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John Deere 3038e Tractor - King Kutter 72" Landscape Rake modification & hook up

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Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more. Thanks for watching!!! Finally got a chance to get the landscape rake hoisted off of the utility trailer and set up to use. If interested in why we had to modify the landscape rake to properly attach it to the iMatch Quick Hitch System, please check out our other video: https://youtu.be/7_F2vfRLDbM About This Item Description: Attention farmers, landscapers, homeowners and contractors: the King Kutter Landscape Rake is the one tractor accessory that you don’t want to be without. If you tried to buy an accessory for each of the things that this one unit does, you’d go broke! If you want to grade your road, prepare a seed bed, rejuvenate a pasture, or remove rocks, roots and other debris, you only need to invest in one thing – the King Kutter Landscape Rake. It will do it all and save you tons of back - breaking work and money. Features: -Engineered for versatility for the professional landscaper, farmer, homeowner or contractor -They are great for gravel road grading, lot maintenance, seed bed preparation, pasture renovation, the removal of rocks, roots, or trash, plus much more -Equipped with five forward and five reverse settings for maximum flexibility and maneuverability -The unique design features an adjustable stabilizer bar that allows the heat treated spring steel tines to be more or less rigid, and a reinforced 3 - point tubular frame for added strength Specifications: Manufacturer # : TYR-72 Quantity: 36 tines Width: 72" Weight: 325 lb
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Mark Sleeper (1 year ago)
Hi going through the same thing trying to fix my country line trailer mover, I bought it it had cat 1 pins on the bottom and cat 2 on the top and was also too tall, and I had to use washers and sleeves so I cut off the ears and fabed some new ones . can you give me the measurement from the  bottom jaw of the I match to the bottom of the  I match hook  where the pins go on  the hitch, I am looking for bottom to bottom of the hooks measurement  is your I match cat 1    john deere will not tell me this measurement I have a 870 John deere I just want the trailer mover to fit the I match  Hitch Thanks any info would be great  Mark
You're welcome! Had some fun putting the video together and it makes life that much better having my wife involved.
Mark Sleeper (1 year ago)
Thanks great vid and info,  it's great to have wives like ours that's hard to find, mine also likes to help me around tractors, and every thing else, she is very talented.
Hey +Mark Sleeper. We have a new video illustrating the dimensions or measurements that I think you were interested in. Check it out: https://youtu.be/7_F2vfRLDb
Mark Sleeper (1 year ago)
did you E-mail with the measurements Thanks Mark
Thanks for watching and the comment +Mark Sleeper! I had the same thing happen on a 3pt trailer mover that we bought. I was so frustrated by the fact that it would not fit the iMatch system without adjusting the top link hook (and even then it would be close). I ended up returning it and purchased the green one through the John Deere dealership and it fit perfect but I paid a little more for the color (and fit). You did give us a great idea for our next video that will give some of the measurements for people to reference in the future. Hope you got my message with that info as well. Take care!
Sammy Ymmas (5 months ago)
In your future vids could you please do less talking and more showing how you fixed your rake? Gees with so much talking it's a wonder you found time to upload this video.
Sam McAdoo (8 months ago)
I bought the same King Kutter 72' landscape rake for my JD 3025E. And after watching your video, I cut the tops off the rake too and it dropped right in. So I saved many $$$ over the Tractor Supply and Frontier versions of the rake. Thanks for creating and sharing the video
Thanks for watching and the comment +Sam McAdoo. We have enjoyed using our landscape rake for projects around the property and glad the video saved you some $$$. I have to admit, initially I was tempted to buy the green version but I believe it was almost double. Glad to have helped!!!
Sidney Mathious (9 months ago)
I was wondering why you defaced that landscaping rake? I have a Frontier brand rake and it will hook up to my tractor using the quick hitch and so will other accessories also, with only one plow, and my box blade having problems, but one the top hitch is adjusted on the quick hitch it will hook up also.
Thanks again for watching Sidney Mathious!  Yeah, it was a little frustrating that the John Deere iMatch quick hitch did not line up initially to the rake but at least it works now without having to mess around with adjusting the top link arm or other linkage.
jrothert44 (10 months ago)
What size rake is that? Is it a 7 foot?
Hi jrother44.  Thanks for watching!  The rake is a King Kutter 72".  I'm glad I went with this size as anything bigger would have been difficult to get between the trees on the property.
Stanley Johnston (1 year ago)
I think you need a ratche rake. The Landscape rake isn't aggressive enough.
Thanks for watching +Stanley Johnston! I like the idea of a ratchet rake and researched them briefly but ultimately I did not want to give up having access to the grapple or bucket on the front of the tractor while clearing with the landscape rake. It may be something we would still pursue for future projects. Thanks again for the comment!!!
akbychoice (1 year ago)
That sucks that you had to modify it to work.
akbychoice (1 year ago)
Our Big House in the Little Woods makes me wonder how they couldn't all be on the same page when designing things. Imagine if this was how our house plugins were designed.
Thanks for watching akbychoice! Yeah, it was a little frustrating that the John Deere iMatch quick hitch did not line up initially to the rake but at least it works now without having to mess around with adjusting the top link arm or other linkage.

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