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Why Have Modular Smartphones Failed?

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What do Project ARA, LG G5, Moto Z and Fairphone have in common? None of them were very successful. Why? - The Story Behind Episode 17 [MORE TECHALTAR]: youtube.com/TechAltar twitter.com/TechAltar instagram.com/TechAltar facebook.com/TechAltar plus.google.com/+TechAltar [MUSIC & IMAGES]: Music: Majestic Casual - Kenny Segal - Procrastination: http://bit.ly/29CWdE2 Stock images: pixabay.com [MY VIDEO GEAR]: (I earn a commission from purchases through these links) Camera: Sony RX100 III http://amzn.to/1Wo1z68 Microphone: Zoom H1 http://amzn.to/1SPTfhK Monitor: Dell Ultrasharp 25: http://amzn.to/2huKvS0 Mouse: Logitech MX Master: amzn.to/2if2tnr Tripod: Coman CN-0 http://amzn.to/245VjFZ LED lights (white): Yongnuo YN300 http://amzn.to/1VhQFia Color LED light bulbs: Revogi Lightbulb http://amzn.to/1QEdVDd Color LED desk light: Revogi Candle http://amzn.to/245VQaR Color LED strip: Revogi LED Strip http://amzn.to/20WNSSj Portable SSD: Samsung T1 http://amzn.to/1PNl3NH
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Text Comments (4485)
regalstreak (2 years ago)
Apolo Hazza (1 month ago)
regalstreak I need a girlfriend in general :(
kaczan3 (2 months ago)
+Unknown House If she was really interested in tech, she'd find the answer herself, instead of asking a man.
dev's account (3 months ago)
+Dominus Satanas Everyone is go too political lately. But I found it hilarious to be honest.
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Aditya Kumawat (5 months ago)
King Z (1 day ago)
7:10 people born in 2019 be like, $800 smart phone, what a steal
Corrado Topi (9 days ago)
I do not think they failed. Fairphone sold out all the production batches!
Phil Matic (15 days ago)
This would really take off in the PC building community if the parts could be licensed to individual companies, such as Nikon/Canon for the lens , Intel/AMD for the cpu, Asus/EVGA/Gigabyte/MSI etc for the graphical component, Bose/Sennheiser/BeatsByDre for speakers etc etc etc for the rest of the parts
Tobias Eicke (19 days ago)
For me it was a great feedback. Thank you very much.
Derian Harth (20 days ago)
Modular devices are great for so many reasons (as you stated at the very beginning) and imho it is the only way to get away from blind consumerism which is producing throw-away products (forcing people to get new devices on a regular basis) at the price of negative environmental impact and bad working conditions for most people involved in the manufacturing process. If we want to change the world, I think we need to push for more modular systems, not just for devices like phones, but in any other industry. That way, we will reduce the amount of wasted resources. Otherwise, as my German friends tend to say, we will harvest the bitter fruits of the "Wegwerfgesellschaft". The fact that many global players do not care about these things is insane, but obviously, the winners of this perversion won't have to suffer under the negative consequences - they will be long gone by then. "Nach uns die Sintflut" - an attitude way too common among those who only care about profits. Even more sad to see that the majority of our species doesn't care about any of these things, even though they are the ones who will suffer the most.
The Absolute Madman (20 days ago)
When I saw modular smartphones I was shocked. The whole idea is a complete regression of technology, a step backwards, a solution to a problem that didn’t exist. Modularity increases complexity. No one wants to tear apart a phone or tablet. Hell, outside of gamers and tech enthusiasts no one wants to open their computer at all. When I see people calling for modularity and customization on computers I only see bored people disconnected from market realities looking for a quick emotional fix from novelty. Computers aren’t toys, they are an essential component of our lives. Smart computer companies are not going to spend vast sums of research money and dedicate their engineers to years of support for devices that are overly-complex and offer little benefit to the consumer other than a fleeting “cool factor.” Some people need to find other sources of entertainment to occupy their fidgety fingers and impulsive brains. Tech is meant to solve problems, not to soothe people’s ADHD. Go buy some Legos if you want to play with modular toys. I want a high-quality, durable phone that always works.
