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Remove a fake Google review – (The Right Way)

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Receiving a negative review is one thing, most businesses do. But receiving a fake review is a complete different world of pain. In this video, you will find out what process you should follow to remove a fake Google review from your business listing. And although there is no guarantee that google will delete the false review, you can, at the very least, make sure that potential clients who read it clearly understand you were not too blame in the first place. In this video, I will show you how to handle a fake review the right way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeplfGfvvHI&feature=youtu.be To jump directly to the part that you are most interested in, follow the guide below: Answering a Fake review: 1:49 Flagging a Fake review: 3:48 Contact Google my business support: 5:20 Links mentioned in the video Google my business: https://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/business/ Google my business twitter account: https://twitter.com/GoogleMyBiz Google my business direct contacts https://support.google.com/business/answer/4596773 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the latest marketing tools for your local business, go to: http://rankingacademy.co.uk/tools/ Boost your visibility with my free guide: 10 awesome marketing tips http://rankingacademy.co.uk/guides/online-marketing-tips-for-small-business-owners/ You can also follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rankingacademy/
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Text Comments (144)
Airspeed 3D Drones (13 days ago)
My crap neighbor gave my company a bad rating! Was never a customer!
Ranking Academy (13 days ago)
Sorry to hear that. Just respond to it as professionally and di[diplomatically as you can
Rat Finder (18 days ago)
Hi, I have a question for you, about 6 months ago I fired most of staff and then some more of them a couple of months later, as they were being fired I noticed fake reviews appearing on my google+ business page, one of them even used my name as a customer leaving a bad review... I think there is about 6 or 7 of them, just before all of this starting I had great reviews... How should I handle this... Thank you for your help!
Ranking Academy (18 days ago)
The very first thing would be to respond to the reviews in a very professional manner. Continue collecting reviews and do your best so the feedback is constantly positive as it will drawn out the negative ones. Finally, if you think the reviews that have been posted are against Google's guideline, report them as explained in the video.
Mika Astier Kent (21 days ago)
How do you deal with a fake review with no comment google claims doesn’t violate their policy?
Mika Astier Kent (20 days ago)
Ranking Academy I did but I’m really hopping to get it removed. How is it ok to create an account just in order to leave a rating and never use that account again? Google says it’s perfectly fine. This would never fly on yelp
Ranking Academy (21 days ago)
Respond to it too like you would any other reviews.
Michael Hobble (1 month ago)
What do you do about someone who is attempting to game google's local guide and just spam reviews? Some good, some bad, but all on the same day. Google, in my opinion is setting some folks up with rewards to game their own system. Most people are actually honest, but some if trying to gain rewards will just leave stars with no comments and have never been to your location. I think this will be another "spam tactic" people begin to capitalize on. My fear is leaving my comment like you suggested only entices the person to justify why they did it and make up a BIG lie. Anyway, good video and I will attempt your strategy and let you know.
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Hi Michael. I know this can be disheartening at times. Let m know how you get on.
Jason Zen (1 month ago)
Help I got 3 fake reviews on my website. Losers that very easily can destroy your life business that we work hard to maintain & some dumb phuck comes along just like that n ruin’s the business with a bad review there needs to be penalties for people like that where it automatically blocks the internet...so much drama with fake people
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
I know. It is unfortunate. Just follow the tips i give in the video. Unfortunately there is little else you can do.
567Nikolo (1 month ago)
Usually an increase in the number of ratings on these services increases the number of visitors to cafes by 15-40%. I think you will need about 30 seconds to calculate how much your annual revenue will grow.
I've found no impact from google reviews on customer numbers whatsoever.
Mr_Dimplay (1 month ago)
Очень информативное видео , мне весьма понравилось, продолжайте в том же духе !!!
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
огромное благодарю за ваш комментарий
Yawningdog6 (1 month ago)
But Google's options don't appear to apply to a "fake" review. At 7:15 in your video, you circled the options, but none even remotely indicate that the review is fake (lie or fabrication). For instance, if you run a dog grooming operation and someone leaves a 1-star review that states "They beat a dog to death, don't do business with them," which never even remotely happened, what option are you supposed to choose? And Google's terms of service don't specifically call out "libel" on their list, indicating that libel/slander doesn't violate their terms of service. The Twitter message seems a good way if they actually do take action there, because it allows you to freely type what's really going on (what actually applies).
