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Workshop - completing rough framing of interior walls in the pole shed

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Part of our pole barn will be a heated wood working shop area or room. In this video, our good friend Greg and I are putting up the interior walls. Check out the entire series of videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6MN32Lv5HZ52Khhdg2TSg-M2C4pIl1N6
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Josh Kwascigroh (9 months ago)
Did you use 2x4s to frame the 2 outside walls or 2x6s?
Thanks for watching and the question +mike deushane! Yes, we used treated 2x4s for our base plates. Even though they are mounted on the concrete floor there is still the potential for moisture and this will help reduce the potential of deterioration or rotting.
mike deushane (7 months ago)
Are you using treated on the bottom 2by4 and why
Hey +Josh Kwascigroh, thanks for watching and the question.  Yes, we did use 2x4s to frame the 2 outside walls as the pink foam board insulation (and cross bracing) took up the other few inches of our 6" pole frame exterior wall.
MonroeHandyMan (5 months ago)
Somebody hand these guys a nail gun please!
DAVIS GROSS (7 months ago)
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William Quella (9 months ago)
How far down is your pex in the concrete? It would suck to hit it with that drill bit.
Thanks for watching and the question +William Quella! The concrete pour measured 4"+ and we had a depth gauge set on the drill not to go more than 1½" into the floor. Yes, it would not be good if we hit the pex with the drill bit or with the screws that we used to fasten the walls to the floor. Thankfully only the one wall has pex tubing underneath it since the other interior wall had a trench dug underneath it for a 12"+ deep footing and no pex tubing.
Northwoods Patriot (1 year ago)
Is their any particular reason why no one talks on these video's?
Thanks for watching +Northwoods Patriot! No particular reason other than it takes a serious amount of time to narrate a video. Is there anything in particular that you wanted to hear about? Thanks for the question!
mi2tn (1 year ago)
That will be a great room to be in. Nice!
mi2tn (1 year ago)
That would be the icing on the cake.
Looking forward to getting it finished. If only it had plumbing, then I could live out there!

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