Sun Shine (21 days ago)
If you cant swap out CPU, Display etc then its not modular! Most phones are thicker once people throw on a protective case!
douglas steel (1 month ago)
It's simply that they haven't yet been able to build replacement strategy for the CPU, GPUs, bus control, screen. That's it. Same as most laptops
Kade Brown (1 month ago)
I didn't even know these existed before this video!!!(that's why I'm watching @1:55am...)
MD Israil Ali (1 month ago)
We love Modular Smartphones
Ibrahim Farrukh (1 month ago)
2019 anyone?
Sachs Husam (1 month ago)
lexzbuddy (1 month ago)
Phone and text. I dont need a camera at all. Good sound and a headphone Jack, yes. Additional storage. Browser and email, yes. Calculator, yes. Bluetooth, maybe. That's it. Removable battery is good too. Waterproof, no.
Aris A (1 month ago)
Let's talk about modular synthesizers
Archman 155 (1 month ago)
watching on an lg g5
Leo Tung (1 month ago)
Modular phone concept like Fairphone with good repairability is great but it takes long time and big effort to change mass user mind in using an not price competitive mobile phone.
Pseudynom (1 month ago)
I don't get it, some people spend 800 € every 2 years for a new smartphone, but 400 € for a fair Smartphone, which would last you 5+ years, is "too much".
Shubham (1 month ago)
Software integration is probably the biggest reason rn imo. It's probably the one flaw which no body cared about when these things first came out. Everybody was thinking about hardware efficiency and the other stuff. Though I'm pretty sure that most people get how important software integration is to hardware rn. If you doubt that, just look at the pixel3 camera. I really doubt companies now days would invest for software development for modular phones which could be swapped so frequently.
Shubham (1 month ago)
Sounds a lot like the folding tech trend we have rn.
romanvampire (1 month ago)
haha, with the folding tech everyone even agrees that it's more about keeping an inovative image, then believing it would mass sell for the launch prices :-).
Peter Mugendi (1 month ago)
your hair style resembles iphone x notch
Okami Jubei (1 month ago)
I think modulars are nice but the masses just like to taken a shortcut instead of making an effort and let commercialization take over their lives. I believe not caring or even trying to care would only let those big phone companies have a monopolistic power all because of pride and vanity. As I see modular phones (and tablets) would've been more economical, customary, increasing the lifespan and reduces ewaste. I would've enjoy the modular lifestyle.
B. M. (1 month ago)
It’s fairly easy to understand why these phones failed. I remember when I saw these concepts on YouTube a couple years ago. Thank you for the video!
romanvampire (1 month ago)
the fairphone is indeed somewhat modular, even with a small upgradability, be it very limited. If I was prepared to give 500-600 € to a phone , I would have considered it more seriously. But even fairphone is just at least 100- 150€ more expensive then any comparable non modular smartphone with similar specs.. thus, unless you break your screen in the first months, no real benefit comes from it, as most phones easily get you 2-3 years, and just spending the full fairphone price on an other phone with better specs also gives you some extra time before your phones feels really outdated.. thus the price is more is disadvantage. It's for those who really care to have control, not for those who just like to be able to fix it ..
