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20 Best Websites To Sell Your Products! The Best Websites To Sell Online 2016!

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Get the best websites to sell your products online! Sell your stuff online with ease. I have compiled a list of the best websites for you to sell your items or products online, and some of these are free to list your product. While many people think amazon and ebay are the only palces to sell your products online, there are many other good high traffic websites that many people neglect. If you add all the other sites on the list together, they will equal the amount of people on ebay! Thats 1 billion people you are missing out on! To see the whole detailed list, visit this link! http://darrelwilson.com/20-best-websites-sell-products/ Here are some of the websites where you can sell your product online! Some of these are free websites and others are paid, take a look! The websites below are all verified from similiarweb.com for its traffic and sources. Below are THE BEST places to post your products online to sell! Check them out! Facebook Store | https://www.similarweb.com/website/facebook.com#overview | 19% USA Amazon.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/amazon.com | 2.3 Billion 72% USA tsy.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/etsy.com | 170 Million 62% USA opensky.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/opensky.com | 6 Million 95% USA bonazna.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/bonanza.com | 7.6 Monthly ) 80% USA ebay.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/ebay.com | 1.1 Billion 62% USA rubylane.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/rubylane.com#overview | 1.4 Million 73% USA newegg.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/newegg.com | 62 Million 75% USA eCrater.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/ecrater.com#overview | 2 Million 69% USA groupon.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/groupon.com | 105 Million 85% USA cafepress.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/cafepress.com#overview | 7.5 Million 81% USA macys.com | https://www.macysinc.com/vendors/ target.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/target.com | 123 Million Visits 98% USA ubid.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/ubid.com | 110K Visits 80% USA swappa.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/swappa.com | 3.7 Million 79% USA zibbet.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/zibbet.com | 129K Monthly 58% USA ebid.net | https://www.similarweb.com/website/ebid.net#overview| 661k Monthly | 28% USA depop.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/depop.com | 1 Mil 34% USA custommade.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/custommade.com#overview | 548k Monthly 70% USA sell.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/sell.com | 141k Monthly Visits 54% USA livingsocial.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/livingsocial.com | 8.3 Million 95% USA (local) Rakuten (buy.com) | https://www.similarweb.com/website/rakuten.com | 12 Million monthly visits 47% USA Learn how to make money and work home! Try out some of ym free ecommerce tutorials and learn how to make your own website! For more tutorials, or to learn more about wordpress, visit my website at http://www.darrelwilson.com
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Text Comments (204)
Tiffany (1 year ago)
Finally! Someone who speaks the truth and give honest content training and wants to help 100% Free. Simply refreshing. Thank you Darrel!;)
Subhadra Kumar (1 month ago)
I do accept what a few other comments have written - it's more difficult than some people make out to make money with flipping websites and someone may very easily make a loss. Be cautious and get help from others who can prove they have made money. I looked a few sites and found plenty of good help by searching google on websites such as Rapid Flipper Tactic. I wish you luck and hope you make some cash!
Martin Ognenovski (1 month ago)
hi guys, the best info that I have ever had was by following the Rapid Flipper Tactic (search google) without a doubt the best info that I've tried.
Mobile Technologies (1 month ago)
I accept what you said - it's more difficult than some people make out to make money online and someone may easily lose more than you make. Be cautious and take advice from experts who can prove they have made money. I looked a few sites and discovered plenty of great help by searching google on sites like rapid flipper tactic. I wish you luck and hope you make some cash!
saket malik (1 month ago)
hi guys, the greatest results that i've had was by using the Rapid Flipper Tactic (search google) definately the best info I've tried followed.
phuong ngan (1 month ago)
Hey everyone, the greatest info that i've had was by following the rapid flipper tactic (search google) without a doubt the no.1 site that I have ever followed.
ilyess bekkar (1 day ago)
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Maria Perez (4 days ago)
I just loved this information. Darrel was to the point to help me make a decision where to promote my business. Thank you
Darrel Wilson (4 days ago)
thanks a bunch!
THE EYE OF GOD (7 days ago)
eBay's rules and regulations are archaic and for no apparent reason the seller's account could be suspended and terminated.
