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How To Create A Dropshipping Website With Wordpress and Aliexpress 2018

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Get Discounted Hosting Here: https://www.siteground.com/go/darreloffer Learn how to create a dropshipping website with alidropship, woocommerce, and the aliexpress plugin! In this video, ill show you how you can start a complete dropshipping business from a-z and also learn how to market it properly once we create it! Below are some of the links you will need to create a dropshipping website with wordpress! Get the #1 RATED DROPSHIPPING THEME HERE: https://www.darrelwilson.com/flatsome Get The Alidropship plugin here ( Use code darrel10 for 10% off) https://www.darrelwilson.com/aliexpress Get a Logo Here: https://www.darrelwilson.com/fiverr Timestamps to help you navigate the tutorial :) Hosting Setup 3:05 Installing Wordpress 7:20 Creating Pages 11:30 Purchase Flatsome 12:10 Using The UX builder 21:00 Using premade sections 24:40 Creating a Menu 31:00 Images For Your Website 36:00 What are plugins 38:00 Creating Products 50:00 Adding Woocommerce fields on menu 56:00 Adding Payment Methods 1:02:00 Setup Shipping Rates 1:08:00 Adding Links 1:14:25 Creating A Contact Page 1:15:20 How To Make Pages Fullwidth 1:16:16 Adding The Alidropship plugin 1:20:20 Importing Products 1:24:00 Using Alidropship 1:28:20 Changing Prices in Bulk 1:47:00 Once You Make a Sale 1:54:00 Sign up for affiliate program 1:55:55 FACEBOOK ADS TUTORIAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WTo2UrNxYk&t=1526s GOOGLE MERCHANT CENTER TUTORIAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKMdz-56BJo&t=610s ShoutCart influencers: https://www.darrelwilson.com/shoutcart HOW TO GET MORE TRAFFIC! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j8RrMJ5oeQ&t=729s HIRE A FREELANCER: https://www.darrelwilson.com/freelancer HIRE A CONTENT WRITER: https://www.darrelwilson.com/iwriter Here are some websites to help you with FREE images https://www.unsplash.com https://www.fotor.com https://www.picmonkey.com https://www.pexels.com https://www.pixabay.com **Once you complete your website, these are some of the marketing techniques i recommend in order** 1st. Hire an SEO company from freelancer : https://www.darrelwilson.com/freelancer 2nd. Start content writing, this is how you will get your dropshipping website found more. https://www.darrelwilson.com/iwriter 3rd. Create A Facebook Page and Start Advertising, I have a complete tutorial on it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WTo2UrNxYk&t=1526s 4th. Start a google product feed list, this will be able to help you promote your products on google search: 5th. Once you are done creating everything and want to go more in depth with flatsome theme and woocommere, i have a complete tutorial on it here for free: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKBSrdKWb4Y&t=597s I really hope that this work for you and that you are able to create your complete dropshipping website with wordpress. Its a journey so i know that its going to take a lot of work. Make sure to let me know if i missed anything or if you have any questions please feel free to let me know Also if you wanted to like my facebook page which i would really appreciate it, its right here! https://www.facebook.com/DarrelWilson03/ For more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website feel free to visit my website at https://www.darrelwilson.com
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Text Comments (148)
Darrel Wilson (6 days ago)
Start Your Own Dropshipping Website With This Tutorial! Good luck and make sure to PUSH THE THUMBS UP!
Rahul Gupta (6 days ago)
Hello sir ! Do you plz tell me a food delivery theme on wordpress plz plz....It would be so helpful for me ... Plz tell me plz
Paul Hitchman (6 days ago)
maybe I'll watch it to the end and ask the question again... love your channel and all you do. Just wondering how this works in the real world. Do you have a dropshopping site?
Pranav Shukla (6 days ago)
Thanks Darrel for making this tutorial.
Darrel Wilson (6 days ago)
Paul Hitchman every single company I recommend has a 30 day money back. Check the terms and conditions for yourself 👍🏻
Paul Hitchman (6 days ago)
seems great, stopped at 4:12 wondering how does this handle any moneyback guarantees etc. seems too good to be true...
Henry Stewart (1 hour ago)
Sarojkumar Durga (14 hours ago)
Your video is so helpful .l will star my drop shipping business.
Abdul Majid (1 day ago)
Darrel Wilson 😘😛bro , I make request please make a video on news website, How to create a news website, use newspaper 9 there or any best themes
Abdul Majid (1 day ago)
I love you 😍Darrel Wilson bro , I make request please make a video on news website, How to create a news website, use newspaper 9 there or any best themes
Abdul Majid (1 day ago)
Darrel Wilson bro , I make request please make a video on news website, How to create a news website, use newspaper 9 theme or any best themes
Jun Donasco D' Great (2 days ago)
Nice work! Thanks Darrel
Debleen Majumdar (2 days ago)
Hey Darrel, First of all thank you for your great videos as those have helped me save huge amount of money and earn good returns. I have a request to make please, if possible, make a video on how to make blogging (magazine) website using free theme.
