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Yeti One Four Corners Team Collaboration The Den 2

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This video is about Yeti One Four Corners Team Collaboration The Den 2 Jan28 2017 SAT Navajo Reservation Part 2... In collaboration with local Investigators and researchers. We checked an area that has had many sightings. There is a cave that has our interest. Over the years they have been visiting the local residents. The creatures would scavenge thru the trash barrels looking for an easy meal. There has been some daylight and night time sightings. Close encounters by eye witnesses and the colors of the creatures range from dark brown, reddish brown and grayish brown. Seeing the hair up close changes colors as what we have also collected. Using the sunlight and moving the hair samples to and from and changing angles to the creatures hair. The colors range from Luminescent clear, purple to light purple, reddish brown to light red, and dark brown to light brown and beige. Thanks to George Harvey and June Bug of Crypto 4 Corners for guiding us through and area.
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Linda Carpenter (1 year ago)
beautifull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rodney lee (1 year ago)
not a den,to shallow ,good try
mich1264 (2 years ago)
Beautiful. Is this an area you feel the Bigfoot may be coming from? Is the cave very deep. Steady drone work, very good.
mich1264 Yes. they are coming from this area. There is a family group of 4 confirmed. The other investigators asked us for help. The cave is about 10-15ft deep. We didn't find any track entering.
OneEyed Mike (2 years ago)
Beautiful video and music. Thank you. Its funny out of 55 views only 3 others bothered to "like" People don't click the like button enough. I do it every time I like a video. Till next time.
OneEyed Mike thank you !
10ft5x (2 years ago)
Hello, Great ! Thanks,10ft.

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