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Beer School: How to taste beer like a beer judge | The Craft Beer Channel

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Sometimes a beer should be served cold and slung back, other times we should think about what we're drinking. Jonny meets Ray Daniels, founder of the beer-serving accreditor Cicerone, to find out how to taste beer properly. Turns out he's done it wrong all these years... but you probably knew that. SUPPORT US! Pledge on Patreon and get some cool merch & videos: https://www.patreon.com/craftbeerchannel Buy our new book, the London Craft Beer Guide, today: https://www.amazon.co.uk/London-Craft... And buy our first book, Beer School here: USA (Amazon): http://tinyurl.com/zbjx4sn UK (Amazon): http://tinyurl.com/zksjmdf Europe (Beer Merchants): http://tinyurl.com/jy6fr2y Twitter – @beerchannel Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thecraftbeerc... Instagram – @jonnygarrett @mrbradevans Remember to drink responsibly(ish) and not be that guy...
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CKJY EXPORTS (24 days ago)
Great tips!
Daemiex (1 month ago)
its such a shame that critics always look like they fuck themselves in their own arse just for sheer fun and shits n giggles, ive never yet seen one that seems normal and cool and down to earth
The Craft Beer Channel (1 month ago)
gee thanks!
KevinWood44 (1 month ago)
"we dont DRINK beer, we evaluate it" "retro nasal accentuation" What a overwhelming douchebag hipster ass clown!!!
The Craft Beer Channel (1 month ago)
We evaluate so you can just drink. Dont shit on people's jobs and dreams, man.
Joel Nenadovich (3 months ago)
yeah, good vid
Jonathan Cerbaro (6 months ago)
"... the only thing you actualy percieve on yout tongue is sweet, salty, bitter, and YO MOMMY..."
Merina Pandey (20 days ago)
The Craft Beer Channel (6 months ago)
davegetsspam (6 months ago)
bad beer ; worst I had this year was fosters made in the uk
The Craft Beer Channel (6 months ago)
Haha. Wouldnt call it a British beer though. If it ever made sense to brew it elsewhere they would do it in a heart beat.
Scott Plumer (8 months ago)
This makes me want a beer. Too bad I'm at work. (Because I'd have to get one for my boss!)
The Craft Beer Channel (8 months ago)
The Beer Boss (9 months ago)
If you haven’t tried Sam Adams Chocolate Bock, you’re missing out! See what the world renowned ‘Beer Boss’ says about it: https://youtu.be/bb7EIe8ch-g
Beer Avenue (10 months ago)
Whoa, so many ways to sniff a beer. :D
Haze Haberdasher (10 months ago)
Did that slow zoom in the beginning throw anybody else off?
The Craft Beer Channel (10 months ago)
we like to keep you on your toes.
The Brew D00d (1 year ago)
Thisdrinkinglife.com (1 year ago)
Ray is cool, but id be fucked if i did all that shite, lol
+Thisdrinkinglife.com haha. It's only for if you REALLY want to get to the bare bones of a beer. Ain't no way we do it each time. We think the more you know about beer the more you can just relax and enjoy it.
Andres Guerrero (1 year ago)
the pretense is palpable
Very helpful information! I can smell the vapor trail from here. Question for you, so how many beers roughly has a beer Cicerone drank in their lifetime? ;D Cheers!
haha, if we're talking different beers, well into the thousands I'd imagine. Especially a master cicerone like Ray!
ras124 (1 year ago)
please, I have no "education" in beer tasting. i'll blow all of these hipster doofuses at of the water concerning beer evaluation.
Nor do we but if you want we'll take you on.
Blake Young (1 year ago)
I love the channel! You do a great crash course for people that arent very familiar with beers. I really hope you keep it up!
+Blake Young cheers! No intentions to stop yet. New video out on Wednesday.
Jem Leye (1 year ago)
Love your channel, super interesting! I do have one suggestion though. Look into your audio quality. People don't often even realize how important audio is in videos. I'm not saying that it's bad, but it could be much more professional. I'll keep on watching though, love your content!
+Jem Leye cheers man. We know we have issues but we can't afford new mics yet. We don't make any money from this really but we'll get there!