MCP Consultancies (2 days ago)
Darrel Wilson What about a Drop Shipping site with AMAZON
Nagiyeva Elvira (2 days ago)
Hi, Darrel! Thanks for your nice video tutorial! really like it. And I will really appreciate if you advice me nice cryptopayment solution for my online store. It's based on the WordPress platform
Dey-noh Den (2 days ago)
Great job man
ThoughtManifest (2 days ago)
I love the video, but not everyone is using Ali express. Many people have multiple suppliers. You really need to make a video showing people how to upload bulk products to their WooCommerce site and which plugins work best. There are only a few(bad) tutorials on this subject.
Abhishek Kumar (3 days ago)
Thank you for this awesome video
Darrel Wilson (2 days ago)
thanks brotha!
Abhishek Bhagwat (3 days ago)
Hey I want to know why people come to our website to buy product they just go to AliExpress and order product.
Darrel Wilson (2 days ago)
because we promote the store, this is business bro, whenever you buy something, the same things happens!
didik wahyu (4 days ago)
insipiration to make dropshiping web. i am waiting for ordering video from dropship wordpress sir
Darrel Wilson (3 days ago)
lets do it!
Does it works on aliexpress at mexican site?
Concerning AliDropship, yes, it works with any Aliexpress sites
Darrel Wilson (3 days ago)
im sure the WPML can convert it, but this would be a better question for the developers
morpheusclub (4 days ago)
Hello Darrel and thank you fornthe video. I have a question,if you could help me please. When i go to the product page, where it is the description and the price and the button to add it to the cart, i cant add the Size and Color variables to show on that page. Can you show how to display the size and color please? Thank you
morpheusclub (3 days ago)
Darrel Wilson Well im trying to import the product manualy first, without using Alidropship that is why im asking how to do it.
Darrel Wilson (3 days ago)
its it a variable product it wont show because its in the attributes section, but if youare importing the products you dont need to mess around with these settings just yet
mian ammar salar (4 days ago)
+Darrel Wilson i have developed website in notepad now i want to run it on word press. Please help me in this regard.
Jackie Tedford (4 days ago)
Will Ali Express Work in conjunction with other drop ship products on my website. Would Ali Products just automatically insert into existing categories with other drop shipper products? I hope that was clear.
Darrel Wilson (3 days ago)
yeah it will add them, it wont delete any products that already exist on your website
Biel (4 days ago)
I just bought the ecommerce divi child theme from divi space because I've created several pages with divi and I'm comfortable at it. But looking at the flatsome demo... it's just 100 times better for ecommerce. I will return the child theme and get flatsome for sure, thanks!
Darrel Wilson (3 days ago)
right on good luck mate!
Asaduzzaman Asad (4 days ago)
hey darrel wilson the wordpress legend please make a video about amazon affilate website as soon as possible.i am is your subscriber.
Darrel Wilson (3 days ago)
i will be adding this soon, with some real good examples
Saidur Rahman (4 days ago)
hi ,darrel how much section or category and sub category and sub sub category create by this theme, like aliexpress website.
Saidur Rahman (3 days ago)
I want to build up a store like aliexpress , is it possible with flatsome and alidropship plugin not alidropship woo(ali dropshipplugin has built in theme)
Darrel Wilson (3 days ago)
you can have as many subcategories as yoou want, but what was your question? not sure what your asking here
ryan johnson (4 days ago)
Hey Darrel can you make a video about affiliate marketing on word press
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
dropshipping is basically affiliate marketing, its the same thing, you are selling someone elses products!
waleed hassan (4 days ago)
Darrel good job it is a good tutorial
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
thanks bro!
Sumit Bhattacharya (4 days ago)
hello sir , can you guide me with regards to taxi booking website using wordpress which should have distance calculator
VVV 777 (5 days ago)
why Flatsome? I am used to Elementor and Astra, but wondering if Flatsome has something special that I cant do with others? Just not sure if it will be worth learning new drag-drop builder. Thanks
VVV 777 (4 days ago)
Thanks a lot. I use InMottion but was considering CloudWays (Digital Ocean) as I am not very techy person, and for image optimization I use ShortPixel.
Milan Keser (4 days ago)
Flatsome is for sure most optimized ecommerce theme out there, but be aware that its up to you how you optimize images and your content. Also it depends alot of your hosting. I prefer digital ocean cloud if you are handy with linux, if not then siteground or wpengine
VVV 777 (4 days ago)
how is it in terms of speed and performance?