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Then i suggest you try reaching out to them via twitter
Shekh Mustak (1 month ago)
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot shekh
Ramen Noodles (2 months ago)
I accidentally flagged a comment and Google emailed me saying something about legal stuff what do i do?
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
The comment you receive is very likely to be automated. Just unflag the comment
Euthalia Cvs (2 months ago)
how much time to take remove the comments.?
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
There is no timeline as such.
VESKASA STARGAZER (2 months ago)
What happens when a company makes her own 5* fake reviews?
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
If they get caught they risk to be blacklisted
YouTube Red (2 months ago)
Nice video Thank you 👍
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
Many thanks
dear sir your video is very good, but as i/we are from asia, our english is not as good as yours, please tell me ? what option i chose while entering email, suppose the fake review is written by my competitor, i 100% know that guy is my very close competitor, now what option can i select.
The Adams Guy (2 months ago)
Gabriel Salazar (3 months ago)
Omg that just happend to me today and i was soooopo sad.
Jez I AM (3 months ago)
Start at 1:05s
Takeo (2 months ago)
Jez I AM thank you
Mark Porter (4 months ago)
I got a 1 star review with no comments by an unknown person who apparently posted about 50 1 star reviews for a variety of businesses over a span of about 10 minutes. I responded appropriately and flagged the review. Google did nothing even though all my other legit reviews are 5 star. I've seen a competitor of mine that had terrible google reviews become a 5 star google reviewed business over the course of a year. After perusing through the comments it's clear they are paying someone to generate fake reviews to improve the previously bad ones. It's obvious when all the comments use the same language and names. We're just going to have to play this game as long as consumers put credibility into these reviews.
edwin cooper (3 months ago)
I can get you more positive reviews lets talk on skype live:edwincoops
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Hi Mark. I feel your pain. The best approach is to remain ethical. Not sure if you have read this article, it might help: https://www.en.advertisercommunity.com/t5/Articles/How-to-Properly-Report-Spam-on-the-Google-My-Business-Forum/ba-p/1608196
Gregg Cleland (4 months ago)
It's like Google has read my mind popping this in as a recommended vid. Excactly an issue we're having at the moment. Good job with the coverage; subbed. :-)
Gamer Asmit (2 months ago)
same here
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Many thanks Gregg
Rakshit Jain (4 months ago)
Goodness!! You are an integral part of my YouTube Learning...so simple and easy to understand things..
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Rakshit Jain (4 months ago)
Acc to me you should a billion view per video...
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Thanks Rakshit
philly car keys (4 months ago)
The problem is if a fake negative review is investigated and Google says it is real. What then ? Also, none of the "flag" bullet points seem appropriate for a real fake review. Fake reviews harm ratings that took years to build. Ask me how I know.
edwin cooper (3 months ago)
I can get you more positive reviews lets talk on skype live:edwincoops
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Unfortunately if google deems a review to be genuine although you know it's fake, there is very little else you can do. Just remain as professional as possible in your response to it. That's all i can recommend.
Ehrthe Dher (4 months ago)
If someone writes a review and has deleted it. Are you notified?
Ranking Academy (4 months ago)
Gary (5 months ago)
I don’t give fake reviews when I say disgusting things happen in supermarkets and shops okay
Ranking Academy (5 months ago)
Sorry Gary but you've lost me here...
Thanks again for sharing this video. So, I received a fake review a few days ago. The alleged "Amy Perez" posted over 160 reviews on January 14th, at 8am (EST). I flagged it, and later reported this to GMB. They agreed this seemed very SPAMY, and escalated the case. Later, GMB explained they decided to leave all the "Amy Perez" reviews, and stated, "Since the person is a level 3 guide...." I detailed, "This account had zero reviews prior, and suddenly in one minute was able to publish 160+ reviews, all without any actual comment (simply stars), and they are rewarded with a status which is influencing Google's decision to objectively look at what feels like bot activity?" They essentially advised me to solicit more reviews. Has anyone found them-self in a similar situation? Any additional productive thoughts? Thanks, Delfino
Ranking Academy (5 months ago)
I would try to reach out to the google advertiser community: https://www.en.advertisercommunity.com/t5/Google-My-Business/ct-p/GMB 160 reviews in one day seems excessive and unnatural enough to be flagged.
