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John Deere/Frontier - Rotary Cutter (Brush Hog) - (Part 2 of 3)

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Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more. Thanks for watching!!! NO MUSIC, just tractor noises!!! John Deere 3038e and Frontier Rotary Cutter RC2060 with iMatch Quick Hitch. Frontier rotary cutters fit a wide range of tractor HP ratings, on the low end these cutters are intended for tall grass and light brush. On the high end of the HP ratings the cutters can handle thicker brush and small saplings.
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Sidney Mathious (28 days ago)
I have my John Deere 790 tractor and 513 brush hog connected together and love the way the combination works together. Even though I got a new tractor I still keep the cutter on the 790 since that combination seems to work better and my new tractor is lighter.
Thanks for watching and the comment +Sidney Mathious! There are times I wish I had a 2nd tractor or machine to keep certain implements attached to it. There are times when I will use the brush hog and then want to rake the area before I till it and if I could have one tractor set up with each implement there would be less hassle switching things around. For now the QuickHitch is definitely helping out with the with and making life a little easier.
David Flores (1 year ago)
I have same cutter and new land owner and tractor owner. So I thought you should put rpms up to at least 15-20 before engage pto. also I think my cutter is not balanced right since seems to bottom out on uneven spots when leveler is at 4 on my 3032e John deere
Hey, thanks for watching +David Flores! I hope you enjoy your tractor and land as much as we do. In this video, I had the motor rev'd a little higher than it needed to be before I engaged the PTO. I was concerned that the tractor engine might get bogged down and stall out once the PTO engaged but this unit has plenty of power. Since then, I will typically leave the tractor at idle, engage the PTO and then slowly increase the throttle. As for the cutter not being balanced right, I am very thankful for our John Deere dealership, they set everything up to the manufacture's specs and then tested it before delivery. I have not had any issues with ours but I can imagine of the blades were not installed correctly or something else got bent then it definitely could create an issue. Thanks for the comment!
Chandler Barber (2 years ago)
you engaged to hard
oldhawkins , i have a smaller John Deere the 4010 compact 18hp and i was curious about this because if i have it just at idle it will stall the tractor. It usually idles at 1300 rpm so i bump it up to 1500 and it seems to engage just fine. But if i were to give it a little more do you think it would be better or worse for the tractor. Im not to concerned with the brush hog! Thanks
Thanks +Chandler Barber. I have read varying opinions on this but agree that as long as you do not allow the tractor engine or rotary mower to bog down or stall, causing undue wear and tear on the mower and tractor, the tractor should be at idle RPM before engaging the PTO and then slowly advance the throttle to 540 PTO RPM. NOTE: Rotary mower designed to run at 540 PTO RPM only.
oldhawkins (2 years ago)
John Deere has a wet clutch pto. Cant "engage to hard".

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