Milan Keser (4 days ago)
Flatsome is a pure magical ecommerce experience and way better tool for building an ecommerce bussines than elementor
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
flatsome has more customization features than elementor in regards to woocommerce
Andres Riffo (5 days ago)
Just amaziiing <3
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
thanks brotha! thanks for watching
Milan Keser (5 days ago)
This plugin is a pure disaster for SEO, you still have to rename the images to match the keyword, put alt tags etc... Also descriptions. If you import false reviews google will probably penalize you. Totally not recommended way to do it.
Milan Keser (2 days ago)
There is no shortcut for successful business, if you want to get results in a longterm then you have to make sure every detail is done properly, to get that organic traffic. If you have alot of money to advertise and that is you primary source of traffic then do it this way. But if you want your SEO to be good then this plugin won't help you
Net Info (2 days ago)
Really? 😮😢
Sadaf Javid (5 days ago)
I really appreciate your help and support.
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
thanks brotha! thanks for watching
If anyone want to learn how to build WordPress website easily.Then SUBSCRIBE to our channel.Thanks
Albert Aldridge (5 days ago)
thank you for this tutorial Darrel :) please may I ask can you have a mixture of physical products and digital products on this website?
Albert Aldridge (1 day ago)
thanks man - also can you add your own logo to physical products on aliexpress?
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
yes you can, you can use digital products on woocommere as well
Floower Resident (5 days ago)
This guy does amazing tutorials, been following from the beginning.
Vince Wolf (5 days ago)
U awesome dude!
Christopher Smith (5 days ago)
Hey Darrel Thanks for this tutorial, on your Siteground hosting what happens when your Inode usages reaches 300000?
Christopher Smith (2 days ago)
Thanks for the advice Darrel
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
upgrade the to higher plan, in fact, every shared company has this capacity, other compaines like hostgator lie to customers and say its "unlimited" which is total bullshit. They basically throttle your website when you reach a capaicity. So siteground is the way to go
Shiwoo Park (5 days ago)
Great video!! What about aliexpress woo?
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
thats the plugin you want to use for this tutorial
You the boss bra :)
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
thanks brotha! thanks for watching
Parihil Collections (5 days ago)
Thanks derrel Need some subscriber
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
you're on your way bro just keep posting content
Hi Darrel, very nice a precise tutorial on Ali dropshipping. I Would like to know that is there any way to handle return products by customers? I heard that if we (from other countries) are selling in the USA market then we must have a valid USA address + phone number which needs to mentioned on the website for Return or Exchange products. Any suggestions for handling returned products?
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
have them return them to you and simply provide a refund, you can than conntact your supplier and ask for a refund
My Direct Opinion (6 days ago)
I currently use elementor for the page builder Your theme had UK builder ??? I did not see where you installed it Haven't watch the whole video but will be coming back to it tomorrow but the page builder would have to be put in at the beginning
Milan Keser (4 days ago)
Dude, it is all about you not watching the video, how could he put the builder at the begining when it is integrated with a theme lol
My Direct Opinion (5 days ago)
Actually I do not think it was a dumb question because I have dealt with other themes and I have had to install elementor separately otherwise you just get the word page built in builder which does not do that much
Milan Keser (5 days ago)
Its a builder that is integrated with a theme and theme is FLATSOME. Better watch video next time before asking this kind of questions because they make no sense
ahmad omar (6 days ago)
Hi Darrel really awesome videos.. i learn from all your videos.. but im waiting for you to show us how to do a WordPress convert website to Android and ios mobile apps.. Thank you
Otto Thompson (6 days ago)
I like when you show us exactly what the website will look like before we make it. Maybe I missed it but I did not see that in this video. Like to see what we making before building the site. You do an amazing job. Thank you for your work.
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
the demo website should be in the description, i basically just used their sections, but i have my other tutorial where i designed it all from scartch but again i would just use the sections templates
Isabelle Roger (5 days ago)
Did I tell you? I love you! hehe ;) Seriously, thank you very much. I am building a website to start dropshipping with alidropship for woocommerce. Yes !!!!
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
right on! good luck its a journey from here!
Jackie Tedford (6 days ago)
Darrell I would like to use Strip but I ran into a problem. I had it set up on my website. I did a test payment which worked fine. Shortly after the test I received an email from them stating that I could not sell certain products because they violated their policy. I have knives, pepper spray, other defensive products as well on my website.
Jackie Tedford (4 days ago)
Thank you sir. Your are awsome!