Brett T (5 months ago)
We had a fake review about three years ago. It was from a "Google User" (no name). I clicked on the user and found they also left fake reviews for two other companies and all were really bad, nothing about business. I contacted the businesses. We all called Google and they were removed in just a few hours. The same review was left on Yelp. They WILL NOT remove anything, even if it's easy to see that it is fake. They will also hide your reviews and that list will grow if you don't spend money with them. We have 22 reviews. All good but the one mentioned above. Ten used to show and now we are down to three. In a previous video I watched from Ranking Academy he highly suggested Yelp. I completely disagree! Yelp has a low BBB rating as well as 2 stars on their own site.
Ranking Academy (5 months ago)
Thanks for your contribution Brett. I understand your frustration regarding yelp and I know dealing with a fake negative review is challenging. However, remember that business data displayed on Bing maps and more specifically reviews are pulled from Yelp so they do count. When dealing with negative reviews on Yelp your best strategy is to encourage more customers to review your business on Yelp so it drowns the negative reviews out.
Barry Mann (5 months ago)
The most effective technique is to drown out the bad with new and good reviews. One effective way is to place a link on your website "Leave feedback", taking the customer to the leave feedback form.
Ranking Academy (5 months ago)
I agree
Seckin Yildiz (6 months ago)
We have a customer and she left us wonderful review but made a mistake gave one star. I recommend every businesses owner to educate their customer on what to do. Customers have to read reviews. If you are good they will come back. !!!!!!!!READ THE REVIEWS GOD OR BAD!!!!!!! Remember you can not only you can make "FAKE BAD" review, you can also make " FAKE GOOD" review. So, educate your customers and tell them read, don't look at the stars only.
Nostalgia (5 months ago)
Seckin Yildiz This is what happened to us. They left a glowing review but gave us 1 star. We did reach out to them but unfortunately they’re not computer savvy. So frustrating and laughable at the same time.
Ranking Academy (6 months ago)
Nice contribution Sechin. Thanks
BP Management (6 months ago)
flagging a inappropriate comment is totally useless option. even 20 people will flag that comment but still it will be no use.
I had a problem with a neighbour that has nothing to do with my personal business, but he started to leave negative comments in my business opinions. Is incredible how easy is for someone to lie on the internet and fuck your business.
Ranking Academy (6 months ago)
I know and I feel your pain
Dental Care for Kids (6 months ago)
one was fake I flagged it,, it was removed... one was real but my advice was misunderstood and other doctor misguided him... I replied in a professional manner n luckily few other senior doctors too supported me by commenting on it professionally n bingo I can't see the review anymore.
Ranking Academy (6 months ago)
Dental Care for Kids great stuff, well done
muhammed mohnis (6 months ago)
Hii sir How are you? I recieved a 1 star rate on my google reviews few months ago through investigation i could find out it wasnt someone who was wasting my employees time for about a year and scolded him for not coming on the spot to his place. Since he had another meetings to be made please tell me what should i do at this particular thing and under whuch category i could file thus complaint I would be waiting for your reply Thank you
Blue Brick Wall (6 months ago)
Dude ...stop lecturing us on how life works and get to the advertised point of this video
GlitchTech Gaming (6 months ago)
What topic should you choose if the fake reviewer didn’t put any feedback?
Peter Popovic (6 months ago)
Cool video, Im just wondering - if you can pair two google links together ? so on each of them same reviews show up ? it is the same owner, firm but different locations.
Ranking Academy (6 months ago)
Thanks Peter. You must have separate reviews per location.
Rogo Rega (6 months ago)
HOES English Center Mty
Thx My VA is connected as owner successfully to Google my business and can't access Google my business..frustrated with that..
Hi yes, virtual assistant was registered successfully to be owner to have access to google my business but yet still can't access.. I'll try calling google. Thx for content
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
Hi Matt. Not sure i understand your issue. You have someone registered as the owner of your Google my business but he can't access the account?
