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How To Sync Android With Microsoft Outlook

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How To Sync Android With Microsoft Outlook Complete steps and software download link here: http://www.androidtapp.com/how-to-synch-your-outlook-calendar-google-calendar-and-android-phone-calendar/ Many of us new Androids use Microsoft Outlook regularly for email without Exchange. Now that you have an Android phone (which requires you to have a Gmail account) you have a separate calendar in Gmail which your Android phone can easily sync with. This tutorial walks you through how to enable you to synchronize your Outlook calendar with Google calendar which will sync with your Android phone. This makes things very convenient and uniform when you can enter information in either and they all stay synchronized... and all for Free!
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Text Comments (19)
Hamir Bharwad (2 months ago)
can sync my outlook (run on windows PC ) to my mobile phone outlook (run on Android) so that i can see all the email which i have sent or received from any of devise ? waiting for your reply
kamran khan (3 years ago)
bldy fucker...
Khalid S. (3 years ago)
just tell me how to sync my notes. that's what i really care about
Arlene Fernandez (5 years ago)
hi..i sync my outlook in my note 2, but how come there is no notification sound even i set it up already...i need to go to email then refresh everytime to check if there incoming email...hope you can help me wit this..thanks!
mike19831115 (5 years ago)
what about contacts? can we do something similar for contacts?
1Occamsrazor (5 years ago)
this was SO SIMPLE! (galaxy s3)
LifeCodeMatrix (5 years ago)
From what I can understand google no longer supports syncing to outlook so this video has no more relevance
bmo (5 years ago)
google removed the software
Nikki Harris (5 years ago)
I work as a trainer, and those instruction were not thorough, but it was a good starting point.
Pilot824 (5 years ago)
Fuck. I saw a website that showed me a free app on how to sync outlook directly with my phone. I dont want to go through google.
berend folkers (5 years ago)
how to sync your email cannot figerit out only able to make an account please help us my email alot (srry for bad English from Holland)
M.D. Sanor (5 years ago)
Me either.. Don't really want to use Google Calendar with my work stuff. Anyone have an answer?
John Carter (5 years ago)
I'm using "myDesktop Companion" from Avanquest Mobile Technologies and it does the job without any issue (locally, without using my data connection/usage and more over it allows me to setup which account to sync with), I can fine tune the sync settings for contacts and calendars, do a backup of all my data etc... The good: - It's complete (manage also text messages/SMS, photos, music, videos, documents, files, install apps etc...) - It's FREE! :) - It works
Salvatore Mazzola (5 years ago)
I cant figure out how to make an entry on my Android and have it show up in Outlook
androidtapp (6 years ago)
Err, no we don't
androidtapp (6 years ago)
The vid and written instructions clearly showed how to sync to Android... did we lose you there?
Mia Wilson (6 years ago)
you left out how to sync to android.
killerwaz88 (6 years ago)
Err, does anyone know any good youtube videos on how to sync android with Microsoft Outlook?

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