  This was super clear and helpful!!  P.S. it looks like your screen is broken like mine :(  I have already replaced it once and it somehow shattered on me again...I have never had such a "delicate" phone.
Salman 4 (3 years ago)
in Note 4 .. Press and hold Power, Volume Up and the Home button until you see ''Recovery Booting''
Charlie Johnson (3 years ago)
Followed along and did just as he did, and it worked great. Took mine longer to wipe, but I just had a lot of updates. Got an unlocked Boost Mobile phone for $45. going to use it as wifi only to keep my phone bill to a minimum on my other Moto G. I like this phone a lot.    Thanks for the tips.
dahal b (3 years ago)
@ Pranav Haridas It really works...thank you
João Ferreira (3 years ago)
After I press VOL UP + Power Key for quite a few seconds, nothing happens. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
Nidheesh Chandran (4 years ago)
in lolipop you need to press power + volume up key for 2 to 3 sec and release to get the 2nd menu option ( wipe cache parition)
Akankasha Sood (4 years ago)
+Nidheesh Chandran doesnt work... it reboots.
Vinay Kharbanda (4 years ago)
its not working for me... I have tried atleast 10 times to do it.. i alwas get struck on the No command screen nd then my phone boots up... can anyone help..
Andres Camarillo (3 years ago)
+Hasher Hamza I <3 you
FeedeAgui (3 years ago)
+Hasher Hamza i think i love you
ツツ (3 years ago)
+Hasher Hamza Thank you!
Moe Zuiter (3 years ago)
+Hasher Hamza Dude, you are awesome, post this on a forum somewhere, that is so helpful, and here I was thinking I was an idiot. (Yay, I wasn't.)
ToeCutter (3 years ago)
+Hasher Hamza Thank you very much! This worked.
hardvelocity (4 years ago)
For Android Lollipop read this thread http://www.reddit.com/r/MotoG/comments/2u7fkm/unable_to_enter_recovery_mode_of_moto_gxt_1033/
mcjackal (4 years ago)
Hi IT, I recently updated my Moto G (1st Gen) to Lollipop 5.0.2. I'm having trouble moving passed the page which displays an Android with an exclamation mark. Any ideas on how to proceed to the next page?
April Kazemir (4 years ago)
Pranav, thanks so much, it finally worked!! If you've already upgraded to lolipop, once you get to the "no command" screen, I pressed the POWER button for two seconds, and while still holding the POWER button, tapped and released the VOL UP key, which finally brought me to the wipe cache screen. :D
Pranav Haridas (4 years ago)
+Anmol dogra try the above steps a few times . i had to do it 5 times [Try to press and hold Power Button for at least two seconds and then without releasing the Power Button press Vol. Up key]
Anmol dogra (4 years ago)
+hardvelocity Its not working for me. i am tryng to do this but its not working.
hardvelocity (4 years ago)
Try to press and hold Power Button for at least two seconds and then without releasing the Power Button press Vol. Up key.
hardvelocity (4 years ago)
Read this, things are a little different in Lollipop http://www.reddit.com/r/MotoG/comments/2u7fkm/unable_to_enter_recovery_mode_of_moto_gxt_1033/
Mangomx (4 years ago)
Mine took 3 seconds O.o
Sharath Nagendra (4 years ago)
My phone not responding after the android logo with the exclamation mark and no command message... I tried it like 5-10 times but still no response... please help anyone..
diana ahmed (4 years ago)
Thank-tou so much foe this vid , i had a day from hell yesterday as was ubable to send MMs for work purposes but clearing the cache seems to have helped well i dont have the msg too many unsent media comment so its a start in the right direction xxxxxx  Many thanks kizzy1967
Kasim Mughal (4 years ago)
Does this wipe out everything on the phone or only the phone data
ITJungles (4 years ago)
It just wipe all cache data. Your phone's data will remain. Will you start an app, those cache will be automatically generated again.
Mohit Saxena (4 years ago)
Hey... My moto x doesn't respond after the android with exclamation and no command message. I tried holding the phone in landscape mode and holding volume up button then clicking on the power button. I have tried multiple times... Can't reach the the wipe partition cache option. NEED HELP!!!!
+Intranet pandit Thanks! It worked for me!
ropke200 (3 years ago)
But the wiping didn't delete my temporary files
ropke200 (4 years ago)
+Mohit Saxena  Just play with buttons. In last stage were (android is lying) I think I pressed and held on volume up then pressed power.
RAVI GAUTAM (4 years ago)
+Intranet pandit no man its not working its rebooting after doing this,,,,,,,,, plz help
haveafuninlife (4 years ago)
+Intranet pandit Thanks Intranet panit you trick worked for me , as i am also using lolipop
ITJungles (4 years ago)
Genesyxx - Did it gives you an error?
Genesyxx (4 years ago)
Need your help. I'm not able to get to wipe cache partition. Any thoughts?
Malayamanas Panda (4 years ago)
Thanks...This is helpful.
ITJungles (4 years ago)
You are welcome. Thanks for watching.
Ethan Reno (4 years ago)
Be patient if it takes a while. Mine took more than 5 minutes. This also works on Moto X.
Jose Rodriguez (4 years ago)
+ITJungles​ Yesss
ITJungles (4 years ago)
+Jose Rodriguez That was very long.
Jose Rodriguez (4 years ago)
took me 16 minutes
chhaya paliwal (4 years ago)
Hi,i need ur help,in my moto g I cannot receive or see incoming calls,when someone calls me only light will blink.I tried ur instructions through this video but my problem is still same.please help.thanks.
RumpleSundiata (4 years ago)
I have a problem. When I try to download an APP in Play store, it says that I dont have enough space and I actually have 567 free Megabytes, could this help me to solve the problem?
Abhijeet Kamble (4 years ago)
Its vary helpful :-)
The187Hitman (4 years ago)
what is the point of wiping the cache partition?
The187Hitman (4 years ago)
thanks for the reply! :)
ITJungles (4 years ago)
Yes you may find certain apps may take a little bit longer to load the first after the partition wipe. But after that it should be a bit faster.
The187Hitman (4 years ago)
so if i wipe the cache partition now, all my apps would take a small bit longer to open (because theres no cache), but my phone should be a little bit snappier?
ITJungles (4 years ago)
Android system use it to allow the phone to quickly and efficiently access apps and its data. When those data is cluttered and got out of date then clearing it can solve a lot of issues. One recommendation is to clear Cache partition after you perform a system update. wiping the cache partition does not delete your personal data.

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