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John Deere 3038e Grapple Series (Part 2)

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Finishing the install of hydraulic hoses and fittings required a few more trips to the local supply store but we finally were able to get everything set up and operating correctly. Picked up this unit (G-55-JD) from Jeff at Compact Tractor Attachments (www.ctattachments.com). Great fit on our JD 3038E D160 front end loader. Excited to see all the uses we have for it. G-55-JD Extreme - Compact Tractor Grapple-Designed specifically for tractors -Made from 5/16in Grade 80 Steel for superior strength and long wear capabilities -Structure is full welded for added strength and rust prevention -Light Weight design increases maximum load capacity -All joints are greasable to increase life -Standard cylinder and pins for quick and inexpensive replacement -Extreme serrations and hook tines for X-tra gripping power -Claws on tine heels for steady reverse raking -Custom front support -keeps tines from digging in during material pick up -allows for perfect soil leveling during cleanup -Expansion Metal to help protect grill and headlights during brush pick-up -Close out holes to add smaller filtering for rock picking -55 in wide
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Mark Grosso (1 year ago)
Nice video series. What size hydraulic hose did you run from your rear remote to the front?
Hi +Mark Grosso. The hydraulic hoses that run from the rear to the front I believe are 3/8" but I will have to check and confirm. I know the hoses that I put on the grapple are 1/4" but I believe the ones that run from there to the rear remote are a little bigger. Thanks for the comment and watching the video!

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