GunTurtle (1 month ago)
tldw; capitalism
Özkan (1 month ago)
I have not watched the video yet but let me guess: Because capitalism?
s00prman (1 month ago)
I bought the LG G5 specifically because it had a removable battery, and LG was the last to offer that. It ended up crapping out early cuz it wasn't a great phone, but still lasted me 2.5 years. The Note 3 before that lasted me 4 years because I got 3 batteries throughout it's life. This time I got the Note 9 because there was no removable battery options at all. Now this phone is amazing, but I just know it won't last me the 4 years I want it to due to the battery life slowly decreasing. If a flagship phone had a removable battery they would have my business, really frustrating this isn't possible anymore.
rjc0234 (1 month ago)
simple reason. no conspiracy, no nothing. they failed becuse what a smartphone is is constantly evolving, and no matter how modular you made a phone, it would never keep up. under the screen fingerprint scanner? can't make that modular. full edge to edge display, well that wouldn't be modular becuse the base part is the screen. what if (as we have seen) new RAM and processor technology comes along. oh only built the base with 66 pins for a processor, well this new 8x powerful one needs 68 pins, so you need a new main module, and BTW all your old pieces won't fit any-more. maybe the ability to add a big speaker, or different media readers, but so much easier to pack everything into one device than have pointless, restrictive modules. there is a reason that PC's are modular, and that is becuse they are so utterly unwieldy and huge, yet people still want to buy a laptop. you CAN have a modular PC becuse of how much space inside it is just, space. but a phone that goes in your pocket, would you be happy if 70% of that phone was just nothingness?
Jonnes __ (1 month ago)
I want a (by myself!) replaceable battery. Why is this a problem for the manufacturers? Is this only a question of having more revenue and earnings with new phones, after the battery is finished? .
EmperorFaiz (1 month ago)
Majority of people don't care about replaceable battery hence the removal of that feature, companies want to push the waterproof feature more on the flagship smartphones where compromise has to be made and of course, maximize the profit from people buying a new phone instead of replacing the old battery. The real problem is companies never care about the opinions of the minority such as you, no offense. You need to think from the smartphone business perspective to see why some cool and useful features don't exist or become a niche feature. It sucks.
Andrew Keener (1 month ago)
I'd like replaceable batteries to return, but can due without the other customizable stuff.
Arindam Paul (1 month ago)
Technology is upgrading (albeit speed has slowed down) and most people would want a better looking and faster phone and with better cameras. They don’t want to upgrade older phone. And also most components work well for 2-3 yrs if you buy a 800-1000 dollar phone. And they will upgrade their old phone and get 400 dollars. So you spend 400-600 dollars every 2-3 yrs and you are good. So that would be less than 20 dollars a month. I think given that people pay 10 dollars for amazon and netflix etc per month, they are ready to buy the flagship device.
Piotr Cichosz (1 month ago)
There's another side to it you didn't mention. I've been using my Galaxy S3 until a few weeks ago. It's not bulkier than most of the phones on sale today, I'd even say it's thinner than many. Has a replaceable battery and expandable storage. Great screen, good audio, decent camera (not by today's standards, but I've managed to take some good photos with it even in low light. Not water resistant, but I've used it a number of times in a heavy rain and nothing happened. Great form factor, you don't need two hands to use it and you could've squeezed in over 5 inch display into it. I'd like to keep using it, but the app makers won't let me. My use cases haven't changed much over the years, Gmail/google maps/instant messaging/facebook haven't changed much, but the apps somehow got heavier with every update. Why? Why do I have to have a web browser in my email app, in my instant messaging app and in my social networking app instead of just using a web browser app for that? Why can't I IM someone on facebook, why do I need a separate app for that? Why are they so ridiculously big that even their manufacturers started making 'lite' versions... That are getting bigger and feature-richer with every update too? This is madness. They say that if a service is free, you're the product, but this is actually not true. You are a product, but it's not free either. You're just not paying for it directly, but by buing a new device every two years or so to make your telemetry-rich apps work smoothly and enable their developers to add even more features you will never see.
Atesz Meister (1 month ago)
lg g5 is shit
Christopher Evans (1 month ago)
First phone that allows ram/nvram and cpu upgrades in field will succeed though.
