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John Deere Tractor 3038e with 655 Tiller - (Part 1)

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We finally had an opportunity to break in the new tiller. This makes life so much easier! John Deere 55" Rotary Tiller (655) 655 Tiller John Deere 655 Rotary Tiller The John Deere 655 Tiller has a 55-inch commercial-duty tilling width capacity. With easy operator controls, the 655 tiller can be raised and lowered using the hydraulic lift. The heavy-duty tubular tine shaft provides amazing performance, reliability and durability. The large, removable tines and skid shoes allow for unparalleled performance. The ability to use the iMatch connector allows for a quick and easy attachment and removal of the 655 Tiller. Fits the following John Deere tractors: 2320, 2520, 2720, 3005, 3032E, 3038E, 3320, 3520, 3720, 4005*, 4105* *2305, 4105 and 4005 NOT AutoHitch Compatible FEATURES Commercial-duty 55-inch tilling capacity Tiller is raised and lowered by use of tractor hydraulic lift for operator convenience Large, replaceable tines and a heavy-duty tubular tine shaft provide excellent performance and durability iMatch compatibility provides easy attachment Adjustable skid shoes SPECIFICATION COMPATIBILITY Equip. Model John Deere 832 Parts Horsepower Required 15-35 hp Mounting Type Cat. I 3-pt PRODUCT INFO Brand John Deere Compatible Equipment Tractor Intended Use Agriculture Price 3049.00 Model John Deere OPERATION Working Width 55 in Working Depth 7 in Number of Tines 42 Drive Type PTO ROTOR Number of Flanges 7 Rotor Speed 239 rpm Rotor Diameter 15 in FEATURES Skid Shoes Standard OPTIONS Parking Stand Standard DIMENSIONS Width, Overall (in.) 60 in Weight 436 lbs
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Nicholls & Sense (2 years ago)
Those shafts go on so easy when they're new. Grease that thing every time you use it if you want it to stay that way. Keep the videos coming.
akbychoice (2 years ago)
Nicholls & Sense and throw on some anti-seize.

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