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Request-How to Close a Dying Business

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After 20 years in business a computer repair man has decided to close his shop. He wants to know how he should lay off his one employee as well as whether he should stick it out till his lease ends. Cappy advises. Need consulting services that actually work? visit! http://www.assholeconsulting.com
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John Swellguy (3 years ago)
Why not sell the biz to the employee? He's been working it 10 years with you do he knows the business? Even if you sell for $100 you save severance, get him set up well, plus you don't have to watch your business close.
paul smithson (3 years ago)
+John Swellguy Great Idea, Brilliant in fact. IMO 10/10 He could sign over the Biz and walk away Immediately.
Pimp Baby (3 years ago)
Fuck the employee. Just as Aaron says fuck the employer. Give him the six months notice. He'll have six months to find a job with glowing references, and then he'll have unemployment to fall back onto. Have gone the severance package rout.... Fucker worked for me for three months and was not eligible for unemployment. Just felt bad for the guy.... Dumb fucks lazy bitch of a wife quit her job and they had a kid. Fucker tried to sue me for unemployment benefits because I kept him on the payroll after... "Dude, you don't have enough time in to collect unemployment so I'll give you a moths pay as severance." What was really annoying was his wife would call me on Thursday to get they pay check when payday was *always* Friday. Don't give an inch or they'll want a mile. Save your own ass because Gomer won't give a shit where you end up. Remember you'll end up paying taxes and insurance fee's such as workers compensation on that severance package with nothing in return as far as productivity is concerned. If he is not actually being productive (not earning) than it's a loss. If you're loosing money than he's not being productive as it is and you're loosing money keeping him on unless your paying piece wage. Yeah I sound like an asshole but I can tell you from experience that when you are trying to liquidate a company that any additional liability (ei an employee and associated costs) is a liability. They'll fucking bleed you any way they can. They (employees) are not your friends. They are there for the money. He has been more than compensated for his labor and even if he finds can't another employer he'll be more than compensated through the myriad of safety nets which are in place in which you have payed for in taxes. It's more than likely he can't because the market is shit. So you're essentially subsidizing a dying industry. What the fuck man? Fucking pissed at you Aaron for even suggesting he offer a severance package. May as well give the employee 50% of what the guy has now like the ex got from the divorce.
ChrisP872 (3 years ago)
Three months severance for a loyal quality employee of ten years seems right to me.  When I was laid off in the past after a corporate merger three months severance is what I got.
Fig Got (3 years ago)
You should hire 7 guys to do a 21 gun salute in front of the establishment.
Michael Medley (3 years ago)
I have had friends go into the computer repair business.  They last a few years.  Anything that has to do with hardware is problematic.  There is no money there.  The support and troubleshooting side is the cash cow.
GunsOfThePhoenix (3 years ago)
+Michael Medley old people, old people. I use to do on call computer repair work in my town and old people are the biggest cash cow, 99% of the time is user error, and you still charge.
Pimp Baby (3 years ago)
Wiring a house for a couple who have a computer repair and IT business out of their home. They make IT repair/service and setup calls to local businesses and homes. I about shat myself when I saw the server farm and ethernet setup in their basement... I manage properties, do wiring, plumbing, HVAC on the side. You don't need an office or store front. All you need is a good rep and word of mouth. If you're reasonable with your prices and do good work people will refer you. Best of all most of it is cash, no employees, no commuting other than a few miles across town.
TheBlondePixie (3 years ago)
Can you start doing finance lessons with a whiteboard and pointy stick. It's the glasses and shirt look again 😍 *struggling to listen to the advice and rage*
TheBlondePixie (3 years ago)
+AaronClarey ha! More Aaron Grey style without the maniac in the making part.
AaronClarey (3 years ago)
I wasn't a Nazi for god's sake!
TheBlondePixie (3 years ago)
+AaronClarey "And here is the calculation" *thwack* *hits board with stick*. No idea, why they might be so keen 😉
AaronClarey (3 years ago)
+TheBlondePixie Heh, I used to teach economics in college. Had the occasional girl crushing on me.

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