Ikari Shinji (1 month ago)
I only saw the ad of that modular moto mobile a few times on tv then they disappeared all of a sudden
This fancy phone that you show all the time. It looks like the pieces will fall out easily when the phone is dropped. Personally my smartphone is from the Moto z "family" and every single I drop it, the style shell on the back goes of. It gets kind of annoying sometimes but I would imagine it to quite bit more pain if I had to put three or four of these modules back in. Also it would probably damage the phone much more than when you normally drop your phone
owl (2 months ago)
I think that if a modular phone were to come out now and we would be able to upgrade the SoC or add sensors or change the camera and still be priced reasonably and separately it would become a successful market.
Bangbabangbabangbang (2 months ago)
Modular smart phones were never a good idea
Dive Dodge (2 months ago)
I didn't want it because I could only see myself constantly loosing and having to replace parts. I just saw it as a money pit.
Lakshit Dagar (2 months ago)
2019- smartphones with unibody design without ports and no way to open them.
NATURAL GAMER (2 months ago)
The point is cost The moto zoom module is way costlier than a 30X point and shoots camera It must be a cost-effective
Bastian Springer (2 months ago)
7:50 this is why I hate most new phones
Bastian Springer (2 months ago)
Truly sad to see Ara go
Sean S. (2 months ago)
I bought a Moto Z2 Force last year, and I have to say it's my favorite phone yet. They were running a special where if you bought a Z2 Force with a couple accessories you could get the projector mod for free (which is $300), and that projector is super convenient. I find it's so useful to have one that just snaps on the back of the phone, rather than buying an external bulky one. It helps that I have all of my media accessible from my phone, however. If you didn't, then I guess there's no point. But I do agree that it's very niche. It's perfect for me, but I can see how most people don't have a need for any of these mods. I have since bought 3 other mods, (speaker, wireless charging back, and battery), which all are extremely useful, and I would love to get some of the other, more expensive ones in the future. They are also backwards compatible with the future and previous Moto Z series phones, too, which is a nice bonus. I just like being able to get more longevity out of my phone, which already has decent specs and at a decent price.
PikachuIce (2 months ago)
Wow. This is not what I predicted
LtZacFighter (2 months ago)
Fuck you
Richard Luk (2 months ago)
Conclusion? No one gives two shits about modular phones. People are lazy.
Studyin’Me (2 months ago)
I want my google ara
Cesar Gomez (2 months ago)
How would cases work on modular devices
TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha (2 months ago)
I think it all comes down to Usability and Price, like always. They simply CAN'T make it as expensive or even more expensive as a non-modular smartphone, because the average user won't see why he should pay more for a modular "core" that for a whole smartphone that is "good to go". And understandable: While others still sticking parts together the other costumer writes a message "Hey i got a new phone" Also the Modules have to be also lower priced than the "Replacement Plans" of other companies (if the battery value is compareable) so like on the "Core" which the modules would stick on it it's an advantage to get the modules instead of the "finished phones" You also need to be a loooong running company that has a lot of costumers, because the whole point of modularity is that you can exchange, add and replace modules over time, over maybe a loong time. That's why a fresh startup won't get the trust in that, one of the global players would need to kick it off, like you said google, samsung or apple. So there are enough costumers that also 3rd Parties want to make modules for it. What you didn't mentioned and what would be the real nightmare in that: Support. Who supports the Modules? The Core Maker with a proofing process that a module doesn't damage the rest? Or the Module Maker? How would you prevent that the costumer would send back and forth between the companies in case of a damage? And another valueable point: Privacy and Stealing. Imagine how easy it would be to steal the memory of a modular smartphone! The Thief could steal just the memory with all your data on it and doesn't need to be afraid to get tracked down cause he let's the GPS and Cellular Connection left behind with the core! Pretty scary Scenario if you ask me
Daniel Sevier (2 months ago)
I'm curious if for some functionalities (eg. camera), the desire for mod may cost down to a cost-benefit analysis. In order words, consumers have to ask themselves if the improvement in the functionality is great enough to justify the cost of the mod OR if the improvement is merely incremental when compared to the integrated stock component.
