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How To Make A Paypal Donate Link or Button 2017 - PayPal Tutorial

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Learn how to create a paypal donation button or paypan donation link for your wordpress website. Its a new free service paypal has introduced called paypal.me. This way, visitors can click on your link and set an amount to donate. You can also adjust the amount to donate for your paypal account with a small change. Here is an example of the donation botton :https://www.paypal.me/darrelW/ (you dont have to donate i was joking) For more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at http://www.darrelwilson.com
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Text Comments (153)
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
Howdy all, thanks for watching! It never hurts to add a donate button to your website 👍🏻
Azemina Sulejmanbj (2 days ago)
Darrel Wilson can u help me how to see your link on phone plz that will help me plz HELP
Mimuxo64 (10 days ago)
Hay te done craft
Social Outreach (20 days ago)
Can you do this with Clickfunnels?
Life With Us (1 month ago)
Do you know how to set up a payment account without showing my full name? I have seen another YouTube user, Sharmander (Sharla In Japan), set up a paypal donate button that does not show her name. Instead, it reads: DONATE TO SHARMANDER Purpose: Sharla In Japan
Justin Walker (5 days ago)
She probably put the link in word right clicked it selected hyperlink and changed thename of the link
Angel Pack (24 days ago)
Life With Us no
江欣倫 (1 month ago)
thanks for the video :) and you are funny XD
Darrell Kramer (2 months ago)
How do I get fields to enter credit/debit card information?
David Reyes (2 months ago)
Its not showing up. I can create a button but im not seeing the option to create a link.
Anthony Perez (2 months ago)
Thank you buddy
2 Minute Ratio (2 months ago)
Excellent video, thank you for sharing...worked perfectly.
Darrel Wilson (2 months ago)
right on!
Jaces Creations Studio (2 months ago)
can you do the link to your twitch cause ive tried and it dosent let you click it ?
IAMGiftbearer (3 months ago)
All I have on mine is a choice of buttons. I think the format has changed. How do I get the link now with 2018 Paypal format? Found it but it's not where it shows in the video, and you pay a fee when you receive money. I don't think people have the option to give "Friends and Family" this way if you are trying to set it up as a general donation button to raise money for a cause. The other option is just a button and it's for official non-profits.
Yake goldex (3 months ago)
Aleta Michele (3 months ago)
Don't you need to create a page called Donate before going to the menu and doing the custom link step? I did this and there is nothing in my menu on my site?
DANCE2EXPRESS (4 months ago)
so true, the old buttons look like scammers and viruses :D
Darrel Wilson (4 months ago)
Don bigfoot (4 months ago)
Thank You
Don bigfoot (4 months ago)
Thank You
NibsNiven (5 months ago)
If I had a dollar for every time you say "So go ahead and" I could retire today! :)
Daniel Wilkerson (5 months ago)
ive tried setting it up, how do u let it have an option to "check out as guest" mine can only take donations from people with paypal accounts
Vincent Dariagan (5 months ago)
Guys I swear I just got free $4632_real money from this_amazing website>>>>freepplmoney.win/?CsGBPD Try once.
I want to sell my gfx and vfx on sellfy so on paypal what option should I pick, business or personal
Why not business and why u say personal
Darrel Wilson (6 months ago)
a personal will do
CrAzyBG (6 months ago)
Guys help me collect for Gaming PC - paypal.me/alesiq
Tarkp (7 months ago)
Www.PayPal.me/maskedTarkp donate PLOX
ArMeo Gaming (7 months ago)
please if you can go to this:https://www.paypal.me/Andrew7799/0.10 and donate me please. even your 0.10$ will help me!Thank you!
Tyler Gadsden (7 months ago)
we need some money for Michael Jackson paypal.me/tgadsden986
A X (7 months ago)
Can people please donate at least £5 because I am trying to afford enough money to get some new clothes for somone paypal.me/aldrinxhaka
FreePlayers (7 months ago)
Is it that ?? https://www.paypal.me/FreePlayers
[KZ]Sr.157 Dayz (7 months ago)
Done to Subscribe
Maïsha (7 months ago)
https://www.paypal.me/MimiV360 plz donate it could be 1-25 dollars just plz donate!
Loloftheworld (7 months ago)
thx for the video it was very clear n helpful
Loloftheworld (7 months ago)
paypal.me/Loloftheworld donate me if you like roblox!b I do roblox livestreams and videos :)
Kyu Lee - van Wijk (7 months ago)
Can this be used in youtube in video descriptions? If so, does YOUTUBE / GOOGLE allow it and it is not against their terms, policies, and conditions? I searched everywhere and cannot find an answer.
