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Crypto Four Corners International Jane Rodriguez

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James McFarland (7 months ago)
So sweet. Thank you.
I'm praying for you Jane
We love your updates, Jane! Hang in there. The world needs your Marilyn-Monroe-With-A-Gun attitude! This first year without him is most likely the hardest, but I pray it gets better from here forward!
Pandorafix (7 months ago)
I really appreciate you taking the time to give me an encouraging word. God bless you!
Claudia Zacarias (8 months ago)
May Our Lord Jesus Bless You in all ways Amen.
nakedlunch72 (8 months ago)
Only recently heard your encounter, and found your Chanel. First off, I'm very sorry for your loss. Second, I have recently heard about someone else that had an encounter with one of those leafy "stick" figures. I'll see if I can find the details and pass it along to you Jane. Be safe, be strong, and keep up the great work, love your video updates. ☮
Young OG 602 (8 months ago)
jay gang (8 months ago)
your a strong wonderful person. keep your head up jane. God bless
Shana Kendle (8 months ago)
You are strong Jane, and the teachings of your mentor (s) shows. Like the calm before the storm, so shall the Phoenix rise. Much love.
George Frempter (8 months ago)
Hang in !!! God Bless Rip JC
Pandorafix (8 months ago)
George Frempter thank you. Thank you so much ❤
Tom Tuminello (8 months ago)
You're always in our prayers, Jane. 🙏❤️
Pandorafix (8 months ago)
Tom Tuminello ♥
Pandorafix (8 months ago)
Tom Tuminello thank you so much
rachael wyld stacey (8 months ago)
Jane, anyone who has been a friend of JC's or even a watcher of his...we already knew you would need some time. We'll be here when you are ready. Reach out if you need to please.
rachael wyld stacey (8 months ago)
@Pandorafix Thanks are never necessary between us Sister. I know what it is to lose a father/father figure. Remember what he taught you all the little things and the big. Celebrate his life. He lived it to the fullest with a huge heart, sharp mind, and fine honed observation skills. Don't let grief dull what he sharpened in you. You know he probably watches now with that twinkle in his eyes and a beer in one hand. You carry him in your heart, so he is never really far away. 💕💓💕
Pandorafix (8 months ago)
rachael wyld stacey much love to you and yours. Stay aware. God bless you. You and people like you who have taken the time to express their appreciation , love, concern for jc and family and me .., it means so much more than you'll ever know. ❤ thank you sister
Justin Baumgartner (8 months ago)
Thank you for the advice. Take care and you all stay safe
Justin Baumgartner (8 months ago)
@Pandorafix God bless you and your family as well 😊
Pandorafix (8 months ago)
Justin Baumgartner god bless
Frank Bear (8 months ago)
Good to see ya Jane. Thanks for the update and take your time. I ain't going anywhere.
Pandorafix (8 months ago)
Frank Bair ♥ god bless thank you

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