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Workshop - Insulating exterior walls & framing in the pole shed

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Part of our pole barn will be a heated wood working shop area or room. In this video, we insulate the two exterior walls. Check out the entire series of videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6MN32Lv5HZ52Khhdg2TSg-M2C4pIl1N6
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Bruce Wayne (6 months ago)
How is it holding the heat? I’m going to be doing the same thing this year to my pole shop with a barrel stove. Currently I don’t have any insulation except r10 on purlins.
Thanks for watching and the questions/comment +brad campbell! This past Fall we had a company come in and spray foam another 3 inches in each cavity of the exterior walls for the shop area (that you see in the video) and also in the ceiling joists (that were constructed after this video).  I believe the R-value is now 20+.  Unfortunately, we still do not have the boiler/heating system for the in floor heat hooked up so just using a small propane torpedo heater for days when I'm going to be in the shop working and it is amazing how quickly we can get the space heated to 50+ degrees on a cold day (0 - 20 degrees).  Many times I'll let the heater run for about 30 minutes and then shut it off until I'm done a few hours later and the temps stay comfortable until I'm finished for the day.
Giggs Ricard (3 months ago)
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Danielle Schwartz (4 months ago)
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Cherlyn Una (4 months ago)
Dean Levang (10 months ago)
Your on-screen title text states that you are insulting your walls. That is not very nice. ;)
Hey Dean Levang. Thanks for watching and good catch on the spelling error!
vince gutierrez (1 year ago)
Why not used the rolled fiberglass insulation ? I used the Owens Corning pink board in the basement but that's because it was easier to stick to the concrete
George VictorLast (8 months ago)
He's putting up foam insulation because he did not insulate the outside walls when he put the meta sidingl on. Foam is not cheap ether. He is then framing the walls and will need a moisture barrier after he puts in regular fiberglass insulation and electrical prior to sheet rocking the walls. This will prevent mold forming in the walls because of condensation. I would have insulated the outside walls before installing the metal siding. Its much cheaper than foam and easier to install. Most metal buildings contractors install insulation during the wall and roof installation because its easier and insulates the building better.
Thanks for watching +vince gutierrez! On the exteriors walls and ceiling, we hope to use a spray foam (closed cell) to make it air/vapor tight. We may use the rolled fiberglass insulation on the two remaining "interior" walls with the plan to still use some sort of vapor barrier to seal it off.
Shay Moore (11 months ago)
Fiberglass insulation will absorb moisture that will become trapped in the walls. It is also a popular nesting material for critters.
the shop (1 year ago)
a building inside a building, interesting
Tracy (2 months ago)
the shop here in MN, it's pretty normal to put a shop or office area in large Pole barns. Insulating/heating an entire barn can be quite pricey! I'm watching those sheets going up thinking.. "$24...$24...$24.....". Lol
the shop (1 year ago)
It really is an awesome building. I have been looking at the "pole barn guru" site. This type of structure would work well for me. Some day...... I would also be interested in what you might do different or what you wish you would have done....
Thanks for watching +the shop! Yeah, having an insulated workshop area inside the larger building will hopefully make for a nice addition. Thanks for the comment!
mi2tn (1 year ago)
That is going to be nice.
BigJim57 (1 year ago)
first! :-)

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