Daniel Lugo España (3 months ago)
Isn't this the guy that didn't wanted to feel less manly for letting his girlfriend fuck him with a strap on?
DM Fraser (3 months ago)
As an electronics engineer I can tell you that modular devices need more connectors inside and connectors are the biggest real trouble area in electronic gear causing the real issues. Right after the biggest reason for returns. Code UTS. And since most people will never upgrade before new tech comes out, the market for modules will be small, keeping them expensive. Together with there being no universal module standards, that you could only use modules within your brand. By the way a UTS code on a warranty report means "User Too Stupid". Over half of all returns of electronics have no fault found. When you see "reconditioned" electronics for sale, the reconditioning is usually just seeing if they work as over half of returns have no actual fault.
R Metal (3 months ago)
People are too lazy to upgrade. And Why bother when you can just buy a new phone ? Besides, it's not waterproof.
сносим башни (3 months ago)
min 3:05 ist aber 18er kontent, ist das die votze deiner Kamera Frau?
Kaleb Burton (3 months ago)
"most people like having what everyone else has" BULLSHIT
CMDR unematti (3 months ago)
its easy to explain...none of them use screws (so these are flimsy and fragile also you dont need to hotswap these modules, thats just unrealistic) and no socket for cpu (it should be more like a pc, withcpu socket and memory slots, and ATX-like standard)
Jack Wong (3 months ago)
No one gives a shit about modular , just like the PC , simple and easy , that's all .
KumpelKefer (3 months ago)
Shift Phone is another phone like Fairphone
Sergej Nadaždin (3 months ago)
Last 20% battery on my phone. Going to retire it after that. Forever. The video will be posted on my channel in the next few days. This is so sad alexa play despacito
Velocity (3 months ago)
BirdyDirdy (3 months ago)
I want it so badly...
darkmessengerX (3 months ago)
Many gadgets was canceled by government for business. All want money. I want these phones. I don't agree with these apple and samsung ways
Schöffer Hoffer (3 months ago)
They did not
planestranger (3 months ago)
You're talking about bigger size like it's something bad. I mean I work on PC workstation that weighs like 30 pounds (without monitor and external peripherals) because it makes things done. Lots of things. Simultaneously. People who don't need such functionality are ok with laptops that can't do 10% of my weekly routine. I feel same is normal for phones. Ok. You need more unique functions, you need to adapt, customize it to your own tasks? Phone that weighs like 1-2 pounds doesn't sound scary to me. I would totally buy that. Besides modularity in basic components (CPUs, memory, storage, graphic chips etc) could lead to more competition in hardware. Some hardware company may not have power to make deal with Samsung or Sony to use their chips. But it can compete for consumer. Same way VooDoo did. Remember PC graphics in late 90s. The final product improved tens of times in just a few years. I would also love that happening with phones.
retro tech (3 months ago)
jerryrigevrithing would like this phone
Anjayl (3 months ago)
To me, Fairphone was the only choice, as I didn't want to buy any other phone and be a child murderer :) But... I have a conscience... silly me...
AKEWSD (3 months ago)
Top 3 people want to upgrade: 1. Memory (sd card) 2. Replaceable battery 3. Camera I try to pollute less and love the idea of minimalism. So instead replacing my phone every 1-2 years, I do it every 5-6 years. When I upgrade my device, it feel more satisfying because I get a drastic difference. I use 10x rule and I am not loyal to a brand. I used lots of Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson (modular camera back in 2003) , Motorola, windows PDA (fingerprint and face recognition in 2005), iPhone, Samsung, Asus and currently Sony (waterproof, removable battery and external sdcard). I lost my Sony phone once and I was able to retrieve it back from the thief. Accuracy of location was 99.9% on the gps, I was able to find him in a house in a tiny alley. I am not a fan of biometrics, to be functional you need simultaneous security at once (fingerprint, voice, retina/face, & heartbeat). I am not a fan of stylus pen, it is bulky and easily lost. I hate smartwatch because it doesn't do blood test yet and can't recommend diet based on your current health status. I am excited for true wireless charging at least 1m range, waterproof with warranty, foldable and projector. If my cellphone can be a projector I will say bye to my tablet, laptop and TV.
