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Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

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A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is an important component of any Heath & Safety program. It is one of many risk assessment tools that can be used in a formal hazard assessment process to identify and control hazards. This video walks you through conducting a JHA.
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Text Comments (9)
chandan hans (1 month ago)
good video for weight lifting
Raj Dann (3 months ago)
Is a JSA and a JHA the same?
Ivan Ortega (9 days ago)
Raj Dann yes
Mehar Aamir (4 months ago)
Hi how are you sir. Can you help me about visa. I want job in your country?
Tariq Bakroliya (5 months ago)
good informative videos
전창호 (1 year ago)
fairly useful to understand and prepare JHA(or JSA). good job!
The12thSeahorse (1 year ago)
Great graphics!
Rauf Pasa (1 year ago)
good Video
James Slinger (1 year ago)
Excellent Video!

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