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08/10/12 - Dishonored's Amazing Reviews, Mechromancer Echo Log 02 & Much More!

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A wild Newsmin appears; watch it to see what it's about! Expand here for links! :D In this episode we take a look at a whole bunch of news from a whole bunch of different games! Dishonored, PlanetSide 2, Borderlands 2, Guild Wars 2, World of WarCraft, StarCraft II and more are all covered within. Watch it, enjoy! :D ► Dishonored News ◄ Dishonored Launch Week: Reviews - http://goo.gl/qdghy WTF Is...: Dishonored? (TotalBiscuit) - http://goo.gl/RwT2u ► PlanetSide 2 News ◄ PlanetSide 2′s Ice Continent Dropping This Weekend - http://goo.gl/OjmTY PS2 Beta Update News - http://goo.gl/ORRIC PS2 Esamir Reveal Video - http://goo.gl/93uMW ► Borderlands 2 News ◄ Gaige the Mechromancer Echo Log 02 - http://goo.gl/fvrXc ► Guild Wars 2 News ◄ Update Notes - October 7th 2012 - http://goo.gl/2LpIk Guild Wars 2 Live Game Development - http://goo.gl/3t3Oc Forging Your First Legendary Weapon - http://goo.gl/bX8HO New Items in Black Lion Trading Company - http://goo.gl/j1kWy Personal Story Flow Chart - http://goo.gl/Lglvf Structured Player vs. Player: The Iceberg - http://goo.gl/QqVgT ► World of WarCraft News ◄ Mists of Pandaria - Patch 5.1 PTR Coming Soon - http://goo.gl/jagUP WoW cities Become Deathtraps - http://goo.gl/PgIwe Orgrimmar and Stormwind temporarily wiped out - http://goo.gl/gWNC8 All of Azeroth has been Created Inside of Minecraft - http://goo.gl/ekBr4 ► StarCraft News ◄ HotS BALANCE PATCH #5 (Husky) - http://goo.gl/vCO3I (Sticky Locked) Balance Update #5 [10/5/2012] - http://goo.gl/7F1oZ Asia Finals -- South Korean Representatives - http://goo.gl/HZXH4 Dancing in the Streams - http://goo.gl/yWiMB StarCraft II Creative Development Q&A - Part 1 - http://goo.gl/meCk2 [Show] CarbotAnimations Official StarCrafts Thread - http://goo.gl/muyoV ► Smalls ◄ DIII Public Test Realm Patch 1.0.5 Notes - http://goo.gl/NT29I WoW Arena Pass Lvl 90 Phase Starting Soon - http://goo.gl/zOb47 PoE News - Patches, Map Posters & More! - http://goo.gl/tbjzt Patch 0.9.12qq includes a Legacy Migration - http://goo.gl/ztpSK Prizes for new Default/Hardcore leagues - http://goo.gl/BLvaM XCOM: Enemy Unknown review: Close encounters - http://goo.gl/Z6COS Dishonored & XCOM: Enemy Unknown Reviews - http://goo.gl/OMEkQ The Walking Dead: Episode - 10 October Release- http://goo.gl/gjd5A ► If That Wasn't Enough ◄ Angry Birds Stars Wars - http://goo.gl/GCy0h Cheating Allegations Surface in LoL Playoffs - http://goo.gl/u2IIS League of Legends Playoffs Called Off - http://goo.gl/DDLru Riot Addresses Allegations of Cheating - http://goo.gl/K98XS Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - http://goo.gl/TksMw Star Wars Angry Birds teased - http://goo.gl/JNvgx Forge beta launches - http://goo.gl/62zfX ► Lumin Links ◄ ● PayPal Donations - http://bit.ly/donatetolumin - Aww thanks! ● Email Address - [email protected] ● Twitter - http://twitter.com/talesoflumin ● Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/TalesofLumin ● Google+ - Coming Soon! ● Chat Channel - #talesoflumin on http://webchat.quakenet.org/
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Ben Kolya (6 years ago)
This video shows perfectly the enormous effort @talesoflumin puts into his videos. Thankyou for all the hard work, we love you!
dirrwen (6 years ago)
That's what worried me, i had a horribly feeling it would be really really really short.
NefarieI (6 years ago)
And for some it will be almost 30. This game can be finished in 6/8 hours if you rush through it like a simple FPS (no exploration, no stealth, just running from point A to point B killing everything) because the game is spared of one of the biggest problem of today's first person games: heavy scripting.
manvsluxury (6 years ago)
I hear Dishonored is about to journey not the destination. If you are playing the game as fast as you can then it is a 6-7 hour game. But if you are exploring and looking for every little thing that I should be a 15-20 hour game :)
TheEldestScroll (6 years ago)
i heard 21, so i guess we'll just have to wait to beat it to find out! but what i also heard is you should play it more than once.
Anacone (6 years ago)
I heard 7-8 if you go kill all. Double it if you try go for stealth.
Sgt.Beans (6 years ago)
Because of you, Lumin, I'm actually really excited for this game!

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