AKEWSD (1 month ago)
+Pseudynom I guess u know how old I am
Pseudynom (1 month ago)
You are saying that you only upgrade every 5-6 years .. but you're also saying that you had at least 9 phones?
WR WHITEDAWN (3 months ago)
“Need a new battery” send ur phone to apple and the repair shop removes your screen functionality and to fix that they need to wipe your phone but you can’t get your data due to a broken screen then you buy a iPhone X or spend $10000 repairing a IPhone SE... lol this is true, at least with Macs sometimes... :P Then you buy an android and your calculator asks you if it can manage your calls... then you face palm so hard you end up in a coma... :P they both have ups and downs
kvykimo indelis (3 months ago)
these smartphones failed because by the time modular phone concepts came to light smartphone companies realized that giving users the ability to easily repair, customize and future-proof their phones is what prevents them from getting tons of extra revenue. look at what apple is doing as an example: repairing their devices is difficult to nearly impossible and they are adding extra built-in features to deter people from even attempting to repair their hardware. result? a multi-billion dollar company. why give your customers the ability to upgrade/repair your devices for free? doesnt make sense from a business perspective
Melwin Aleyas (3 months ago)
What about PIZZA TIME!!!!😊😊
Melinda Chen (3 months ago)
Watching this on G5
Veritas B. (3 months ago)
wait what? had to review the intro to understand what you were saying... xD
Lucky Star (3 months ago)
6:17 what?! that's got to be cgi from a clip from an advertisement or something right?
trik (3 months ago)
becose pepole to stupid to use this tipy phones. evryone buying apples
Aurelio López (3 months ago)
We, the people, need this. Companies must aim at the Common Good, and leave behind planned obsolescence. I also doubt all the reasons they argue are true, they are *hiding* the fact that they profit on our data, and projects like the Librem 5 by Purism (fingers crossed they deliver!) talks about splitting baseband connectivity and making kill switches for other possible data leaks. So what I believe would be nice: a socially run project following FairPhone values + Phonebloks concept + Free Software (multiple distros). How to lure profit making companies in? Maybe creating good modules or components, even if they need to reduce their margins... Planet Earth is only one, folks!
Markus Strangl (3 months ago)
Modularity as an idea came up at a time of feature phones, where you had to choose which functions you wanted. But with the development path that Smartphones went, there simply is no feature difference between models and manufacturers anymore. All come with the same large set of base features, as they are based on only two or three SoC series. This also strongly limits the upgradeability. CPU, GPU, Wifi, 4G, Bluetooth, NFC, USB is all inside the same one chip. On a PC you can choose between a powersaving GPU and a strong gaming GPU, but on mobiles you can't. And splitting these components apart again as they were 10 years ago, would be a huge step back. I like the idea of clip-on speakers and camera that you showed, perhaps the industry will expand on that idea a bit in the future.. but the tiny part modularity that Ara and others advocated is just not going to happen. Aside from the bulk and cost of modules, there's also the reliability (it's really hard to design connectors that support high bandwidth and are still reliable and user friendly at the same time. You end up either with something USB-like that is slow but userfriendly, or something that mini-pci that is highspeed but not userfriendly and not built for many in/out cycles. The only /really/ useful modularity would be some FCC/EU enforced battery and display replacement requirements, as these are the two components on a smartphone that break the most.
Randy Harrigan (3 months ago)
Time after time and year after year and again, people have prooven that they would rather buy disposable junk than something easily fixable and upgradable. Its a sad world we live in.
