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Mining Coal (and Kicking Ass!!)

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Dawson Mine is a Coking Coal mine located near the Town of Moura in Central Queensland, Australia. Overburden is moved using 3 X Draglines (BE 1370, Marion 8200, 8250), 2 X P&H 4100 XPB Shovels, 4 X O&K RH 340 Excavators, 2 X Hitachi Ex5500, 2 X Hitachi Ex2500 and 1 X O&K RH120. Trucks are mostly Cat 797Bs and Komatsu 830e. Coal is removed using the Ex2500's and RH120. Trucks are Cat 785s.
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Text Comments (14)
Floyd Gould (10 days ago)
Gay music
Gordon McCoy (4 months ago)
Nice Vid but get rid of that stupid God Damn "music"....!
Parmeswar Netam (4 months ago)
I am pollen opretar
42 cum P&H 4100 XPB?
Johandali Ramirez (2 years ago)
good show!
horrorskopf (3 years ago)
The idiotic background noise spoils the party ...
John Forbes (5 years ago)
Interesting mix of equipment - Be interesting to see the actual availability sheets on O&K Excavators VS HITACHI 
Ray Ortega (2 years ago)
shvexc o
shvexc (5 years ago)
The last time I saw the stats from where I work (which was quite a while ago), the availability was more or less identical for Ex5500 vs RH340.  Both were being maintained by a mixture of OEM and company fitters (Mechanics).
Ashley Pardey (5 years ago)
good times! ;-)
courey mob (6 years ago)
you notice how the only bit of gear on there for komastu is the trucks, because there product is fucking bullshit, fuck off mate stop being simple minded all that gear is good
Ray Ortega (2 years ago)
courey mob kkllk
Enkhtsag Damdinjav (6 years ago)
why so many different OEMs ? terex shovels, rope shovels, cat dozers, cat trucks, komatsu trucks etc ? the only brand present should be KOMATSU..
Enkhtsag Damdinjav (6 years ago)
only thing i luv are the komatsu trucks.. rest of the equipment is pretty much bullshit.. every professional knows..

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