A Beer in Review (1 year ago)
Wow, really great info! Thanks!
sean sampson (1 year ago)
...Not quite my tempo.
Nakano Lemon (5 months ago)
*throws chair*
Crunch Buttsteak (11 months ago)
sean sampson (1 year ago)
Haha I'm sorry- let me explain. I saw it fit since Ray Daniels resembles J.K. Simmons in the movie "Whiplash," although Ray seems like a way better guy to be around. :) Cheers!
+sean sampson busy man eh? Fair enough+
Benjamin Portnoy (1 year ago)
When is Jonny coming to Texas?? I would love to buy you a beer!!
and I'd love to be bought a beer! There are possible plans for the end of the year actually..
Thomas Hoogendam (1 year ago)
So, I have a weird question.... I'll pour my beer, it gets a good head. You can see carbonization. Then I take a sip, and the head dissipates quite fast and I loose some carbonization. It doesnt go totally flat, when I swirl it it gets some head again. I wash with hot water only, no soap. Clean cloth for drying. I've been trying to figure this out for a bit now. It doesn't happen with all beers, and faster with some then with others. Any suggestions or tips would be awesome.
Justin Schultz (1 year ago)
It may have something to do with a chap-stick or some other oily product you may use on your lips. Oil destroys a good head.
Thomas Hoogendam (1 year ago)
Hm. It does happen with higher ABV beers more, this is true. But I've noticed it with some lagers as well, like some bocks. I've read a few good tips about certain types of drying clothes. Might give those a try. Thanks for the reply. :D
And you're sure it's not just down to the beers themselves? Some beers have great head retention (usually very carbonated or protein-rich beers) and others much worse (high abv beers usually).
Kaunte (1 year ago)
"Mmm no drinking we're evaluating their testicles shrink days you" Well the captions didn't help me understand what was being said quite as much as I had hoped.
R R (2 years ago)
One of the best "How to taste beer" videos I have seen - if not the best.
Always Good (10 months ago)
The Craft Beer Channel yes truly a very good video I am a Brewer for a large craft Brewery we have a bottling line and the men who run it they like beer would not be educated in the different type and styles of tasting but always curious and always asking questions which I encourage because they should know but I think I will be referring them all to this video from now on and channel good job
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
+Raul Ruiz de Velasco cheers Raul! Glad it helped.
LiftingDad (2 years ago)
Ray Daniels could easily do voiceovers for Farmers Insurance, they sound exactly alike. Great techniques for beer tasting as well.
jmccormac01 (2 years ago)
Is it just me or does Jonny have the best job ever? Also, it must be pretty sweet to have a buzz on at work and have it as a sign of productivity! :D
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
haha! Yeah it's pretty sweet but not my full time job yet. Maybe one day!
Michael Clements (2 years ago)
This is great insight into the certification process.
Rucha (2 years ago)
New subscriber here! Just wanted something like this for an amateur craft beer lover this is perfect!
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
welcome! and glad you're enjoying the videos. If there is anything you want us to make let us know!
Whiskey River (2 years ago)
Great to hear from those who knows where the nose goes. without the nose, the tongue is only exercise. :o
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
+Whiskey River (Doc) amen. And we hate exercise.
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
+Whiskey River (Doc) amen. And we hate exercise.
Josh Whitaker (2 years ago)
Followed along with you guys with my own beer in glass, it's amazing how much more I was able to pick up just by doing these simple techniques. One of the many reasons I love this channel, it's as educational as it is entertaining! Prosit!
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
+Josh Whitaker cheers chap! It's what we love about the beer school episodes. More coming soon.
shredsurf82 (2 years ago)
I know Jonny is a beer enthusiast for sure, but are you a certified cicerone as well? Also how nervous did you feel being in front of someone like Ray and going back and forth about what you tasted versus what he tasted?
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
Yeah I felt like a kid being tested at school. I don't think I made any clangers, but he picked up some things I didn't. Neither me nor the Brad are Cicerone trained, but we are looking into it after meeting Ray!