ABHIS (3 months ago)
Lg g5 failed because of bootlooping other software issues in the lg g4.
Agafitei Alexandru (3 months ago)
Stop smoking so much. It is very visible.
Lukong (3 months ago)
They didn't make 2-Job chin (Projector & Speaker) and a keyboard/gamer chin for the LG & I would have bought a Motorola if they made Keyboard for it. - YEAH WHY WOULD YOU BUY A MOD THAT ONLY WORKS FOR YOUR PHONE OR PAY 50 FOR A SPEAKER - Make it a mod that fits with the phone, but can adapt to other phones...BUT NOOOO AGGRESSIVE MARKET TACTICS
partyvegetarian (3 months ago)
I mean, it was a self-evidently stupid idea that was completely contrary to what made smartphones great in the first place (integration). A better question is "why did anyone think modular smartphones were a worthwhile idea at all?"
BingBong Boopledoop (3 months ago)
Told you so. I was saying this concept was still-born when it was announced. Geeks wanted this so badly but there was mountain of reasons why it was bad idea. The only part I want to be modular is the battery. That's it.
Rasmus Lundqvist (3 months ago)
They failed because humans don't deserve the opportunities this opens, greedy corporations will always buy this idea in its conception, and then scrap it and it will be forgotten over and over again.
Epp Topno (3 months ago)
Gordon Yap (3 months ago)
The Ara was actually from Motorola when Google aquire them. Motorola actually did boot up the prototype on stage back then. There's a video of it booting up. That's when Google actually let go of Motorola and took over the project themselves. I guess the Google engineers are not as good as those guys from Motorola.
The Doc (3 months ago)
Geee I wonder why the modular smartphones failed...what a mistery. Idiot.
blackham7 (3 months ago)
Companies like Apple hate the idea of User self repairability and getting replacement parts from third parties, why else do you think they make it so hard to replace the screen or battery of an iPhone because there's no money in it they even invented their own screws to stop people accessing the hardware of their devices, and released iOS updates to brick the device of anyone who have used third party replacement parts or repair services.. Why would they allow something like Modular smartphones to happen.
Jovanovic Aleksandar (3 months ago)
800 dollar phones every 2 years LOL. Should change that into every 3 to 7 months. and 800 to 1000. Good video :)
Alegria (3 months ago)
Wtf is this I didn't even knew it was a thing
Thomas Kinkade (3 months ago)
Modular phones failed because Apple convinced their faithful that value is sinful and all the other manufactures want to be like Apple and sell obsolescence at the highest possible price.
Hi MyGameis (3 months ago)
I think the biggest reason modular phones won't work is because the parts would also need to be universal. All of the phone companies would need to make parts that are compatible and that will never happen in our lifetime.
It also helps our planet by less trash fro replacing a complete then just the broke component
J.Shen (3 months ago)
It was fake demand, people demand it but won’t actually buy it
Hennie van 't Veer (3 months ago)
I love my Fairphone. Sustainability is important to save the world. Thumbs Up for Fairphone, they are here to stay.
Zach Zayn (4 months ago)
I dont read the comments if u ever asking why I post this.. But for me the real reasons for not having modular phones is simply because of.... PROFITS! ! Even if u ll say they still making profit out of Modular, but at a smaller margin compared to now.. And u should really know how greedy these companies can be... And how many greater invention went to dustbin just because its dont reach their projected profits.. Its really MINDS vs Money now... Can anyone name me any gadgets that claims can last more that 10 yeard nowadays?
Don Robertson (4 months ago)
Didn't handspring try this back in the 90s? Who? Exactly.
wong jack (4 months ago)
Why isn't it popular? Because it is not Apple
5010 g (4 months ago)
Because new phones are so cheap they're practically disposable.
snailorgy (4 months ago)
but Modular looks so damn cool
Shah Alpha (4 months ago)
Dont really like modular.
Adrian Cuyubamba Diaz (4 months ago)

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