Magmis (29 days ago)
You got a lot of tabs open
Magmis (29 days ago)
Have you heard of brisksale.com ?
Hair Folix Channel (30 days ago)
do u have a video that talks about website start ups... deciding if a new web person is listening to the right things
Darrel Wilson (30 days ago)
yeah i have a few videos on how to make a website, what kind of website do you want to make? take a look in my channel
Noman khan Bacha (1 month ago)
try it https://jvz5.com/c/1072811/101421
amrinder singh bal (1 month ago)
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vuckovic zvonko (1 month ago)
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vuckovic zvonko (1 month ago)
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José Crisalide (1 month ago)
Hey everyone, the best success that I have had was by using the rapid flipper tactic (just google it) definately the no.1 site that I've followed.
Hiren Patel (1 month ago)
Hey everyone, the greatest results that I have had was by following the Rapid Flipper Tactic (i found it on google) without a doubt the no.1 site I've tried tried.
Jesuswants Youtopray (1 month ago)
Darrel Wilson (1 month ago)
yup i remember that
Oliver Queen (2 months ago)
Hey everyone, the greatest info that i've had was by using the Rapid Flipper Tactic (i found it on google) definately the most useful resource I've tried followed.
Yvette Cheri (2 months ago)
Any websites/apps to sell drop shipping products? (Excluding eBay)
Pamela D. Mellison (2 months ago)
Ebay is a very unfare Marketplace to sell anything on far as intergration anyway. They only focus on the customers and not the seller. Which can be really bad and distracts seller's from even wanting to Sell or Buy on there. Like myself.
Tanmoy Karmakar (2 months ago)
Hi, Thanks for your that video . Can u suggest to me where and which ecommerce market place I can sell surgical instruments from india.
Jane Doe (2 months ago)
Amazon = fraud
Jane Doe (2 months ago)
WHY are your links showing a warning of harm to my computer??
Jane Doe (2 months ago)
Bonanza is a dead website. We tried it during Christmas season and was dead.
Jane Doe (2 months ago)
I was invited to a meeting in eBay years back and they talked about having China sell in ebay and I spoke up and said NO! The chinese couple from across the table spoke up and said what's wrong with China? OMG!
Great video sharing this on my website Business Management Made Easy. Hope this is okay with you?
The problem is with ebay is that u can't sell 18+ games
Master Ed (2 months ago)
Why don't u just go to a shop and see if you can sell it
Surojit Haldar (3 months ago)
Yes, ebay gets a lot of visitors, but I don't like it. Selling products online is a pain in a___ . A few years back, when I started my online journey, I wasted a lot of money trying different softwares and courses online. Finally I got this - CBU course. As you all know, Clickbank is a very well-known platform for both vendors and affiliate marketers to make decent money online. Clickbank University has a solid online course with practical and handy tools to guide people create and market their own products. They have a set of course for affiliate marketers too. It is really a great stuff. Follow this link for better results *https://bit. ly/2G7j1tp*
Unsubscribe now (3 months ago)
New egg looks like amazon lol
Darrel Wilson (3 months ago)
sort of dues huh
M G (3 months ago)
eBay is buyer market they always go against there sellers unless ur large company seller you will get screwed in long run no matter how honest you are there are buyers who will lie and you end up losing
Darrel Wilson (3 months ago)
its not as popular as once before
Janyse suying (3 months ago)
is groupon.com also open for international sellers?
Darrel Wilson (3 months ago)
im not too sure!
Deep Singh (4 months ago)
very nice thanks
Jim Jones (4 months ago)
It's not called eBay no more it's called China Bay
Determined Gamer (4 months ago)
Ebay and Etsy sucks Etsy is even worse
Darrel Wilson (4 months ago)
yup, just make a website yourself and sell stuff on there but link it back to your website to avoid fees
Bekki Shetter (4 months ago)
Thanks; wish you would have made part 2 and told about all of them.. Thanks
Darrel Wilson (4 months ago)
soon soon
Daniel Costea (4 months ago)
Thank you ! Subscribed ! ;)
Darrel Wilson (4 months ago)
welcome to the channel!
