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John Deere Z540R - unloading & loading

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We have been using our Carry On 5' x 8' utility trailer to haul around our zero turn mower so we can take care of a few lots that we are responsible for. Here is how we unload and load the mower on the trailer. Thanks for watching! Here is a link to the trailer we use: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Carry-On-Trailer-5-ft-x-8-ft-Wire-Mesh-Utility-Trailer-with-Ramp-Gate/3005264
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Daniel Goodall (1 month ago)
Why do you back it on? Just curious
Daniel Goodall (1 month ago)
Our Big House in the Little Woods - thanks for the response. I’ll have the try that method. I have a similarly sized zero turn and trailer and have always driven it on facing forward. Thanks for the videos. I enjoy them - I have a 3038e as well, but not as many attachments as you. That grapple looks really nice - might have to save up for that!
Thanks for watching and the question +Daniel Goodall! After reading the manual for the mower, they recommended loading the unit by backing it on. The trailer also pulls a lot nicer with the majority of the weight between the axle of the trailer and the tongue. Also, if you load the unit by driving it on forward, there may be some concern about the unit wanting to rotate or tip backwards if the ramp was steeper. Good question!
FiveMikesOut (1 month ago)
This is unrelated to the video, but I have a question about your 3038e. Does the placement of the rear remote valve that you use for your grapple ever seem cumbersome, or is it pretty easy to reach back for it?
Thanks for watching and the question +FiveMikesOut! The rear remote on our John Deere 3038e has worked well. It took some time to get use to the location but after a few hours of working with the grapple and snow plow it seems like second nature to reach for the controls now.

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