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Job Hazard Analysis Using the Risk Matrix

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http://www.myjobhazardanalysis.com A discussion on the use of the Risk Assessment Matrix as found in ANSI Z10-2005.
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Paul Guest (1 year ago)
Nice video but unless you eliminate a risk, you cannot change the consequence or severity, you can only change the frequency or likelihood of occurrence.
ASHOK DHURAT (2 years ago)
Nice safety knowledge process chemical industry
Beckerek Zrenjanin (3 years ago)
Good presentation and explanation.
Liaqat Zaman (3 years ago)
It's very informative
Adrian (3 years ago)
Good video but far too wordy for my workers
Is there a good spreadsheet download based on this? I would like to put the different procedures associated with working with PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) into a risk matrix spreadsheet to aid in our PLC training.
Stephanie Burger (4 years ago)
Good presentation
Hyetiosman22 (4 years ago)
is this applicable on an IT project ?
Thanks alot
Mario Lugo (5 years ago)
Thanks for share this useful information
Mohit Sharma (5 years ago)
very helpful thanks
ad786ify (6 years ago)
thanks...its very useful in understanding how HIRA is done in work place

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