Tarun Verma (8 months ago)
People even give negative reviews and Dislikes on YouTube also without thinking twice. For a useful video like this, as I can see statistics do not go much in favor of the content. I wonder why 34 people have disliked this video so far. Either you Like it or you simply leave without giving any feedback, but why Disliking a neutral informative video. It is difficult to assess the causes of Dislikes, so one has to accept this reality. I have seen videos which get 2k-3k likes but hardly 10-15 dislikes, and even if I dislike the video due to its non-usefulness, I don't generally give any Dislike. Unless the video is totally crap or misguides due to its wrong title or anything else significantly deviating from the aims of the video or due to its poor quality, only then I provide a dislike. But some people are really callous and unempathetic, and out of fun or poor rational thinking, respond negatively.
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
Thanks for your comment Tarun. I couldn't agree more. I guess it's impossible to please everyone so it is something that we all have to take on-board as creators and entrepreneurs. I'm always open to criticism and constructive reviews as I believe it helps me improve the quality of my work but you can never stop anyone from posting dislikes. It will not stop me from continuing to publish videos though ;-)
sadheesh kumar (8 months ago)
Can any case be filed on fake reviewer's?
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
It depends on many factors, including the law in your country. You might find this article helpful http://blumenthals.com/blog/2014/01/26/fake-reviews-everyone-is-doing-it-so-it-must-be-legal/
Neil Dring (8 months ago)
Who does this review system really help?
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
Hi neil. 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. And 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations so they are very important
Neil Dring (8 months ago)
After being ripped off by a car dealer, I left a one star rating, and have since been harassed and had abuse for doing so. This system does not promote fairness to the costumer either!
Neil Dring (8 months ago)
Ranking Academy , here are the exact details to help you advise me on my predicament: I pay to for car service and mot (I paid more than I was quoted) Two days later the car engine blows up. The garage quotes a further £600 to look at the engine but might not find a fault as is internal. Alternatively, they will buy the car from me. Reluctantly, I sell them the car (for the same amount that the mot and service cost me) "They" do not register the car as new owners, miraculously fix the car, and it is spotted by the police being driven with tax or insurance. Court summons go to my old address, when the "law" finally finds me, I am taken to a high court where I need to prove my innocence. Crazy huh?! Yet this is lawful on every level? And nobody wants to get involved?
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
Reviews, especially bad ones, are taken very seriously these days and can result in law suits (on either side, customers and company) . Since I don't know the exact situation I can't really say very much else here apart from the fact that nobody should ever be threatened in any way shape or form.
Neil Dring (8 months ago)
Consequently I have had to delete my review leaving the door open for other innocent people
Happy Paws (8 months ago)
even 4 star fake reviews can mess up 5 star ratings. google simply efuse to remove one with no comments and they never even visited us.
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
Happy Paws many thanks
Happy Paws (8 months ago)
yes while they say my comment is good to the person in response as they do not see a 4 star as fake even though they are not a client. they left no message just 4 stars without review in words. thank you though found your video very helpful
Ranking Academy (8 months ago)
I do agree. It can be very difficult indeed to get some reviews removed.
jhon vallan (9 months ago)
hello sir i am in big trouble, i unpublish my google business website and my website gone from my dashboard but it appear when i search it on google, i want to delete my website and it never show again in google search, please help me someone
Ranking Academy (9 months ago)
Althought you have deleted your site from your google my business it will take Google a little bit of time to delete it from its index. Hopefully it shouldn't take too long. Just give it a week or so.
Safe and Trusted Canada (9 months ago)
Very good information. I will share with other businesses. I agree with some of the other comments by others.
Ranking Academy (9 months ago)
Many thanks for your feedback and for sharing
DavidFR (10 months ago)
This information will come in handy. Thank you!
Ranking Academy (10 months ago)
My pleasure. Best of luck with your business
So sad 🙁 somebody came to my store and disrespected my daughter and made a FAKE review saying she saw a dead roach in her food and she complained. There was a whole other story actually but that’s another thing. What can I do about this?