HopZine (2 years ago)
Great video. I met a slightly drunken Ray in Sheffield Tap early this year. Seemed like a lovely chap. I love listening to educated and passionate beery folk talk. I have a Zero-diacetyl-tolerance policy.
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
Haha, we had a few beers afterwards and we all got a bit ranty. A lot of people I drink with hate diacetyl too but I seem to tolerate it pretty well so long as it's not in an IPA. Had a nightmare time at a Czech beer festival where all the IPAs tasted like Urquell made with American hops. Terrible.
steamedbeech (2 years ago)
Good work, thanks.
sofakingdrunk66 (2 years ago)
In Glasgow you are required to be a total pisshead to be a recognized as a Beer Cicerone..
laser325 (5 months ago)
So every Scot is a Beer Cicerone...
sofakingdrunk66 (2 years ago)
Maybe in your beer school lol
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
Easier to qualify, harder to justify...
Mile High Brew Review (2 years ago)
Great Video!
Graham Budd (2 years ago)
I only wish I hadn't watched this at breakfast. How early is too early to "taste along"?
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
+Graham Budd this is a dangerously excellent point of view to have.
Graham Budd (2 years ago)
Unless explicitly labelled ALL stout is a breakfast stout. ;)
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
If it's a breakfast stout, it's never too early.
david lindsey (2 years ago)
I mistakingly did the same. FML! 🍻 cheers my friend...
Randall Schoverling (2 years ago)
No checking the srm color?
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
This was about how to TASTE beer! Sometimes it's better not to form judgements before we drink it. But colour is a factor in some judging, for better or worse.
3nr1BAE (2 years ago)
Love Brewdog. I wish they would come to USA.
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
They are! They are founding a brewery in Ohio!
lissenden1 (2 years ago)
It would be awesome if you you could do a tasting of a few benchmark beers with Ray so that us at home could taste along with you guys.
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
Nice idea. Next time he is over we'll pitch it to him. What do you regard a benchmark beer?
Craft Beer Geek (2 years ago)
Very cool video...thanks
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
+Craft Beer Geek cheers!
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
+Craft Beer Geek cheers!
Clint (2 years ago)
Which beer did you choose?
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
beavertown gamma ray - so a juicy American pale
Ricky Turner (2 years ago)
nice! I love the beer school vids you guys do!
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
Cheers! More to come this summer.
Oscar Meyer (2 years ago)
Very interesting!
Porker Americanism (2 years ago)
Awesome I need this for my future job
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
Amazing! Living the dream!
Porker Americanism (2 years ago)
+The Craft Beer Channel hopefully a brew master
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
what job is that?
hero ischin (2 years ago)
Great video, i'm gonna do the beer sommelier in switzerland, so with this video i'm prepared. Greetings from switzerland :)
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
+hero ischin haha. Good luck with it!
Beer By The Numbers (2 years ago)
So glad to see another Beer School! And with Ray Daniels no less! Great video!
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
cheers! He's a man who knows how to drink...in the theoretical sense of course.
Mark Winters (2 years ago)
Awesome video! Was starting to get scared that we wouldnt see anymore videos like this. This is one of the reasons I found your channel in the first place! Keep up the great work.
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
Cheers Mark - two more coming this summer so keep watching!
Nathan Carrille (2 years ago)
Anyway I love this beer school series you do, I wish it was more frequent.
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
Us too! They often take a lot of work and multiple locations but we've got 2 more coming this summer so watch out for those.
Nathan Carrille (2 years ago)
With all that swirling the carbonation is almost gone. This methods are for judging beer, but if I'm drinking at home a little swirl and sniff is enough right? Lol
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
haha yeah with us having to do retakes and stuff the beer was nearly flat by the time we drank it, but a beer can stand up to a fair amount of swirling.
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
Don't forget to grab a beer and drink along with this one! Especially if you have a Gamma Ray like we do...
shredsurf82 (2 years ago)
Gad zukes man! What took so long? I absolutely loved these and have watched them all dozens of times, so glad you guys made another one! Keep them coming!
The Craft Beer Channel (2 years ago)
It's just occurred to me he's called Ray and we were drinking Gamma Ray. Opportunity missed.

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