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
use authorize.net or apple pay or paypal express ( which allows checkout on your website)
foday S (6 days ago)
$89 is too much money, can't afford that at this moment
Darrel Wilson (6 days ago)
30 day money back! Don’t give up
Sam Palumbo (6 days ago)
Just out of curiosity. If you have Divi, can we just use that, or is Flatsome really that much more worth it for this application?
Sam Palumbo (3 days ago)
Thank you, sir!
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
you can use divi as well
Sam Palumbo (6 days ago)
Wow! Once again, excellent video, sir. I almost did the Shopify and eBay, thanks for stepping in before I wasted a bunch of money. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge! Thank you!
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
right on! good luck its a journey from here!
Kshitij Roy (6 days ago)
Hey Darrel. Thanks for this great tutorial. One question, how can we automate the process of getting orders on our site and placing it on AliExpress. Manually entering customer's shipping details in AliExpress will be time consuming. Thanks once again.
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
i think they have a new plugin for this with API crdentials, but to pay for an order, go to your ORDERS tab and you can pay through it there. i might make another tutorial on this as well
HOT HINDI (6 days ago)
#DarrelWillson you are the best person in YouTube I watch for Websites and Wordpress. It is nice to have an asset like you in community. I hope to learn more awesome things from you.
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
thanks mate! glad i could help out!
Ergyst Bajraktari (6 days ago)
Awesome!! I was waiting for it Darrel. Good job my friend!
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
right on! good luck its a journey from here!
wedoebe (6 days ago)
Great info!!‼️‼️
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
thanks mate! glad i could help out!
adam kaka (6 days ago)
Thank you so much 👍
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
you are very welcome!
Anthony Eneje (6 days ago)
Thank you very much man
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
you are welcome bro
R Garlin (6 days ago)
Hmmm.... interesting. I'll take a deeper look soon. Thanks for the insights!
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
come back whenever you are ready
Hussein Hussein (6 days ago)
hi derral, can you help me out please, i am also on Siteground and i follow all your stepps, but when i go to upload Alidswoo plugin from my desktop i keep getting this Message, and it wont work: ....Error! ionCube Loader Not found..... any idea what to do...thank you very much.
Hussein Hussein ask your host to turn on iron cube loader
Iain McCarron (6 days ago)
Not even watched the video yet, but already a thumbs up! Been waiting for this video from you for ages. Thanks for creating it
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
thanks mate! glad i could help out!
Mария Got (6 days ago)
Good tutorial. As always. We want to see video about your Asian journey. 5min simple video. Very interesting. WHO AGREE WITH ME, PRESS LIKE! 👍👍👍
Mария Got (2 days ago)
Mike Raphone , are you Australian aborigen, Indian, Chinese, English, African, Greek ... ?
Mike Raphone (3 days ago)
Mария Got Australia 🇦🇺
Mария Got (3 days ago)
Mike Raphone , I am Russian. And what about you? Where are you from?
Mike Raphone (3 days ago)
Mария Got You’re very smart. Are you Chinese?
Mike Raphone (3 days ago)
Mария Got Nope
cbank ford (6 days ago)
Thanks for this post Https://www.arieznaija.com
Nikola (6 days ago)
Thx bro.
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
thanks mate! glad i could help out!
HD Movie Clips (6 days ago)
Awesome bro just what i needed, thank you for this!!
Bargain Stuff uk (6 days ago)
Finally, the tutorial is here.
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
Elliott Prendy (6 days ago)
*Nice video Darrell I like it! Made a similar video on my channel!! I think WordPress is under utilised for dropshipping*
Elliott Prendy (2 days ago)
Darrel Wilson thanks Darrel!!
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
about tine huh, thanks for watching mate
Ravi shekar N (6 days ago)
Awesome video Darrel. Was waiting for this video for a long time. Btw, which video editing software do u use for it YouTube videos
Darrel Wilson (6 days ago)
this should help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj6YkHmuUKc&t=31s
Roger Alkana (6 days ago)
Darrel, You are highly appreciated. You are so amazing you must of just downloaded this video within a couple of minutes because it’s only 4:45 A.M. August 9, 2018. What a workaholic you are. God bless you. I want to use your name, if I may, to give credit on my new website that I created generally by myself. Please go to https://lemonsprayer.com or rociardefruta.com to see it.
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
thanks mate i really appreciate it
Rodrigo Villa (6 days ago)
Amazing! The best
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
thanks mate! glad i could help out!
Navneet Ishan Singh (4 days ago)
if not flatsome... is oceanwp for dropshipping is a better choice
Help4 U (4 days ago)
Search on quora.com to get Alidropship Plugin Coupons
Navneet Ishan Singh (4 days ago)
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
they are both good but flatsome is better for ecommerce
David McKnight (6 days ago)
Great one

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