Kuldeep Maurya (5 months ago)
Artisan Glory augments your marketing region through their excelling online platform. We let your products to reach the customers from all over India. Once your product reaches a wider number of customers through our online portal, the sale of your product enhances too. http://seller.artisanglory.com/
Jim Jones (5 months ago)
Thank you for the video. One big site you forgot to mention and this site has more than doubled+++++++ my eBay sales and at this time it has no monthly fees. The site is Walmart and it is the number two e-commerce site, it has focused its Target on Amazon and it has the money.
David Viera (6 months ago)
Bonanza ur items will hang for weeks and months at a time. Not worth it
David Viera (6 months ago)
Darrel Wilson I have they want u to pay insane subscription prices to get optimal traffic I bought a booster pack to get more sale sold nothing wasted $30. I’m gonna look at opensky
Darrel Wilson (6 months ago)
you ever make sales there?
Gina Watford (7 months ago)
I really want to watch a video because it seems informative but the music is overpowering your voice and it's terribly obnoxious. I literally have to stop at the three minute and 43 second point because it is that awful I can't even watch this anymore I'm sorry
Blow Up (7 months ago)
Welcome to buy and sell on blowup.tk, unlimited free listings, only 10% when your item is sold, csv import tool :-)
جو جو (7 months ago)
Do they take fees to post or sell products?
Maurice Dorsey (7 months ago)
Great video too.
Maurice Dorsey (7 months ago)
Can you help me find the best site to sell used books?
SERDAR A. (8 months ago)
eBay is much better than Amazon.Amazon is terrible.when I put an advertisement on Amazon.Someone join my advertisement than he drops the price.Sooo WTF??? AND Amazon doesn't protect sellers and Amazon takes too much commission %15.Motherfuckers earn more money than me....
Gaurav Ggadge (8 months ago)
buysellany.com a good site.
Bigg Mark (8 months ago)
You said 20 sites. That's not 20 I don't care for your blog only the info you did not deliver
AshburnConnectTV (8 months ago)
The so-called playing in the background is extremely annoying!!!
shadow run (8 months ago)
ya Usa will sell earrings for 1.00, then ship it for 24.00 ha ha, ok then. who will pay 24.00 for shipping. if its 24.00 earrings, then post this!! i noticed, no one mentioned ebya on my fb pages.all usa sellers over charge people for shipping if not in the USA!!! or make u buy a crtain amunt to GET FREE shipping. if i only want one 1 item, i have to buy 5 more? WTF!!! i wont buy from them. im in Canada. im not paying the xchange and then lose more in shipping!!! they wouldn't do this for us...
shadow run (8 months ago)
is this the best of worst. u seem to be saying thse are crap sites.. lol im confused!
Darrel Wilson (8 months ago)
its just more exposure, most of these have good traffic
James Walsh (9 months ago)
Great presentation, thank you. Not impressed with loud music.
Darrel Wilson (9 months ago)
thaks again!
CrAZ Legenda (9 months ago)
could you help me sell a Launchpad on ebay pls?
Darrel Wilson (9 months ago)
i dont know what that is
aishwary srivastava (9 months ago)
Bestadda welcomes all Sellers with their Unique products. Please contact to www.bestadda.com #Youmake #Wesell
Mark me (9 months ago)
I have 10 thousand USD on Amazon.com Trade for cash
George Estremera (9 months ago)
How do you integrate your Wordpress site with Facebook?
Darrel Wilson (9 months ago)
you can use the woocommerce facebook plugin, its free
xXsauseXx (9 months ago)
Darrel Wilson (9 months ago)
you are very welcome
Don't even sell on eBay anymore, the Chinese competitors sit there and flag my product over and over. I just quit dealing with them, it's not fair
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
its true, kind of ruined the market
Nicholas Eisenhauer (10 months ago)
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
yeah alot of chargebackers on ebay huh
Planets Funniest Animals (10 months ago)
Bonanza now charge for traffic volumes you have to buy them for over $20 an they only last around 4 days
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
really? thats pretty dumb
SellYourStuff ie (10 months ago)
www.sellyourstuff.ie please share its a great site
guitarsarge (11 months ago)
Great information! Thanks for sharing
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
thanks for watching
Vasudev Patel (1 year ago)
thanks darrel for the information but still got i doubt can i sell any product sitting in india to usa guys through amazon or so??
