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Pole Shed - Prepping the building site

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We finally had the opportunity to build a shed to store our equipment and also provide a space to have a workshop. Suburban Buildings (garage, “man cave,” workshop, storage, toy shed, home, cabin) The Difference Between Post-Frame and Pole Barn While the two terms refer to the same type of building, “pole barn” happens to be slightly more dated. Historically, these buildings were called pole barns because builders used poles — similar to telephone poles — to support the rafters making up the roof of the building. Eventually builders began constructing with square columns which, compared to round poles, were easier to work with. Now builders use laminated columns, which are much stronger and allow post-frame structures to be utilized for many purposes. The term “pole barn” also originates from when buildings were not as technically and deliberately engineered. “Post-frame” is more correct, as it more accurately reflects the engineering and quality of the structure built.
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Lance Sheppard (9 months ago)
New subscriber here. Thanks for the videos on the pole barn. I'm trying to plan mine as of now.
At this point, there is nothing that I would do that would be drastically different.  However, we originally were going to build a 20' x 30' but someone encouraged us to build the biggest we could afford and the land would allow.  We are thankful we did as it is filling up already but impressed with how easy it is to access everything based on where we put the doors and entrances for how we use it.
Lance Sheppard (9 months ago)
Our Big House in the Little Woods thank you very much. Do you have any suggestions as to what you may have done differently?
Thanks for watching, subscribing and the comment +Lance Sheppard {Little River Lawn Care}! The shed has been up for a little over a year now. It has been fun to go back and watch some of the videos and see how the landscape has changed. Just finished doing some of the finally grading around the shed and hope to plant some grass seed next Spring. Keep me posted on your design and plans. Thanks again!
matt damon (10 months ago)
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Loyd Delgado (10 months ago)
zempelfamily (1 year ago)
What's with the plow on the tractor? Trying to bulldoze the top soil off? ;)
Funny! The picture you are referencing was taken shortly after the tractor arrived as the dealer was demonstrating how to attach and disconnect the plow. We did not use the plow to clear any land but definitely used it to push some snow during the winter.

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