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DON'T Sell Another Vehicle In GTA Online Until You Know This Trick That Will Save You Thousands!

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DON'T Sell Another Vehicle In GTA Online Until You Know This Trick That Will Save You Thousands! ►Cheap GTA 5 Shark Cards & More Games: https://www.g2a.com/r/mrbossftw This SECRET trick that you can use during Import/Export missions will save you tons of money! SOURCE: namless1 (GTAForums) ►My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrBossFTW ►My Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/MrBossSnaps ►My Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/mrbossftw ►My Instagram: http://instagram.com/jamesrosshudgins Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻
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MrBossFTW (1 month ago)
DON'T Sell Another Vehicle In GTA Online Until You Know This Trick That Will Save You Money!
ZiG z4g KiNG (1 day ago)
MrBossFTW by the time you are done with all of that you could have stolen another time. you are wasting time
Stefan Simic (7 days ago)
MrBossFTW does it count if you use and Insurgent Pickup Custom
TicTacTom (7 days ago)
Karter Burdon I do that
TicTacTom (7 days ago)
Edwin Montes everyone knows that
Xbogames 365 (8 days ago)
MrBossFTW o
PayneKiller (10 hours ago)
Your net profit was 80k lol not 100k
wadup m8 (14 hours ago)
King Liam (15 hours ago)
Roses are red, violets are blue, I just got clickbaited, and so did you😑
Tom Vines (15 hours ago)
Your profit isn’t 100,000 you need to pay 20,000 before you sell it
Mackenson Jean (15 hours ago)
It works thank you
Pavel Stepa (15 hours ago)
Accualy, your profit is 80k because 20k you pay for upgrades
Addictionz Xbox (1 day ago)
Did it with phantom cheese wedge
John QPublic (1 day ago)
It is now officially patched! I did it ONCE today and tried a second time today several times and vehicle BLEW THE HECK UP! No work no mOre!
Ryan Terry (1 day ago)
Now that's a lot damage get FLEX TAPE
AJ Broom (1 day ago)
Or you could just do it honestly
ITZ_MALVAREZ (1 day ago)
wow like 2k is ganna cost me much every car I export...
Mystamacroon 902 (1 day ago)
Actually 80k profit coz u pay 20k geese
Kuuri Boyy (1 day ago)
Just use cargo bob
Lucas Kearsley (1 day ago)
It will be patched soon now that he made the video about it
ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ (1 day ago)
save thousand? u lose ammo and time
MRevz (2 days ago)
So basically, if you can drive, don't do this
Mister Sleepy (3 days ago)
zero money pay for mechanic, buying ammo instead
Vivek Nair (3 days ago)
Another trick just have less money than the damage
the one (3 days ago)
Only thousands not millions xD
IstvanYoutube (3 days ago)
Or just drive the car without scratching it :P Saves you tons of time and since time = money.. Saves you tons of money
Big Jonah (2 days ago)
that's what I was thinking
Nikho Taroy (3 days ago)
Easy Trick: Dont crash😂
BC-Playz (3 days ago)
Does it have to be pushed with a insurgent?
Yassix Boss (3 days ago)
Been patched
Rosemary Percival (3 days ago)
Net worth would actually be $80k not a total $100k MrBoss should know this out of all people
Eclipse Pheonix (3 days ago)
Still work?
Riley the cool Guy (4 days ago)
I just sold two cars LOL
NOLAN (4 days ago)
Need help with vehicle cargo Xbox one S: NJD06
Ulysses Arauza (4 days ago)
But u also have to pay for the ammo
Anki (4 days ago)
I usually get about $1000 of damage... I would rather pay that tiny amount than waste time and ammo 👍
Schwifty (4 days ago)
80k Profit*
Rapidzz Gaming (4 days ago)
Or you could just not do import and export missions, do something easy like gunrunning
Dav Zag (4 days ago)
Can I Still Do It Or Did It Got Patch ???
Jonathan Denny (4 days ago)
Get good scrub
Jonathan Denny (4 days ago)
This is unnecessary.
Alex Clark (4 days ago)
This is extremely helpful
Kasper Bak (5 days ago)
Just have like 15 k on u and then damage your vehicle over 15 k . So you dont waste any money if you just damage it more than u have.
ItzSonney (5 days ago)
actually you got 80K profit coz you have to pay 20K for the modifications but thx for tip its very helpful :)
Ali Saidyar (5 days ago)
Or put all your money to other account that you cant pay the reprair cost it works
R D (5 days ago)
This sounds pointless unless you are already that bad at driving that you have 20k+ repairs to begin with. All the time lost and money spent on ammo to do this just does not sound worth it at all.
Nick James 73 (5 days ago)
Lol so dumb. Just learn how to drive.