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
amazon is a little difficult but go for it
Jane Doe (1 year ago)
The fraud on Amazon is HUGE
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
lol maybe huh
Shirin shirini (1 year ago)
Sort out the background music I can't hear your voice
timothy thomas (1 year ago)
Say I like the way you stroll through the topic . Have you considered a PODCAST ?
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
i have actually, but dont really know on how i would focus the show
timothy thomas (1 year ago)
I would like to know how the china sellers are going to compete with guaranteed 2 % 3 day shipping
Black Pharao (1 year ago)
very well explained. Thanks
Black Pharao (1 year ago)
I am going to fallow you and register my website bro. I have been checking all around and I think u r correct. most of people her just trying to make money by even selling lies. So is gonna be coming week 4 sure
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
thanks again!
Garima jain (1 year ago)
Ek se Jada websites p register ho sakte h Kya ???
Wiiblix OS (1 year ago)
22 billion what there is 7 billion people in the world and even if all of them had 3 accounts it will be 21 billion what the facebook XD
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
yeah we have to take in account fan pages and business accounts
Wham Phiobic (1 year ago)
Thanks man!, Now finally i'll able to sell my old computer and get a new one!
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
good to hear
Maneet Playz (1 year ago)
how much is living social
Rebecca H (1 year ago)
I buy on newegg.com. They're great. I also support Etsy.com
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
right on
Tammy Thao (1 year ago)
nice man
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
thank you
Kaylee Larson (1 year ago)
Thank you for the valuable information. FYI, the music was a little distracting, I had to listen twice to focus on your content. LOL.
Darrel' great review thanks for the update resources!
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
thanks again!
rajip magar (1 year ago)
cool video
rajip magar (1 year ago)
Hi Darrel do you have facebook community so i can be a part of it?
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
thanks bro
M. Sheridan (1 year ago)
the music is so distracting
millyionnnn (1 year ago)
Very informative video.
LiS Wright (1 year ago)
Don't get me started about Ebay. I had to delist because I wasn't selling this year 2017, no views, no searches, because of "sponsored" listings. I'm sitting it out until they decide what they want to be for the small seller. As for China & those cheap earrings....Ebay should separate into Marketplace (for etailers) and "Suppliers/manufacturers" who strictly sell cheap/low priced things in bulk for resell.
LiS Wright (1 year ago)
Bonanza sucks. I have never ever in all the years being on BNZ sold one thing. The best thing about BNZ is the photo burner. It seems that those sites like Groupon & Open sky are really better for mass producers who can push stuff out to the public non-stop. What about the small seller? I appreciate this video, you did a good job. Can you update your video for 2017?
TheMixStop & Vinyl (1 year ago)
Ebay sucks point blank period. Something you left out about them is the hidden fee charges on certain products. I moved to eCrater and linking that soon to my fb. Thanks for all the info tho. Great work.
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
ebay is just flooded to be honest
Parthasarthi Ghosh (1 year ago)
Angela California (1 year ago)
your backround music is obnoxious dude please lose the music
Shady Morshed Salah (1 year ago)
"There is 20.2 billion users on Facebook". That is so interesting. How is that even possible when there are only 7 billion people on planet Earth? I don't know where you got your numbers from.
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
fanpages boyyyy
Free Speech Advocate (1 year ago)
Darrell, great video! I had no idea how much traffic sites like Etsy are getting. I am thinking of selling jewelry and you have inspired me to look at some of these sites. Thanks.