Ranking Academy (11 months ago)
You are welcome
Ranking Academy thanks very much especially for responding quickly 😀I’ll check the vid
Ranking Academy (11 months ago)
Sorry to hear what has happened to you. You have to carefully handle this. Watch my video called how to answer negative reviews here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BySSGch2KTo
Christopher Labbate (1 year ago)
Remove a fake Google review - Nice Title, but ultimately I assure you it CAN NOT BE DONE> I help small business owners get ranked online year after year and we manage their GMB accounts. I would say at least 50% or more have suffered from a false review, fake comments or poor rankings from some joker, Guess What?! Google will do nothing if the review is 110% false (Even I got one from another Country!). The only way they will take it down is if they use hate speech. I am creating a FULL case study across multiple accounts of fake reviews and will post it back here once live on my YouTube channel. The video was helpful, but fake reviews can not and will not be removed by Google.
Christopher Labbate (1 year ago)
Hello and thanks for your kind reply, I have read the Whitespark article but not the first one. Do you have any REAL examples of fake reviews getting removed? This gives me some hope, however I have had no success with trying to talk directly with Google My Business customer agents. Any Suggestions? Have you removed a fake review for a client? How did you do it?
Ranking Academy (1 year ago)
Thanks for your feedback,Christopher. Although I agree with you it is difficult to remove a fake review, it is possible. Since you work in the industry I assume you are familiar with Joy Hawkins who is an expert in Google local and recently posted this article https://moz.com/blog/fake-negative-reviews-on-google where she managed to remove some fake reviews. Here is another example from the Local experts at whitespark https://whitespark.ca/blog/remove-fake-google-reviews/
Embers (1 year ago)
but why
Ranking Academy (1 year ago)
Sorry , I am not sure what your question is about.
We have recently received several fake reviews on FB & google and they all happened within the same period of time. It's obvious that one of our competitor did so and we jolly well know who. Although we cannot stop her from tarnishing our reputation but with such unprofessional behavior, she won't get too far too.
Duke Packaging (10 months ago)
We are suffering from the same situation. There is no point of posting fake and negative reviews. I am sure that they are our competitors and just trying to lower our ratings and to spoil our reputation over the internet. I hope Google will give us all a better solution for this!
Ranking Academy (1 year ago)
Really sorry to hear. Some people have no ethic. Make sure you adress this in the best possible way
Rahul Kalavala (1 year ago)
Good one
Ranking Academy (1 year ago)
Rahul Kalavala thanks
Steve Megna (1 year ago)
Awesome video! Appending the ",5" to the end of the URL didn't add the stars for me. Can you confirm that this feature/option still works?
Uma sankar.T (5 months ago)
Hi bro My Google Maps contact no is changed. Some one suggestion and edit my no. How it will be happen ???? Plz help me
Ranking Academy (1 year ago)
Hi Steve. Thanks for your feedback. It seems you are correct. I have just tried it and sadly it no longer works :-(
Christy W (1 year ago)
Hi, thanks for the helpful content. Our business is being harassed by an ex employee. When I try to go to the 'flag review on google maps', it doesn't have the call, chat, email options. Would you be so kind to provide me with email, call number?
Get a lawyer to send that ex employee a "cease & desist" letter and proceed into litigation if required
Mike G (7 months ago)
Good luck with that, I've had a disgruntled ex-employee who wrote a bad review about my company and its been on Google for 8 yrs.
Ranking Academy (1 year ago)
Hi There. Thanks for watching. To see what the best way is to contact google watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3o0TtTle-E&t=138s and skip to 5:41
eden powell (1 year ago)
do you know how to create a link to send to customers to the 5 stars review part
Ranking Academy (1 year ago)
Yes. Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s5YZ2dKEmU skip to 7:20
Nostalgia (5 months ago)
It's amazing how little power business owners have over google reviews. I'm all for freedom of speech but something is really amiss here. The fact ANYONE can post an unfair review even just your competition is incredibly easy to do. I can understand why there are so many fake positive reviews. You need them when it's so easy to tarnish your business with a click of a button. I can literally create 10 fake gmail accounts and post negative reviews on someones busines I dont like and Google will not do anything. You can even accuse the business of doing something illegal when it's completely untrue. Google reviews is totally a shambles and needs to go. It's become a joke. Edited Another google review for 1 star by someone who complained they waited for 10 minutes to be seen when their appointment should have been 10 minutes earlier. It’s not like we were chatting and doing nothing. Literally attended to an anxious child. What a joke this system is!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well I’ll just get my friends to put an extra 3 5 star reviews.
