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Meet the Un-human Cannonball | The Craft Beer Channel

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Jonny meets Stu, head brewer at Magic Rock, to talk about their insane once-a-year release, Un-human Cannonball. It's an 12% triple IPA brewed with enough hops to kill a man. And it is DELICIOUS.
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PS ILUVU (1 year ago)
what was the name of the pub you were in?
+PS ILUVU Craft Beer Co islington
HotDuck 2000 (2 years ago)
Stu has got Jonny's voice pitched down.. IMHO
mesr gunty (3 years ago)
did you get the 2015 again its so good
mesr gunty (3 years ago)
have you been to kris wines he has loads of beer good stuff
The Craft Beer Channel (3 years ago)
Sure did. It wasn't as good as last year's though!
Jonathan (3 years ago)
wow, I'm so jealous Jonny! That beer sounds that amazing! Too bad I'll never try it :(
Colin Wylie (4 years ago)
Man this was a tasty beer :D
mitchell2719 (4 years ago)
I want some... Damn you Canada, you make it hard to get good English beers!
kira w (4 years ago)
Hey have you heard of any good ipas can gEt in usa
kira w (4 years ago)
Hey have you heard of any good ipas can gEt in usa
Sixthlaw (4 years ago)
Looks awesome. I want some!!
michael hawkin (4 years ago)
managed to get one local ale shop selled out in 30 mins  one i have is 11% and it is fantastic
brewtubetech (4 years ago)
Must try... in my dreams...
Real Ale Craft Beer (4 years ago)
Stu is a great guy & equally a great brewer, nice video guys. Cheers
He looks like me on Friday evening :) So happy!

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