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WooCommerce adding product options

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How to add product options to WooCommerce (like different sizes or color variations). In your WordPress admin page (with WooCommerce installed), select Products, Attributes from the left menu. Add a new attribute name, such as "Size." Click Add attribute. On the right side, you'll see the attribute you just added, click on the gear icon. Then add a name for a variable (such as "small" "6.5" "blue"). Click the blue, "Add new __" button. Repeat for each option your product has. Now add or edit the product you have options for. In the edit or add screen, there is a box that says "Product Data" In the dropdown menu, where it says Simple Product, select "Variable Product" instead. Then click on Attributes, and select the option you need. Click "Add," then check the box "Used for variations." Under values, click "Select All" Save it. Then click Variations. Select "Create variations from all attributes" and click "Go." Say okay to both pop-ups. Now, for every single variation, click the row to expand your options. Add a price to the price field for every single variation. Click Save. (It will not add your product to your shop unless you add a price to each one.) Now back towards the top of the screen, click either "Publish" or "Update" and your product will now have options!
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Taller de Papel (7 months ago)
Thanks a lot!! This was exactly the tutorial I needed too!!!
Christina O (7 months ago)
You're very welcome!
Mas Gading (1 year ago)
Shawn Bashaw (1 year ago)
This is a great tutorial, thank you!! Is there any way to have the ability to choose more than one variation when ordering? I have the products entered and all the attributes and variations, but I need the ability for the customer to be able to choose more than one variation.
Christina O (1 year ago)
Not to my knowledge there isn't, but it's been a while since I've worked with WooCommerce. Sorry I couldn't help more!
Hey thank you i did it, i thought that needs a plugin!
Thank You for the video 👍👍
Paul Stanely (1 year ago)
Very nice and informative video. If anyone need coding help for creating product custom option then he should this article https://www.fmeaddons.com/blog/programming-questions-and-their-answers-regarding-woocommerce-product-options/ . It contains answers of top 5 questions regarding product options in WooCommerce. I am sure you will learn a lot from this article. Besides this, here I would like to share my favorite product custom options plugin for WooCommerce (http://bit.ly/1sSNy8i) you can check it out.
Christyna Wydenes (2 years ago)
Hello, Can you please tell me how to remove a category from the product categories. Thank you so much
Christina O (1 year ago)
Could you be a little more specific? Do you not want customers to see categories, or do you want to change the category of a particular product?
Laura Chesters (2 years ago)
Great help. Thank you :)
Christyna Wydenes (2 years ago)
YEEPEE, I'm so happy that I found you. You are the only one that concentrate on the topic your showing, which makes the whole process so easy! Than you so much for tgis marvelous video. I score you a 10 point AAAAAAAAAA ! Thank a million! Christyna Wydenes
Rachel (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! This was exactly the tutorial I needed.
Christina O (1 year ago)
If you go to your WooCommerce settings page, there are tabs for taxes and shipping. They walk you through all the basics there!
Christyna Wydenes (2 years ago)
I hope you talk to me christyna wydenes, yes you did a super job.Do you know how to figure out the shipping and the tax?. I love to hear from you. smiles christyna wydenes
Christina O (2 years ago)
You're welcome, so glad it helped!
ShadowSniper (2 years ago)
ok i got 1 attribute, its color, with 3 variations. if you choose blue it shows $1 price, if you choose red its $2 price and black is $3 price, if you click add to cart, it adds that amount. but i want to set the base price to $50 in white for example. if they choose the add-on from drop down menu, it will be $50+$1 or $50 +$2 or $50 +$3. i know i can just put the variation price at $51, $52, $53 BUT that doesnt help when i have more than 1 attribute. lets say its also size small included in the price, but select medium and its +$5 and select large and its +$10 more. i cannot get all of the addons to simply add the selected price to the cart total
Christyna Wydenes (2 years ago)
do you reply to christyna wydenes? if so, I'm very happy with your explanation. You do a super job!! smiles
Christina O (2 years ago)
Sorry, I just saw this! I never thought of needing to do that, did you get it figured out?
ShadowSniper (2 years ago)
when i add variations and try to put the price in each, it doesnt raise the cost of the item on the screen and doesnt add the drop down items additional price to the cart
ShadowSniper (2 years ago)
i changed the themes to 2012 and even another and it didnt fix it.
ShadowSniper (2 years ago)
i cant post the link here to this unpublished page but you can message me on facebook group Hoplite Armor Affiliates group if you want to help :)
Christina O (2 years ago)
It might be your theme, some themes block the drop down from being displayed. Do you want to share a link to your shop and I'll look?
sarmad dlshad (2 years ago)
what about products condition (new/used) how i can add this section ?
Christina O (2 years ago)
I would add "Condition" as an attribute, and then "New" and "Used" as the variables.

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