A. Schulz (4 months ago)
As a business owner I don't mind bad reviews. It always can happen that for some reason someone isn't statisfied. But 90% of my negative reviews are by fake accounts who do 50 opinions in 1hour after the account has been created. And I can't do ANYTHING to get rid of them. So I get at least 1-3 negative reviews a month by some freaking company who's probably promoting someone elses business by making ours worse. It's disgusting and I feel utterly helpless.
George Pagakis (5 months ago)
@The Truth that is not true. I manage many businesses in GMB and I urge my clients to suggest to their satisfied customers leave them a Google review. Most of the businesses that I run all get real reviews and the more you suggest the more you get. so there is really nothing wrong with the review on Google you just have to know that there are idiots out there who take advantage but people are not stupid. if you have tons of 5 and 4 stars and then a 1 star, if its properly handled like Luc suggested it doesn't make a difference in the businesses new client basis. To many people dramatize about things like this and I find Youtube has the biggest whiners I have ever seen.
George Pagakis (5 months ago)
offering a refund is not a good idea because that will only make other idiots spam so they can get a free meal. I think the best way is to reply to a bad comment and then call google, usually if its really apparent that its a fake they will remove it.
Dental Care for Kids (6 months ago)
google tracks ur location
Nostalgia (6 months ago)
@Tarun Verma Exactly. It is so easy to be dissatisfied at anything. The worst I see is from patients who complain about doctors/dentists and you could tell its a case of the patient not understanding physiology or the nature of the industry. Another typical "complaint" I see is running late by 15 mins because the patient before was in a lot of pain and required a tooth extraction but unfortunately the bone was very dense leaving the dentist to fish the remaining broken root out. The typical person would believe the dentist was incompetent but from our point of view this can be expected from a person with bone like concrete. I'm amazed at how a giant like Google can have one of the most amateurish review platforms on the Internet. Even Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews has more credibility.
I am dealing with a someone harassing me. I do all my business on an individual basis as a photographer, I have never done a photo shoot for this person. Yet he is hellbent on slandering my business.
Ranking Academy (1 year ago)
Do answer it that person in the most professional manner then report it to google.
Gear Barrel (1 year ago)
When you reply to the review does the person you reply to get a notification? If its competitor who left a fake review they may leave more fake reviews and recruit others to do the same
Quadra Village (1 year ago)
It could be a real review but it is only opinion of one person, that person can be biased or have very different sensitivity level than rest of the population, that is published and read by many as thousands as gospel truth.
Ranking Academy (1 year ago)
Hi Gear barel. Yes the person will receive a notification when you respond to a review. Yes your competitors can certainly do that but so can you, so nobody wins. If you see anything suspicious i suggest to simply flag it to Google and hopefully they will do something about it as they take fake reviews seriously.
Alamgir Hossain (1 year ago)
Thanks for your video,Do you know how to remove Yelp bad reviews,can you please share with us?
Andrew Gemus (1 year ago)
GOOGLE 650-253-0000
anth0r (1 year ago)
My business had two fake reviews. One posted by and employee and another from a disgruntled customer. One was on yelp and the other was on yp. I contacted yelp directly after reading their policies and that review was removed because it was a third party. They said we “took advantage of his grandpa”. Lies. The yp One was easier because the person that posted it was accusing my business of everything under the sun and accusing one person of lying. It was a direct accusation. Both of these were totally false. I love having good reviews and I know that a few bad ones will not hurt me they will only benefit me because we can’t please EVERYONE It becomes a problem when people begin to leave fake reviews. That could wreck a business. If they created 15 gmail accounts and posted 15 reviews against the same business it would be devastating. They would be removed eventually but the fact is that others have seen it. I appreciate your video thanks!
Aurora Borealiss (1 year ago)
Ranking Academy (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing your experience anthur. I totally agree with you, and it goes to show how important reviews are and the impact it can have on a business.

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