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Job Hazard Analysis - 5 Simple Steps To Prevent Work Accidents

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Job Hazard Analysis - 5 Simple Steps To Prevent Work Accidents (Graphic Use of Ketchup) How to prevent work accidents...? Use Job Hazard Analysis! Your Hand On Job Hazard Analysis. Your hand Off of Job Hazard Analysis. You on job hazard analysis. You off of job hazard analysis! So why job hazard analysis? Why job hazard analysis? Why job hazard analysis? Why, why Job hazard analysis? Let's first look at what job hazard analysis is not! Job hazard analysis is not just a book, hard hat, gloves, safety glasses, and a vest. Here is a perfect example of someone who's wearing a hard hat and a vest but obviously not following the proper job hazard analysis job hazard analysis or JHA is a critical tool for identifying hazards and managing risks before the work begins. The task leader is responsible for conducting the Job Hazard Analysis for ensuring that all aspects of the job have been thoroughly inspected before the work begins. It is his job to ensure that no work begins until all hazards associated with the job have been identified and safeguards have been applied to all the risks associated with it. Let me show you what I mean... the number one reason for filling out properly and using Job Hazard Analysis procedures is to identify and eliminate house to properly fill out a Job Hazard Analysis First you name the task at hand, second you break the task in to steps, third... Please Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/user/psmac76 Safety Video - funny Safety Video - interesting Safety Video - presentation Safety Video - creative Preventing Work Accidents Work Accidents Industry accident Ready Mix Accidents Industry accidents How to prevent industry accidents How to fill out a Job Hazard Analysis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPpyEpnuQRQ
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