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Thank You For Watching - You Made it to the End!

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You made it! Congratulations! Thanks so much for watching, I really enjoyed making this for you. We always have more videos and creating to do, please let me know if we missed anything! Mobile development to come next.
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Ambitious Entrepreneur (25 days ago)
Hi Greg, Gary from SA here. Greg do you have an email address that I can use to communicate with you on. I am using the old style Sydney on all my other websites and enjoyed the way that the Page Builder by SiteOrigin worked is there any way that i can still use this plugin with my new site that i doing? Greg just had to edit this, I have had a brain fart lol. Just searched for the plugins I want and am using them now. My bad.. But please send me your skype and email addresses. This would be really great if you can send to my email address is [email protected]
Zk Tan (1 month ago)
I have problem with one of my plugins. I contacted the plugin support team and they told me that it has something to do with my theme (sydney). The plugin i have problem with is called woocommerce check zip/pincode. It works when i choose simple product but it does not work when i choose variable product. I wanted to post this on the support forum but i'm not sure how to do so. Can you please help?
Greg Narayan (1 month ago)
No prob glad you posted it here! What other woocommerce plugins do you have installed, could also be a plugin conflict. What do you want the plugin to do in your variable products?
mobilemedia02 (1 month ago)
thank you for the great series!!
Avrum Golub (1 month ago)
Thank you very much for your diligent work and for being there for your community 👍💚📯
Greg Narayan (1 month ago)
Try my best! Our longterm community like you mean everything. It's our cornerstone principal up there (literally in the logo) with Blogging and Answers! 👍👍
Ben Crossley (1 month ago)
I see you have but it says there are 16 videos!
Ben Crossley (1 month ago)
Can you create a playlist for this series. Thanks.
Greg Narayan (1 month ago)
For quickest results: Start on #4. You can skip 1-3 as well as the conclusion.
Greg Narayan (1 month ago)
Right on cue with that comment, nice Ben! Here's the playlist (all videos added now!) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOfIImDvwW-2-DJaJRS1VROtYe3VvHzD8

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