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HAZARD IDENTIFICATION & RISK ASSESSMENT Part-1 की technique के बारे में जानिए in hindi

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Hello dosto, Aaj phir hazir huwa ho hamare ek Subscriber ke kahne pe new video ke sath.. To like kre or share kre apne friend ke sath.. Or Apne Ammi or abbu ka khayal rakhe Q ki Wo dubara nhi milte.. Thanks, Team Be The Best
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Shaikh Zafar (6 months ago)
Dear admin sir, i have a lowest suggestion regarding videos those u r uploaded, sir if u make video in live structure means without cartoons bcoz of moments of cartoons is not proper way, at a time u given a sentence and cartoons action is not suitable for those actions and its a problem being underestimating of videos, so sir i requested to u plzz improve in videos.. And i want to say thanks to u and ur team for making of such more important information videos related to safety.... And i hope u continously made safety related videos... Once again thanks a lot... 👍
SAFETY MGMT STUDY (2 months ago)
Zafar Shaikh right
M. S Z (6 months ago)
Lifting hazard
Gulab Singh (6 months ago)
Side visit...
B The Best (6 months ago)
+Gulab Singh Thanks for your Valuable comment, But I dnt get.. Aap kya kahna chah rahe ho Gulab ji.. Thanks, Team Be The Best..
Sandip Jamdhade (6 months ago)
What is safety ? videos pls
B The Best (6 months ago)
+Sandip Jamdhade Thanks for your Valuable comment again and again I'm happy to see you sandeep ... But before you comment Upload a video about HIRA, I'm working about the same.... But no issue Dear Mr. Sandeep I will Provide you As soon as possible.. Every time m saying This channel is your plz Share videos and inform to everyone about this channel.. If more Community is there it's good for us.. so Plz share the videos and tell them to Subscribe the channel for more updates once again thank for Valuable comment.. Thanks, Team Be The Best..

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