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Craft Grog | The Craft Beer Channel

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We've found ourselves another exciting mixologist in Lewis, of the London Bar Consultants. He knocks us up a craft grog that is honestly one of the best, and simplest, beer cocktails Jonny has ever tasted. And get yourself down to the Boutique Bar Show at Islington's London Art House on 22-23 September 2015 for talks from Jonny and Lewis! Check out our partners at http://www.beermerchants.com Twitter – @beerchannel Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thecraftbeerchannel Instagram – @jonnygarrett @mrbradevans Remember to drink responsibly(ish) and not be that guy...
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Text Comments (19)
TheLasagne (3 years ago)
what? grog without red dye number 2? that's blasphemy!
Mark Hall (3 years ago)
Kerosene, Propylene Glycol, Artificial Sweeteners, Sulfuric Acid, Rum, Acetone, Battery Acid, red dye#2, Scumm, Axle grease and/or pepperoni
Enzo Ma (3 years ago)
beer and rum...two of my favourite things in ONE!?! YES PLEASE!!!
aR0ttenBANANA96 (3 years ago)
Pretty weird to think that back in the day we relied on a bunch of drunktards to find the new world. I wonder how prevent alcoholism was.
aR0ttenBANANA96 (3 years ago)
Martin Hermansson (3 years ago)
Aw, you missed the opportunity to imitate Murray, the demonic talking skull!
Anton Tourzas (3 years ago)
I must try this version of the grog out. I have tried grog in many ways but never with beer. And beer cocktails are just wonderful since they can add new depths and touches to many well known cocktails! Keep it up with more beer cocktails!
Anton Tourzas (3 years ago)
+The Craft Beer Channel Can't wait!
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
+Anton Tourzas cheers, another one coming next month!
Jon (3 years ago)
How appropriate, you fight like a cow! Would love a monkey island themed beer.
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
+jonnyrmoore dang. There's a brewery concept!
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
+fernando Fernandez maybe! It's an elusive idea though.
Ole P. (3 years ago)
Sounds lovely. I recon this will also make a great wintery drink that can really warm you up. Will definetly try this one. One question though: In case I am not able to get almond sirup, what would you suggest as a substitution? I am thinking a variant with maple sirup, a touch of mandarin, and a vienna lager might make for a variant for the colder months. Something among those lines at least.
Anton Tourzas (3 years ago)
You can also try agave nectar. It's used a lot in cocktails. You can then replace the rum with tequila (which also is a summer drink) that matches the agave syrup.since tequila is made from blue agave.
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
+Ole P. maple syrup sounds like a great shout! For a summery one, perhaps pineapple juice as that is a bit viscous and sweet.
fukkisi (3 years ago)
Monkey Island FTW
fukkisi (3 years ago)
+The Craft Beer Channel Look behind you, a Three-Headed Monkey!
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
+fukkisi first you'd better stop waving it around like a feather duster!
Fernando Fernandez (3 years ago)
white whales video in the future?

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