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
yeah its a good amount, always have it link back to your website too
MsSaudm (1 year ago)
Ebay has decimated it's US individual sellers in recent years Even long time eaby sellers are leaving ! So to tell a first time seller they are great is BULL Their fees vary but new sellers will pay upwards to 12- 15% and also pay fees on ship cost too Why DUNNO since your not making money on ship ? This does not even include any fees for extras like bold print or borders templates. New sellers must wait to get your money for up to a month as it is PUT ON HOLD IN PAYPAL New sellers also have limits on how many items /$ you can sell in a month which further restricts cash flow ! . Ebay then requires you to ask or should I say beg to up these limits thus trying to sell stores which then incur a regular monthly fee regardless if you sell or NOT ! Also Ebay is FULL of BUYING SCAMMERS cause they know they WILL WIN CLAIMS and get stuff for FREE courtesy of ebays retarded one sided return rules. Sellers. NO MATTER HOW YOUR LISTING READS NO RETURNS? SOLD AS IS? DOESN'T MATTER ! - EBAY WILL STILL TAKE YOUR MONEY DIRECTLY OUT OF YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT AND GIVE IT BACK + SHIP COST even if the buyer has lied, kept or destroyed your item or scammed other ebay sellers & CAN YOU NOT LEAVE FEEDBACK FOR BUYERS The scammers run ebay ! since you can never call them out via feedback.Calling ebay is at best an ORDEAL One call can last for hours ! Ebay uses off shore reps that can barely speak English and simply DO NOT CARE about anything that you are saying, they transfer you from one another and do not leave notes so you endlessly repeat your problem from one rep to the next. . Basically ebay has been ruined and unless you are a Chinese manufacturer of mass produced junk SKIP IT !
Pamela D. Mellison (2 months ago)
I absolutley agree with this post. Lost a great deal of money on there as a Seller. Customers complain and complain not bothering to ready your listings. I so can't stand Ebay.
Living saving (5 months ago)
MsSaudm I called ebay and complained about the shipping . How can you charge a percentage on shipping? That is absurd.
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
just depends on what you are selling. Many people choose not to buy chinese imports. The market is really large so you cant really assume all people stopped selling on it. But yes i know paypal integration can be annoying at times
chakashaune (1 year ago)
Thanks for the great info! Looks like I'm sticking with eBay...for now.
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
ebay aint bad at all,
bookster53 (1 year ago)
The video is great but the music kind of overpowers the speaking.
jacqueline nieves (1 year ago)
thanks great information have a great day
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
good luck!
Yifan Wu (1 year ago)
Thank you sir
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
good luck!
حضيو راسكم (1 year ago)
please Can anyone give me website when selling houses
Tammy Lee (1 year ago)
thank you...
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
good luck!
Rowena Jones (1 year ago)
What do you know and think about Walmart/Jet.com do you see this as a foreseeable opportunity, Amazon is becoming a P.I.A more and more everyday ! They really don't give a spit about their Partners.
Michael Ligot (1 year ago)
Looking into a complement to our Amazon store and own website. Bonanza seems like the best match from this video's list; however, I researched them online and found a LOT of negative comments. Am I right in being scared off? eBay wouldn't be a fit. We're a fixed-price maker of our own gods, and we tend to have a lot of inventory of a smaller range of products. eBay's fee structure for that is untenable.
Classic Hm (1 year ago)
And what about fancy.com ?
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
eh i havent used it
Thank you.
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
thanks again!
Dasha Musinova (1 year ago)
Hi, great video! Thanks a lot. I have a question, is it possible somehow to list at once in different websites and applications? (Ebay, Tradesy, Etsy, Poshmark, Vinted, etc.) Maybe you can recommend an a website or program for that. Very tired to list each product manually.
Connor Daly (1 year ago)
How can i find your tutorial for "transfer all your products instantly to facebook"? Thanks, and great videos btw! keep it up!
Abhishek Patil (1 year ago)
thanks..... ..learning a lot from your videos
Abhishek Patil (1 year ago)
hi Darrell, do you have any video on dropshipping and promoting those on Facebook.
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
i currently dont have any on dropshipping, just creating ecommerce websites
Passive Income Dude (1 year ago)
really like these sites, would you use affiliates to sell your stuff? I am building also a channel besides the ebooks...
Passive Income Dude (1 year ago)
alright awesome thanks man! i am just now writing on my 3rd book. there is just so much to do. i didn't even create the paperback or createspace!
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
yeah you can do that too. Rakuten or CJ would be a good place. Sales are sales
The Marshall Family (1 year ago)
How many stores do you have?
Lorenzo John Berry (1 year ago)
Check this cool curated tech lifestyle store. Cheap and good products www.smartid.com.sg
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
just one on my website, but i sell digital goods
Béla Málnási (1 year ago)
Hi ! Can you please tell me the name of the vintage & antiques site ? Greetings from Transylvania !

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