Darrel Wilson (7 months ago)
think youtube has a paid promotion feature now that might work for you
John (7 months ago)
Can you donate to me atleast $6.00 would be really appreciated paypal.me/JohnGxming
eclectus drones (8 months ago)
does it tell you how much you have raised to the users
Zanfina Osa (6 months ago)
eclectus drones Paypal.me/zanfinaosa please donate me $1 😘😘
Yssr Gn (8 months ago)
paypal.me/YasserGnabou pleas donate for me ♥ thanks ♥ ♥
Zanfina Osa (6 months ago)
Yssr Gn Paypal.me/zanfinaosa please donate me $1 😘😘
sarah elkourchi (8 months ago)
I don't have money please help me 3 dollras please paypal.me/tligui
Carol Clouser (8 months ago)
How do I not have my name under my picture? I also do not see a place to put why you would donate. I am a senior raising a special needs child and it has financially buried me. It was either take her or she would have had to go into a foster home. She was blind and deaf at birth. If I had not taken her to all her specialists for the last 5 years she would not be functioning to the degree of a 3 year old. Great tutorial
Agoraphobic News (8 months ago)
Do I need paypal business account for donations on my website?
Darrel Wilson (8 months ago)
nope a free account will do
Hime Sama (8 months ago)
Donate me please i need eat paypal.me/SatellaRezero
Allan (8 months ago)
can you make tutorial how to upgrade my paypal to buisness?
Deima Jurkute (8 months ago)
Hi, how did you get the page after they click the link to only say the name of your website and not your full name??
Deima Jurkute (8 months ago)
How do you add the po box?? I’m trying to do that now
Darrel Wilson (8 months ago)
you can add a po box
D Christ (9 months ago)
Will this work w/o wordpress?, can this method (paypal link) be linked to just an e-mail address.?
Halls (9 months ago)
paypal.me/hallss here's mine just in case you can donate something :( everything will help
SALIM SIMO (9 months ago)
Greetings and appreciation I am looking for someone who is borrowing $ 300 I have a profitable project but I lack the capital I look forward to your support https://www.paypal.me/benitto
Leora For Funsies (10 months ago)
this is extremely stupid, i don't want everyone to know my name and where I live...... thanks paypal.
debora Sm (5 months ago)
Darrel Wilson hoy can i do so
Joey Dovahkin (10 months ago)
Same how do u make sure they don’t see ur name & ur Home town?? It’s a big wtf
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
you dont have to,
TheDankWizardDungeon (10 months ago)
PayPal.Me/henrikpehkonen i have no Money so even 1 dollar would help..
Isaiah Willimas (3 months ago)
Zanfina Osa please donate 3 dollars. Please, I really need this, thank you. I will give you link after you say yes
Zanfina Osa (6 months ago)
TheDankWizardDungeon Paypal.me/zanfinaosa please donate me $1 😘😘
Eric Chien (10 months ago)
anyone donate some little money for my new pc paypal.me/SiongOng thanks u very much~
Cheezy (9 months ago)
Cheezy (9 months ago)
okay.Donate me something plz too
JustBryan NL (11 months ago)
Do u need a bussinees account?
Zanfina Osa (6 months ago)
JustBryan NL Paypal.me/zanfinaosa if you can please donate me 😘😘
Busainah Nuurkholillah (11 months ago)
Zany (11 months ago)
my rock died plz help me buy another one :( buy donating a cent or any thing :( to this link=paypal.me/crazyZayne
TangerineMusic (11 months ago)
Hello, how can you remove the place where you live etc near the donate? Because it shows where i live and my names.. Thank you.
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
you may want to use another account and just have a PO box on it
AR x FuSioNz 5 (11 months ago)
LionAND Prime (11 months ago)
Song for intro
Laurenz (11 months ago)
Problem with this is, that there is no redirect you can use to tell the user "thank you" or something which leads them back to your website.
rishab kumar (11 months ago)
if i ask for $25, user changes to $1 and proceeds to pay,what happens??
HackYourLife (1 year ago)
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
nice music huh
V Gaming (1 year ago)
Here's my Link paypal.me/JLadion Thank You! If You Guys Helped Even Just A Little!