Yolo Once (5 days ago)
When you have almost 100 million modded cash, but still want to save money. Like tf xD
Brown Sauce (4 days ago)
Yolo Once he is not a modder idiot
Francois kasonga (6 days ago)
It's legit, it works
Estatik (6 days ago)
Waste of time
Diamond gun 93 (6 days ago)
I once had to pay for 25,000
Elite Sniper (6 days ago)
It would actually be 80,000 because u pay 20,000 to sell
Cameron Ellison (6 days ago)
You also have to pay 20k to modify the car so you only make 80k
John Butler (6 days ago)
Like you can do this in a lobby in gta online with everyone flying jets cars bombers and shit
Andark NoslineD (6 days ago)
You say to use this, because you think this is "clever" to do ? OMG So much work... so much to do.
scopezxsnakez (6 days ago)
Thanks it really helps me
Bláde (6 days ago)
If you have no money you don’t need to pay repairs
Freddy Bereydin (6 days ago)
You make 80k not 100k and this just seems pointless
Mcnuggs (7 days ago)
My car didn't start, rip.
StormOpkomst (7 days ago)
Imtaken510 1 (7 days ago)
Why don’t you just not crash??
Congruent Crib (7 days ago)
Robet (7 days ago)
Flatbeds and Wastelanders should be an option for delivering vehicle cargo.
Jay (7 days ago)
Oooooooor just become a better driver, it actually helps you for the future 😑
footin hisass (7 days ago)
Does this work for when u actually deliver the car to the buyer. Cus mfs always WRECK my shit and end up with 70k when it's a 100k run
MrTestSubject (7 days ago)
Randy Hoffman (7 days ago)
Lol wow cargo bob take it their and pick it up lololo
Cosmic Cyborg (7 days ago)
MADMAX SWAG (7 days ago)
I did this and it didn’t work
GtaSouljah (7 days ago)
Kee could be a solution, when your car is to much damaged. Still a wast of time. There are more things to do.
Triston Williams (7 days ago)
Or just drive flawlessly
joejoe2377 (7 days ago)
That Max headroom character tho lmao
Kieran Greenfield (7 days ago)
or git gud at driving
Uchiha Madara (7 days ago)
Or you could just use a cargo bob to pick up your car and deliver it safely with no damage in less than half the time
Brandon Doven (7 days ago)
You can also make a second character put your money on the bank and switch to other character On character 2 take the money from the bank so it's in your pocket Then go back to first character and you can deliver cars with empty pockets and as much damage that you want Your assistant wil text you that your mechanic payed the damage for you I do this all the time If you try this and make a video from it Be sure to mention me 😉
Tarun van der Gouw (8 days ago)
If u can drive this will only save 2-3k per mission hahah so and u can do like 2 mission in this time
maxman 1000 (8 days ago)
This doesnt work its a scam
Mike Dunphy (8 days ago)
Take this down so they dont fix the glich
Josh palmer (8 days ago)
Your net profit is 80,000 cuz u pay 20,000 to upgrade
Lorne Macdonald (8 days ago)
80k dickcheese
Josiah Hockenberry (9 days ago)
And patched.
David King (9 days ago)
Dat math tho
basit ali (9 days ago)
Lol 100k net profit what school did you go to you nonce
*CHILDISH* (9 days ago)
Too much work for one car imo im broke af half of the time so i just do more damage than what i have in the bank easy imports
Azloh (9 days ago)
This works as of August 6th 2018
Rich_Kid_ angelo (9 days ago)
Ken-Robin Stabel (9 days ago)
Kom oooon dude boss , just jump out off the car close to the marker so it drops, no insurgent needed
Hipyhunter29 (9 days ago)
Or you can give all your money in the bank n in ur pockets to ur second character so you don't have to pay a cent👍
Jake Dawg (9 days ago)
Or just don't crash it.... Problem solved.
Mazen Al Abdallah (9 days ago)
Does it still work right now?
Timmy Jacob (9 days ago)
Yeah but you still got the computer people shooting at you at the end or when you get your car Mound fully upgraded and you before you deliver
Timmy Jacob (9 days ago)
Good to know mr. Boss good to know good video
Christopher Lopez (9 days ago)
U got 80 000 profit
Mikes Shooter (9 days ago)
*this is stupid cause all the ammmo your waisting is just going to add up to the money anyway*
Ferriyale (9 days ago)
Finn Walsh (9 days ago)
How does he have no enemy NPCs shooting at him???
Charles Daoust (9 days ago)
Dont do that video gta5 patch it you just going to lose your time and 34000$
LéonOfficial (9 days ago)
Omg @MrBossFTW I realised that you were in my lobby 1 week ago or something else and I raged so hard because you killed me all the time lmao.. I saw ur name and was shocked right now. I didn't knew you were a YouTuber
I'm a Dinosaur (9 days ago)
Net profit is $80,000 not $100,000 you have to pay for customisation
PancheX con X (10 days ago)
The Tittle of the video should be The MOST ilogical method to save money! JUST learn to DRIVE! USE Cargobob!
guitarboyjeff (10 days ago)
I think this has been patched!!! The max amount is $12,750!!! Does it matter if it's Standard or High range!!!?
AlexH42 (10 days ago)
Well he did lose money in the end with waste all the bullets which will end up costing him about 5k
Shashank Katiyar (10 days ago)
Nice tip. But Net profit per car never exceeds 80K in I/O (except collections). People keep forgetting 20% cut.
scorpion Thebeast (10 days ago)
Orrrrrrrr...... Don't drive like a tard
Devon Timko (10 days ago)
Pointless.. all the ammo you wasted is basically your repair costs.
TheRandomBoy DK (10 days ago)
Is this patched

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