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DIMENSIONS - John Deere - iMatch Quick Hitch System

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Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more. Thanks for watching!!! In this video we review the dimensions of our John Deere iMatch Quick Hitch System. One of the greatest operator concerns involves difficulty in attaching tractor implements. John Deere has addressed this issue with the iMatch Quick-Hitch and makes changing implements not only quick and easy, but alleviates the struggle that typically comes with interchanging 3 point implements.
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mi2tn (1 year ago)
LOL, that was great! Love this video with the bloopers. You two are great. I don't have a iMatch as all my implements are not iMatch compatible. But from what people have said you should get rid of the bolts and nuts for the top hook and get some flat head pins so you can get them off and put them on a lot faster if you have to move the top hook. They say a flat head pin so it won't interfere with where it hooks up. Some have said that the bolt head interferes and they had to pull the hook as far out away from the iMatch so that it won't before tightening it up. Food for thought.
mi2tn (1 year ago)
All of them. Tiller, box blade, disk, chipper. My potato plow is the only one that might be iMatch compatible.
Thanks again for watching +mi2tn! And thanks for the info! I also have seen others get rid of the bolts and nuts for the top link hook and replace it with something that is more easily adjustable. At this point, everything we have works well now except the landscape rake which sometimes still gets hung up on the head of the top link bolts when we try to disconnect it. By the way, what implements do you have that are not iMatch compatible?
Houndsman One (7 hours ago)
This was a good video and ...... loved the Bloopers........especially the 1st blooper. LMBO Thumbs up
Mark Sleeper (1 year ago)
Wow now I can weld my top ears back on my trailer mover, I ran into the ears being to high and also trying to hold the top link and trailer mover and put a bushing and 4 washers ,that was hard to do, and the top was cat 2 the bottom was cat 1 ,I also  have 666 John Deere snow blower that was on a 2350 JD,I had to make new lift arms on the blower to work, another one was my Linbach HD S/o 6' scraper blade it has a pivot pin in the center of the top link so I have to use a yoke adapter to make it work , Thanks for all your help, Merry Christmas Mark.
Mark Sleeper (1 year ago)
Thanks very much for your time to check this for me, Kudos great job ,again thanks Mark
Your welcome! Had a great time putting it together. Gave us something to do on a very cold day.
90bobhop (1 year ago)
good to see the big D 😄😇. ahahaha
BigJim57 (1 year ago)
ahh-another movie star is born. lol. very good. and ur right about the problems of the i-match. mine has the stationary hook. it's that old. lol. i have found the same thing with mine, my problem with my older frontier implements is-i have to change the length of my top link, in order for the hook to work correctly. that is why i would love a hydraulic top link.
Thanks +BigJim57! I did notice that the older units still have the stationary hook and am thankful that ours is adjustable. Although the dealership tightened the bolts so well, I am going to need someone with a heavy duty impact wrench or a long breaker bar to loosen them up if I do want to adjust it. As for the length of the top link arm, a hydraulic top link is on my wish list and with the rear hydraulics already installed on the tractor, it should be pretty easy to get set up.
Ted Zempel (1 year ago)
Love it:)! Very professional (after the editing) ;)
Thanks for watching +Ted Zempel!

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