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How To Close Sales Fast For Your Business | Talking To Your Prospects

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For More IN-DEPTH Training GO TO ~~~http://freedomreachers.com Connect With Me at http://kedercormier.net FOR Personal Coaching with me GO TO http://application.kedercormier.net/ SUBSCRIBE TO MY YT CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/corked22 Connect with Me On Facebook : http://facebook.com/kedpage Email: [email protected] Text: 407-476-5788 CLOSING SALES... I'm not sure what business you are currently promoting, but I know for a fact if you are growing your business You will have to talk with prospects... When i first started my business I was so excited and too excited, So When I get on the Phone with my Prospects I would literally throw up on them and even train them before they even bought... What a dumb move... lol :) To find out at the end they have some type of excuse to why they can't buy my product, Either they don't have the money, or that much money, or something like i'm not ready to invest, or this is a Scam ... smh As i Get Better at My Craft I Establish a Process that I get My prospect through in my Head to Qualify them... 1. Greeting and getting to know each other 5 mins 2. What's Their pain (Figure out why they want this) 5mins 3. What's Their Goal? Monetary Goal 5mins 4. Close them base on their Goal... 2mins So really in less than 15mins with this formula You will save time and sell higher really... I have people Call me all the time for an Introduction call after they set up with my receptionist, So by the time they schedule in and i meet with them I follow this process and It helps big, time, You can Test it out and let me know of your Results... -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch My Newest Video: "Driving a Lamborghini | Celebrity X Factor" Details on my NEW Course ➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ2Bbja7vc8 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Keder Cormier (4 years ago)
Here's A Powerful Coaching Video To Help You Close More Sales In Your Business 

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