CQBHoun (1 year ago)
Good video, I really didn't want to use one of those ugly old paypal buttons.
zinAXus (1 year ago)
Hey all, can someone please donate me only 0,5 euro cents? i really need it! Thanks, appreciate it! paypal.me/danmixx
God Of Evil 213 (1 year ago)
how do I get my link on YouTube using my smart phone
Mauro - Rocket League (1 year ago)
Thank you so much :P It realy helpt me out :3
Mauro - Rocket League (1 year ago)
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
awesome, you gonna send me some money now bro?
ImaginaryCreations (1 year ago)
Hey guy can  help me out by donating to me man I rlly need some help even as low as a dollar will help a whole lot
Black shadow (1 year ago)
Darrel Wilson you can delete it :
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
if i give you a dollar, will you delete your post? :p
over smash (1 year ago)
thx bro i made my channel just a hour ago and u helped
Jesse Campbell (1 year ago)
https://www.paypal.me/Jesse529 donate here it works
davigarcas Garcia (1 year ago)
awesome video !
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
thanks again!
טובי יהושוע (1 year ago)
Thanks nice video!
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
thanks again
Bigrz (1 year ago)
paypal.me/SebaVera Donate me Pls
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
what about me huh
Dayne Williams (1 year ago)
Not available in New Zealand! What.The.Fuck
NerdGamer _ (1 year ago)
But paypal.me it's free? i can't pay?
flstudiomaster (1 year ago)
They need a paypal account to donate with this
Darrell Kramer (2 months ago)
Won't do the job for me... I need it to accept credit/debit payments.
Storm Access (3 months ago)
Brock 8bp (1 year ago)
if ibhave the link butni dont have the buttion on my stream
King Eccentric (1 year ago)
@darrel wilson: My paypal main menu looks nothing like yours. Do I need to use another paypal link to have the same options as you do?
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
its a little updated but still looks the same for me
jessyka power (1 year ago)
If I create a donate link as you teach, will the people who pay see only the business name I chose for my account or will they see my emails and more of my private info?
Alex Upps (1 year ago)
thats require its not free give money only if its your family and friends
SpaceOrbison (1 year ago)
this sucks case it shows your address
Steve Goldstein (11 months ago)
Darrel. Thanks for the video. Awesome. Can you tell us how to edit the address out? I entered some text I wanted in the About Your Business section and it didn't come through, only my city and state, which I don't want. BTW, I just donated $10 to your paypal me https://www.paypal.me/darrelW.
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
you can edit this, you dont have to have it. Or just make another paypal account, its allowed
AB Gaming (1 year ago)
mine never shows the tools option where could i find it???
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
get google paypal.me and it should direct you
Frety Eco (1 year ago)
but how do you hide where you live when they click the link i dont want them knowing where i live
Frety Eco (1 year ago)
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
just put a default px box in your postal email address. I dont live there either
Shivam (1 year ago)
Thanks for this wonderful tutorial
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
thanks bro!
Werejusdoinit (1 year ago)
I see these donations on youtube. Donate to so and so's birthday or buy us a beer etc... Do you link it up the same way for youtube?
Werejusdoinit (1 year ago)
LOL :)
Sssaga Benches (1 year ago)
Well, would you mind donating for some beer? Nah, just kiddin :D
Werejusdoinit (1 year ago)
Thank you :)
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
yeah you can add the link anywhere, it will connect
HEGAMING (1 year ago)
FutbolFriendly FC (1 year ago)
is there a plugin for that secondary menu you had up there? Been wanting to know how to do that. Thanks Darrel!
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
i use the divi theme. But i think you can do it with any theme
Sean Stewart (1 year ago)
Thanks Darrel. Does this take you to a thank you page? What happens when someone makes a donation with PayPal.me? Also, I am trying to set up a recurring donation for our ministry. Will I basically need to set up a subscription button for each amount people can donate monthly? Do you know if there is a way they can comment to designate where the money goes?
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
i have a tutorial on that. Paypal recurring payments. Its a little old style but works, check the channel for it
Taftinator (1 year ago)
What if I don't have a tools button?
Taftinator (1 year ago)
Do you have a kik so I can show you what it's showing me?
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
you should, this is current. Ask paypal to generate you a link
Mukesh Rana (1 year ago)
Hey Darrel how you make the animation of front page of your website? Please make a tutorial on this.
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
i have a tutorial on it. its under divi theme customizations
Mike S (1 year ago)
Is it possible to make it recurring? Thanks for the video.
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
hmm, recurring donation? I dont really know lol
mySY (1 year ago)
hello, do you offer website building service? like wp blog?
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
hey i dont offer custom services :p
JON Gergeceff (1 year ago)
Great info ! Thx true of the old buttons looking like scammers .
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
yup! they got alot of people back in the day

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