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Sync Outlook Contacts: How to Sync Contacts from Outlook to Android by MobileGo for Android

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Sync outlook contacts to Android phone, transfer contacts from outlook to Android: https://www.istarsoft.com/go/mobilego?ref=youtube Download MobileGo for Android to sync microsoft outlook contacts to Android phone easily & safely. With the Wondershare MobileGo for Android, you can manage your Android phone as you wish just like Android iTunes. Watch the video tutorial to learn how to sync contacts from Outlook 2010 to Android phone step by step. "iTunes for Android: Android Phone and Tablet Content Manager" Video Tutorials:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2nrxt-d5hlitxnZYVFe1XS1cnO3jrkz7
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Text Comments (21)
JT Ku (1 year ago)
Are you kidding me? I have no idea what the hell you're trying to do. I need some help, not additional stupidity.
crazyilgas (2 years ago)
useless app, waste of time :-(
SAUrAbH (2 years ago)
Need a mobile app to synchronise Microsoft contacts to android phone
TheREALDocRabbit (2 years ago)
So tired of people supposedly posting how to videos only to never utter a single word about anything and playing some stupid awful music that no one wants to hear. Thumbs down for being lame.
Natas Selur (3 years ago)
I hate that music. In fact, it spoils the video.
Daniels BH NG (4 years ago)
Hi Sophia, My desktop MS Outlook is 2013.  Need to syn with a new mobile hardware - Huawei Mate 7.  Can your software do the job.  Outlook 2013 ! txs.
adgdfcfdsfa (4 years ago)
Not that it not only works, but it also created a virus on my machine. 
Golf Dude (5 years ago)
I'm using Office for MAC and I was hoping to be able to sync my Outlook claendar with my new Note 3? Suggestions?? thx :)
Tu Pham (5 years ago)
Not to have a go at you but this is in not what you would call a sync.. it is more of an export of your existing contacts on Outlook to your phone. If you add contacts to your phone or Outlook afterwards, there would be no sync partnership and you would have to do your export again... only how would you know which new contacts you have added which your Outlook/Android is missing?
iStarsoft (5 years ago)
Thank you for your comment. I just change the music for you! ^^
aprusek (5 years ago)
The music is horrible.
Chris Lee (5 years ago)
How does this program manage conflicts on contacts between the android & Office Outlook contacts?
Ilana Gordon (5 years ago)
What's with the music? Just do a voice-over explaining what you're doing, please.
jcvjcvjcvjcv (5 years ago)
Phone between the 6120 and Android phone is a Xperia X1
jcvjcvjcvjcv (5 years ago)
Android is really a supid system. Since my first phone (Siemens S55) I could always easily send over all my contacts. The first time I did it directly over Bluetooth (to Nokia 6120), then by Outlook (use them in Outlook anyway), but here comes Android.... it doesn't know what to do with the + sign in front of EVERY phone number in my list. What idiot made that sh*t up?
Umur Devellioğlu (5 years ago)
looks decent but i am looking for a free think
iStarsoft (6 years ago)
Same here, thank you so much for your support! ^^
Alexandra Haynes (6 years ago)
I think he needed words or something....I followed it just fine. I hate KIES!!
iStarsoft (6 years ago)
Oh, really? Could you please kindly provide some more detailed comment to me. We will try our best to improve it. We hope to do video better and better. Thank you!
antidumb01 (6 years ago)
This is quite the shitty how-to.
iStarsoft (6 years ago)

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